WE HAVE A NEW ALLY IN COLORADO! Misty Plowright, a Sanders Democrat, is running for Colorado's house seat in district 5. Please give her some support!

WE HAVE A NEW ALLY IN COLORADO! Misty Plowright, a Sanders Democrat, is running for Colorado's ho...

That is one hell of a name.

a Sanders Democrat

Yes, we need to make sure we expand our movement, and make sure people like this lady get in congress. Sanders Progressives are going to be a pretty powerful voting bloc soon, the establishment can't get us forever. After this, the establishment can no longer use "we're better than the republicans" as an excuse for us to vote for them anymore

For exactly this reason check out LOU VINCE of California's 25th district. He's endorsed Bernie and has very similar policies.

Someone in her distant past plowed the hell out of a field one day and his fellow villagers remarked "now, that's how you plow right." Thus, a lineage was born.

You can donate to Misty here: https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/mistyforcongress

The goal for right now is 500 individual donors. Let's get this grassroots campaign growing!

Jesus, she went through the Army with that name? She must be a pretty tough chick.

Nope, it's always been Plowright

I assure you, no April Fool's prank. My last name has always been Plowright (for which I got no end of hell in the Army).

A google search should have revealed at least a facebook post or so, a crap ton of poker websites, and maybe something from Seattle Schools.

I hope for her sake it's her married name, that would be a rough name to grow up with.

Or, more likely, someone made plows. A "wright" is a maker of things; wheelwright, playwright, etc. The double consonant would've been dropped because we don't pronounce gemminate consonants in English.

I posted this in response to a similar question in a thread I posted in another subreddit...

It will be an uphill climb that's for certain. However there are a number of things about this election in particular that I think give this district a chance to flip this time around.

First, the overall mood of the electorate. People are sick of politicians in general, sick of being lied to, sick of the 'slick willy' type answers and swagger, etc.

Second, Lamborn is practically universally reviled here. He faces pretty strong primary challengers basically every election. Republicans here largely hold their noses and vote for him, but his support is eroding as the demographics of Colorado Springs change.

Third, there aren't as any fundamentalist Christians here as people tend to think. I've lived in ultra conservative religious towns. Colorado Springs certainly has that segment, but it's not as large as some think.

Fourth, when it comes to the religious arguments if they get brought up, having been raised as a devout Southern Baptist (super fundamentalist), I can quote the Bible readily AND speak intelligently to it, the oldest texts and their translations, context of a given section, etc. For instance specifically on the trans issue, Christ said "There is no Jew nor Gentile, no slave nor free, no male nor female, for you are all one in Christ". The Bible also contains numerous references to God knowing you in the womb as you were knit together. Given that everything that happens is God's plan, that God knew us in the womb, and that Christ said there was no male nor female for we are all one, the argument can easily be made that trans people are in fact closer to Christ than cisgender people. I likely wouldn't carry the argument that far, but at the very least there is a good case to be made that God is quite accepting of trans people.

Fifth, if I manage to capture the nomination at the CD5 convention in 2 weeks, it will be historic as no trans person has ever received a nomination for federal office from either major party. This alone will generate considerable media coverage, both old and new media. As has been painfully apparent this election cycle, continuous or prominent free media coverage has a significant impact.

Sixth, part of the reason Democrats keep losing here is because they keep nominating Republicans. How are you supposed to win an election when you're basically nominating a practical mirror image of the person you're trying to unseat?

Seventh, I'm not a Democrat. I may have a "D" next to my name, but I had previously been a registered Independent. I am very Progressive on most issues, but I also don't agree with Democrats on a number of things, and certainly can make the argument that I won't toe the party line, and I will be credible on that.

Eigth, the demographics of this area are changing considerably. I was enlisted Army, not an officer. That alone endears me to a larger segment of the population than a former officer would solicit.running as a Democrat.

Ninth, this district has a strong libertarian streak, and one that I can appeal to considerably in a way that many Democrats can't. For example, I don't think it's the government's place to tell someone what they can or cannot put into their own body, or do with their own body. I couldn't really have any other position given my own unique situation.

Tenth, I'm no politician. While i'm quite intelligent, I'm also a bit brash, sometimes crass, and really am not interested in playing the typical political game. I detest the 5 minute word salads that never say anything and don't answer questions.

Eleventh, one thing everyone can expect from me is honesty. It's just the kind of person I am. Even people who decide they don't like me, will have no choice but to acknowledge that I'm the more trustworthy and honest candidate.

12th, if I can sufficiently leverage social media and motivate not just the Democratic base here, but also the Progressives within this district (there are a surprising amount, they just don't often turn out especially for down ballot candidates because the choice is Republican or Republican Lite), there's enough crossover appeal to some Republicans (specifically given a few of my positions on Defense, Energy, and Guns) and Libertarians that I can capture a fairly significant amount of the deficit I'd have.

13th, If Trump is the nominee, a lot of conservatives around here just won't vote, or they'll protest vote. That should help to make up even more votes.

14th, Lamborn is an easy target on some things. He doesn't even like to debate challenging candidates. He thinks that seat is just his and should always be his.

15th, My story is one that plays well. I rose up from nothing, and overcame every obstacle put in my path. I set a goal to one day land a job at Microsoft, and I achieved that goal. I came from nothing, had nothing more than a high school diploma, served my country, worked hard and managed to impress some people enough that I landed a job at one of the largest IT companies on the planet. In spite of everything, I succeeded. It's a rags to riches American Dream type story that plays well with the populace here.

16th, That rating is also 8 and 12 years old (based on 2004/2008 elections). This area has changed considerably in that amount of time. More tech and professional level jobs, in addition to a growing and thriving nearby towns (e.g. Manitou Springs) that trend away from Republicans, there is a possibility and a path that open up.

None of this is to say anything is guaranteed obviously, and it will certainly be a difficult struggle.

But who really thought that a self identified democratic socialist would be doing so well, especially among independents (which make up more of the electorate here than either Democrats or Republicans), and especially in Colorado!

If the revolution we seek is going to happen, we have to make it happen. This district has more of a left leaning population than most believe. They just need a reason to get excited, and a candidate to get behind.

I don't want to be rude but a retired MAJOR GENERAL who used to be a republican lost in this district by 20 points in 2014. Now you want to put up a poly-amorous LGBTQ woman without a college degree in one of the reddest districts in the country? I think your time and effort could be put to more productive use.

I live in district 23, but I hope this guy wins. CA doesn't have too many actual liberals in power, it'd be nice to see a few more

BernDownBallot anyone?