We have the best women

We have the best women

Don't assume XER Gender. That person could easily turn around and be Xim in a speedo.

SPEZ: Big Gulps huh, welp see you later.

This is a photo of Yael Farache, she's a South American journalist/blogger. She has done some good stuff, it's all written in Spanish though. The link printed on this photo is to her personal website that contains some of her recent writings. She's more than a pretty girl, her writings have depth and understanding. Worth a read...

I want to believe these are actually MAGA chicks as opposed to models hired to sell t-shirts. Sad.

Nice Spez, beat me.to it!

took me a while to find the big gulp LOL

I don't know, I read some of her articles through Google Translate and they seemed fairly well thought out. I agree that being a bit risque for the camera isn't something I think very much of, I also think it's her right to do what she wants. To each their own, I guess.

If her writing was any good she wouldn't have to sell pictures of her ass on the internet.