We need a correction, someone pull the plug

We need a correction, someone pull the plug

Call it off, stop please this is not good. This might come down just as fast.

Lots of people waiting patiently for a correction.

Stop thinking in traditional investment terms. Btc is not a stock

Calm down, this is how exponential growth works, we haven't seen anything yet, we will pass $100,000 in 2018.

Who cares? Let's FOMO in and get rich quick.

Correction is only for weak hands. Strong hands push straight to $20k.

We are on a highway right now and we can't stop. Only moving forward!!!

I'm on the same boat. I fucked up and sold at 13k, now I will wait until my chance to strike!

EMC2 and IOTA, though I'm letting IOTA take a breather (sold at 4.90)


No. Keep mooning

"The hangover will be proportional to the binge. "