We got them now!

We got them now!

It's sad because it's true

I downvoted the comment, but I never had any intention of buying the game.

The πŸ’° intent πŸ’° is πŸ’° to πŸ’° provide πŸ’° players πŸ’° with πŸ’° a πŸ’° sense πŸ’° of πŸ’° pride πŸ’° and πŸ’° accomplishment πŸ’° for πŸ’° unlocking πŸ’° different πŸ’° heroes. πŸ’° As πŸ’° for πŸ’° cost, πŸ’° we πŸ’° selected πŸ’° initial πŸ’° values πŸ’° based πŸ’° upon πŸ’° data πŸ’° from πŸ’° the πŸ’° Open πŸ’° Beta πŸ’° and πŸ’° other πŸ’° adjustments πŸ’° made πŸ’° to πŸ’° milestone πŸ’° rewards πŸ’° before πŸ’° launch. πŸ’° Among πŸ’° other πŸ’° things, πŸ’° we're πŸ’° looking πŸ’° at πŸ’° average πŸ’° per-player πŸ’° credit πŸ’° earn πŸ’° rates πŸ’° on πŸ’° a πŸ’° daily πŸ’° basis, πŸ’° and πŸ’° we'll πŸ’° be πŸ’° making πŸ’° constant πŸ’° adjustments πŸ’° to πŸ’° ensure πŸ’° that πŸ’° players πŸ’° have πŸ’° challenges πŸ’° that πŸ’° are πŸ’° compelling, πŸ’° rewarding, πŸ’° and πŸ’° of πŸ’° course πŸ’° attainable πŸ’° via πŸ’° gameplay. We πŸ’° appreciate πŸ’° the πŸ’° candid πŸ’° feedback, πŸ’° and πŸ’° the πŸ’° passion πŸ’° the πŸ’° community πŸ’° has πŸ’° put πŸ’° forth πŸ’° around πŸ’° the πŸ’° current πŸ’° topics πŸ’° here πŸ’° on πŸ’° Reddit, πŸ’° our πŸ’° forums πŸ’° and πŸ’° across πŸ’° numerous πŸ’° social πŸ’° media πŸ’° outlets. Our πŸ’° team πŸ’° will πŸ’° continue πŸ’° to πŸ’° make πŸ’° changes πŸ’° and πŸ’° monitor πŸ’° community πŸ’° feedback πŸ’° and πŸ’° update πŸ’° everyone πŸ’° as πŸ’° soon πŸ’° and πŸ’° as πŸ’° often πŸ’° as πŸ’° we πŸ’° can. πŸ’° πŸ’°

More than half a million people is definitely large than 1% of EA fans...

Do you think how many of that >600k people wanted to buy this game, but will not because of this comment?

Me too, that's the point. /sub/starwarsbattlefront has only 100k followers, it means over 5/6 people downvoting it wasn't even interested in it from the beginning, they did it because either they find it funny, hate EA's policy, or both. And I think we can assume that at least half of thier subreddit bought or will buy the game anyway, so they lost no more than 50k costumers.

That grey pie should be a line, not even a wedge

There was a thread on /sub/pcmasterrace on how to cancel your preorder.

EA since removed the button to do so, so it looks like there has been some sort of impact.

I was going to buy the game, but i'm not subscribed to the subreddit. Im sure there are plenty other cases like mine. Also, within thr next few days we'll see it in news stories all over the web

Only about 70k people cancelled their preorders. No telling how much money is lost on people deciding not to buy to begin with, but the preorder cancellations will only cost them about $4,000,000 USD. They definitely fucked up, but it's not enough to put them out of business by any stretch.

Potentially 500K x 60 euros

That's the most retarded statement I've heared since ea's comment . I guess you would also prefer to live 80 years in prison rather than spending 40 in a holiday resort

Removing the button to cancel your pre-order? That seems like a big fucking deal, don't you think so?