We went on a 17 mile hike. She loved every second of it.

We went on a 17 mile hike. She loved every second of it.

17 miles? That's not a hike, that's a pilgrimage!

Reddit glitched and showed a picture of tiramisu instead of you dog, so i just wasted 20 minutes of my life trying to figure out what the internet hadn't told be about the out-doors

17 miles? That’s not a pilgrimage, that’s a migration.

17 miles? That's not a migration, that's an emigration.

My old dog went on a hike with my dad and came back with top layer of his pads rubbed off. It was like they had been degloved, they were hanging off by little shreds. He never really regained his vigor after that--he went from puppy to old man just like that. It wasn't even a long hike, even. I wish he had been wearing paw protection, the poor guy.

17 miles? That's not an any of those things. That's a measly hike you lazy fucks.

Wow I hope that dog had paw protection! But good job pupper!

I see the white around the muzzle, how old is she? My white-faced dog did three miles on Tuesday and still hasn't recovered, but then she's 16.

(Hasn't recovered meaning that she was not particularly perky on our walks yesterday and today, not that she's a broken and bleeding mess.)

Aw. Sniff:(

Every day of it