WEAPONIZED AUTISM!!! Sean Stiles, victim of the ANTIFA U-LOCK Attack is pressing charges against the assailant less than 24 hours after /pol/ identified him.

WEAPONIZED AUTISM!!! Sean Stiles, victim of the ANTIFA U-LOCK Attack is pressing charges against the assailant less than 24 hours after /pol/ identified him.

God bless 4chan, those magnificent autists

Where would the world be without them?

The civil suit forthcoming is going to be nice. That ANTIFA cuck's mom will have to sell her house to pay the judgement.

The victim doesn't need to get a lawyer, this is criminal. Should be charged with attempted murder, and conspiring to commit murder.

Assault with a deadly weapon. Attenpted murder. Dudes gonna be proper fucked.

Enjoy the diversity of prison you fucking commie terrorist.

Hell in a hand basket

It's a crime and a civil tort. Can be prosecuted criminally and sued civilly at the same time. So he can get a jail cell to go along with his judgment for compensable and punitive damages.

Yeah, good luck to his mom, dad, and mom's boyfriend who have to cover the judgement.

ISIS would have more camps.

4chan is where smart people act dumb, Reddit is where dumb people act smart. LUL

Politics aside, I'm a little shocked that an educated man could do something so savage. I was expecting the assailant to be some ignorant delinquent. It's especially ironic that he teaches ethics. The system truly is corrupt to the core if someone like that can rise to that position.

professor for violent extremism getting sued by based Pepsi man

good man, i hope a top notch lawyer represents him in court. should be an easy case.

and mom's boyfriend


Misinformed and with shillary as their 2018 President


honestly, this is so amazing to even see it happening! truly impressive. love you /pol/ <3

This is great. It will probably cause less antifa to show up now that they know that they can't hide from /pol/.

/pol/ doesn't have a consensus. If they all seem to agree on something, it's only because they think they'll annoy the most people by doing so.

I mean this is peanuts for them, it's like when rainman counts a bunch of toothpicks just looking at them.

You can't learn it, maybe you're just born with it? Maybe it's Autism?

Was just reading something about an Amnesty International study finding that men are raped about twice as often as women when prison is taken into account.

Also, that it's usually black on white.

Can't find OP link, this'll do for now, from human rights watch.

Under Race and Ethnicity, also C&P'd it down below.

In all honesty, I'm not too sure Trump would have won without 4chan. Without them reading through and explaining Clinton's corruption in the wikileaks emails I don't think I, and many other people, would have been red pilled.

It's really incredible, all the research that went into this. I saw the breakdown earlier and they even found a match confirming the pen in his back pocket was his "favorite" brand of pen, according to his OKCupid

timeline of events on how it was done.


My biggest fear is that the consensus is to side with NK in the board. Say hello to your new leader Kim Jung Un, if that happens!!

true, he was on one knee having an open dialogue with people, no equipment, not fighting. that antifa dork is fucked.

I'm so glad to read this! Lock him up!

He needs a lawyer for the CIVIL case where he sues the guy who hit him (amongst others) for $$ damages. The CRIMINAL case against the shitstain will be prosecuted by the government. Two completely separate matters.

They are so fucking smart!

Jesus I think they saw my comment about combining lsd and Adderall I didn't think the fuckers would do it

Bike lock crazy guy: https://streamable.com/rhna2

They also sent him 14 bike locks w/ 1-day shipping. https://twitter.com/polNewsNet/status/855094912190218240/photo/1

Antifa in Britain is populated by Junior lecturers (that's what this guy is - he doesn't even have a Phd) and post-graduate students. The London School of Economics is our equivalent of Berkeley. It interesting how so much is so similar thousands of miles apart.

If I'm not wrong, wearing a mask while committing a crime also bumps it up to the next level.


That guy is a professor? What the hell happened to professors? Back in my day they were sobersided boring guys with leather patches on their elbows and quiet habits.

Hit the school with a suit too. Knowingly employing a domestic terrorist has to have a penalty of some sort.

I was behind Trump the DAY he announced. I have prayed for a non politician take over of our federal house, Senate, and presidency since I was like 20.

Without the help of 4 Chan digging into and exposing all the stuff they did throughout the election process, I wouldn't have been able to flip as many people as I did.

Praise Kek!

Jay Sekulow seems pretty based to me.

Lets face it mom's boyfriend isn't dropping a dime on that little shit.

That ANTIFA cuck's mom will have to sell her house


Please no, we have enough redditors and shills clogging the place up, you guys stay here, we'll stay on pol.

Bring in the feds because the local authorities will definitely not go after him. California is lawless now.

He is also member of a political terrorism organization

Got locked up for attacking somebody with a lock. That's kek

I haven't done anything amazing but I post at /pol/

Everyone that cares about the USA should post there imo

People don't realize those "dating" sites give away TONS of info you never thought would be important.

It was the only way Trump could block the neocons who were using the dying babies videos to push for invasion of Syria and military ouster of Assad AND the push by Leftists for taking in more refugees. Trump did a symbolic tit for tat, coordinated with Russia and with a heads up to Syria. The move totally took the wind out of everybody's sails. No invasion. Assad's still in power. The public at large was educated about false flags so if it was one it will be REALLY hard, with the world focused on Syria now, to pull off another one. Again, McCain btfo. Plus just in time for Tillersons visit to Moscow, everyone wanted America to work with Russia. Without the strike the media would have been focused on signs of treasonous collusion rather than breathlessly waiting to see if Putin would talk with our SOS. There were alot of other strategic benefits like China, Nork and Iran. Trump played this beautifully. Since he's being threatened with impeachment for being Putin's Puppet he was hardly in a position to say he thought our "patriotic" military IC were liars and he believed Putin and Assad instead. People seem to forget that reality. Sad that people got so triggered and lost their minds.


Congratulations! You just ruined your life for no reason, antifa scum.

hahahah who the fuck includes their favorite pen brand on a dating site? dude must just find himself absolutely fascinating. can't leave out one single detail.

Leftist activists and terrorists discovered it was an easy institution to infiltrate in order to spread and fund their ideology.

Maybe it's vaccines

He's a professor at a college. What a dumbass.

A college professor hits a kid in the head with a bike lock and runs away? He's not fit to teach.

Before identifying Professor Eric as the bike-lock attacker, 4Chan found that he has been hitting people with his bike lock at multiple Antifa-infested events dating back to at least Milo's event, swinging with it at least 6 recorded times at different people. Even if it is his first criminal charge, with the evidence /pol/ found, he has committed enough assault in the same context to say that "he wasn't 'caught up in the moment', he knew what he was doing, and he did it repeatedly after seeing what his actions did".

As long as the prosecuting lawyer has access to all of the gathered evidence and isn't sympathetic to Antifa's fascist violence and suppression, this should be a slam dunk case for a big sentence.

or from a helicopter ride

He sounds exactly like I expected him to. What a whiny-voiced cuck.


amazing. I fucking love pol and what they're doing.

pol literally saved western civilization

Is his comrade Yvette Felarca still teaching radicalizing the youth?

Of course bikelock purchased a book on polyamory. Cucked!

Waiting for the Antifa handout that warns all their "protestors" to delete their dating site profiles before joining their "protests".


Educated means little until you know who did the educating.

I posted on /pol/ long before Reddit, but I know what you is saying.

Yep. It's illegal in most states to wear a mask in public especially at a public gathering. This includes California. These laws were passed to clamp down on the KKK. Auburn police just used the law to disrupt antifas planned riots at a Spencer speech.

Maybe it's maybelline

Don't forget their psy-ops either: DraftOurDaughters and Text Your Vote.

It's amazing how I recall names anything related to Government or Civil rights after this last year. Lot's of folks are paying real close attention more than anytime in my life. It's kinda like keeping up with a TV series and knowing the characters and plots with background.


They're better than the FBI or CIA.

They found Shia's flag, his hidden cabin and now this cuck.

That's going to be Fort Pepe very soon!

I was lurking while they were hunting. Most impressive. Reddit outside of td makes me hate life but browsing pol gives me hope.

Holy FUCK! You're going to turn them into some sort of rainman superhuman!

White men raping black women...

Doesn't happen...


Not what I saw the first time, but it's close enough.

Human Rights Watch

Race and Ethnicity

Past studies have documented the prevalence of black on white sexual aggression in prison.(213) These findings are further confirmed by Human Rights Watch's own research. Overall, our correspondence and interviews with white, black, and Hispanic inmates convince us that white inmates are disproportionately targeted for abuse.(214) Although many whites reported being raped by white inmates, black on white abuse appears to be more common. To a much lesser extent, non-Hispanic whites also reported being victimized by Hispanic inmates.

Other than sexual abuse of white inmates by African Americans, and, less frequently, Hispanics, interracial and interethnic sexual abuse appears to be much less common than sexual abuse committed by persons of one race or ethnicity against members of that same group. In other words, African Americans typically face sexual abuse at the hands of other African Americans, and Hispanics at the hands of other Hispanics. Some inmates told Human Rights Watch that this pattern reflected an inmate rule, one that was strictly enforced: "only a black can turn out [rape] a black, and only a chicano can turn out a chicano."(215) Breaking this rule by sexually abusing someone of another race or ethnicity, with the exception of a white inmate, could lead to racial or ethnic unrest, as other members of the victim's group would retaliate against the perpetrator's group. A Texas inmate explained, for example: "The Mexicans--indeed all latinos, nobody outside their race can 'check' one without permission from the town that, that person is from. If a black dude were to check a mexican w/out such permission & the mexican stays down & fights back, a riot will take place."(216)

The causes of black on white sexual abuse in prison have been much analyzed. Some commentators have attributed it to the norms of a violent black subculture, the result of social conditioning that encourages aggressiveness and the use of force.(217) Others have viewed it as a form of revenge for white dominance of blacks in outside society.(218) Viewing rape as a hate crime rather than one primarily motivated by sexual urges, they believe that sexually abused white inmates are essentially convenient surrogates for whites generally. Elaborating on this theory, one commentator surmised that "[i]n raping a white inmate, the black aggressor may in some measure be assaulting the white guard on the catwalk."(219)

Some inmates, both black and white, told Human Rights Watch that whites were generally perceived as weaker and thus more vulnerable to sexual abuse. An African American prisoner, describing the situation of incarcerated whites, said:

When individuals come to prison, they know that the first thing that they will have to do is fight. Now there are individuals that are from a certain race that the majority of them are not physically equip to fight. So they are the majority that are force to engage in sexual acts.(220)

Another African American inmate, while generally agreeing with the idea of whites as easy victims, gave a more politically-oriented explanation for the problem of black on white sexual abuse:

Before I continue, let me explain that I consider myself to be speaking from mainly a black perspective. The reason I say that is not to be racist, but to emphasize that on the main, blacks, whites, hispanics, etc. . . . have a different outlook on prison rape from a convict viewpoint. Most [blacks] feel that the legal system is fundamentally racist and officers are the most visible symbol of a corrupt institution & with good reason . . . . [B]lacks know whites often associate crime with black people. They see themselves as being used as scapegoats . . . . So is it any wonder that when a white man comes to prison, that blacks see him as a target. Stereotypes are prevalent amongst blacks also that cause bad thinking. The belief that all or most white men are effete or gay is very prevalent, & that whites are cowards who have to have 5 or 6 more to take down one dude . . . . Whites are prey and even a punk will be supported if he beats up a white dude.

I just lurk there and at voat...

USA would be better if they all ran for office

Burn his fucking "empire" to it's foundations. Make him shave his wanna be 3 muskateers face hair off. EXPOSE EVERYTHING HE IS AND HAS DONE. NO. FUCKING. MERCY.

Alright, so I am going to guess he gets charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Probably the Misdemeanor version of it.

If convicted my guess is 6 months to a year. If he takes some sort of plea less. Maybe just probation if he has a good lawyer and no criminal past.

I know it's not what people want to hear but the state is probably not going to spend any significant amount of money trying to lock up some rioter. The law is here by the way.

I don't think this meets the standard for attempted murder since there needs to be intent to kill (not just hurt) for that. If he has a clean record it's very possible he walks away with a slap on the wrist.

I know we want to burn this guy but to play devils advocate it is possible he was caught up in the moment and not thinking. Yes this is serious, yes he is indeed a cuck, but a lot of stuff happened that day and the sword can cut both ways. (think the guy who punched moldylocks here)

*Also ya I know moldylocks was throwing shit. I think you all get what I'm saying though. Once they start prosecuting people hard core it's not just ANTIFA who is going to be getting arrested.

**Spez. Looks like he hit 6 different people, this changes things.

4chan needs to take over for the CIA, since they'll actually look for criminals


I will do my part and do that. I realize Im not /Pol/ material, but Im happy to keep making bullets in the T_D factories while you boys go and fight the real battles.

Damn, son! Going for the best!


It would be nice if the mods had a sticky or sidebar where we could stay up to date on this. I like following suit like this through for full vindication. It's the only way I can get off

U dont know the cuck level of this combatant

He has been documented hitting or swinging the bike lock at six different people. If he gets off with a misdemeanor that would be fucking absurd.


keyword. ;)

It's a good thing @ dah_dahnald is not represented by Reddit inbreds 👀

I donate $ to ACLJ every year, tax deductible, no brainer, gotta defend the Constitution in the courts against all these non profits run by turbocuck lawyers that want to destroy it.

Sekulow is based af!

Let's see: Nearly impossible to fire, so the worst professors stick around for ages. All the funding comes from the state and grants. Get paid to find new ways that people are oppressed. Yep, sounds like the perfect commie job.

That would require cuckofornia to do something

I can already feel the echoes of screeching from the lurking shills.

I always tell people, "he had me at the escalator".

Black men raping white women...

no one says anything...

This fucking timeline, we call them cucks as an insult and it turns out they are actual cucks. First Moldylocks and her boyfriend and now this cuck. 3/3 so far.

good, but stay on reddit


Thank fuck this happened during Trump's admin. Otherwise we would have had "Cool bike lock, Professor Porn Stache - want to bring it to the White House?"

maybe it's Kekindipity

Draft Our Daughters was GOLD!

Well, this is great to hear.

This sums up my experiences very accurately. Now I spend more time on Reddit than 4chan because it's more age/work appropriate. I do feel dumber, god I miss college days and /b/.

This is an old cuck, he's a professor. His wife will have to pay the judgement.

Now hopefully he can study the prison system from the inside :D

Well, a lecturer (he doesn't have a PhD / tenured position) at a community college.