We made the First CS:GO Deathmovie (Frag Movie from victim's perspective)

We made the First CS:GO Deathmovie (Frag Movie from victim's perspective)

So you basically made a fragmovie with the observing skills of ESL One Cologne 2016. Very interesting.

constructive feedback:

principles of cinematography should be adhered to, they're there for good reason

for example, the 90 degree rotation on death 1p->3p cut is very disorenting - keep the camera pointed in the same general direction as the player camera just before he died, so the cut from first person to third person is less disorenting. easier to appreciate the shooter's transition into the next frag as well, especially when it's part of a multikill. also, in the context of csgo, it would probably be helpful to pause/freezeframe in order to highlight where on the screen to look, in cases where the shooter/fragger kills the enemy from an unexpected angle or where the enemy isn't directly duelling him. the keev clip was good, it highlighted the evasiveness of the crouch peek in close quarters for example (something normal frag clips don't show).

This is oddly unsatisfying

ahah classic comment

Was kind of hoping to see Coldzera’s jumping AWP but I suppose the collateral would appear a bit repetitive. Regardless, this is really well done, hope to see more.

I think you’ll see the real reason he didn’t add it when you look at his flair :>

You will see more :) The only reason I didnt add cold's was because it was kind of old but I do wish to put that into play sometime in the future... very nostalgic and legendary clip

Came in here to say something similar. This was a good idea but poorly executed. The curiosity of something like this is it should give the viewer an idea what it is like to be up against these sorts of players and the insane shots that go on at the highest level but with all this moving around of the camera, it's extremely ineffective at achieving this goal.

Amazing idea, very creative, new perspectives are always fresh

Thank you to NadeKing himself for letting me put it together :)