We got a puppy and kitten at the same time so that they'd grow up together and they are hilarious little trouble makers.

We got a puppy and kitten at the same time so that they'd grow up together and they are hilarious little trouble makers.

Pleeease give us the recurring adventures of these two lovable loves

Aww them little puppy teefs

They need their own comic book of adventures

My parents were thinking of doing the same thing (adopting a dog and cat at the same time)! I can't wait until they do...double the cuteness and fun!

This reminds me of my mom telling me to smile with my teeth πŸ˜€

I'm really curious as to whether they'll end up more like two dogs or two cats in the end.

I love how toddler-like they make him/her look πŸ˜„

I want my money back. This fact isn't fun at all.

I did the same thing. They're grown now. The dog definitely has some cat traits and vice versa.

They will keep each other very busy which is great. Our puppy LOVES our friends kitten and when they're together it's nonstop madness. She comes home completely pooped which is great for us!

Oh...you're home early.

Your cat is stupidly pretty. Looks like a cross between tabby and saimese markings.

It would probably be similar to the adventures of Heart and Brain


That's an urban legend, but the reason for it is kinda interesting - I took an "animal law" class during law school (I needed one more writing credit, it was the only thing that fit in my schedule, whatever) and someone wrote a paper on this specifically.

The American animal welfare laws that regulate movies predate Milo & Otis. They were amended around the same time as it's initial release, but that's entirely coincidental, it was passed just before (and had been in development for a while). Regardless, there's long been rumors that animals were killed during the filming of Milo & Otis, but they were by all appearances disproven long ago.

So why the confusion? Milo & Otis isn't an American or British film, it's Japanese (I know, right? who knew), and three years after it's initial release it was edited and re-dubbed and released in English. Because the film was originally Japanese, it didn't have American Humane Society monitors during filming like most major studio films, they used the Japanese equivalent. And, admittedly, the 30 year old film has some scenes that they would never allow today - a kitten floating down a river, a pug fighting a bear, etc.

Shortly after it's initial release, several Australian animal rights group made the claim that twenty kittens had died during filming of Milo & Otis and pushed for a boycott - but that was based entirely on rumors. Frankly, I strongly suspect racism was also at play: even though the Japanese Humane Society was involved with the film, Japan generally doesn't have a great reputation for animals' rights, and there was a lot of strong anti-Japanese sentiment in the mid-80's (Japanese industries seemed to be taking over the world at the time, and a lot of American/Australian WWII veterans were still in the workforce). In any event, several Australian groups essentially accused their sister organization in Japan of lying, based entirely on rumors.

So the American Humane Society stepped in and investigated the claims, and found them baseless. But the AHS wasn't happy about some of the scenes that their Japanese equivalents had approved, either, and made Columbia cut a few of them from the re-release. Because the American Humane Society wasn't on-site during filming and didn't agree with some of the scenes, they wouldn't use their standard language, which specifically attests that the AHS oversaw filming and that it met American standards. So the AHS certification for Milo & Otis settled on an alternative phrasing: β€œThe animals used were filmed under strict supervision with the utmost care for their safety and well-being.”

(Sidenote: I think we can safely infer that Columbia was absolutely certain the "dead kittens" rumor was false as well - this was a tiny little film when it was released, and the rumor had already been investigated before Columbia re-released it. Obviously they were aware of the risk of a giant boycott spreading to the rest of their company if it turned out there was even a shred of truth to it.)

And, just to get on a soapbox, some small animal rights' groups keep repeating an unfounded rumor, and there's often claims that they've never been completely disproven - except that's the problem of proving a negative. So everyone else, including Wikipedia and the Onion's AV Club, hedges their statements about the claimed animal deaths. Even though no one can provide a basis for it besides the initial rumors - it's a classic hearsay problem.

And the hedged statements help fuel the suspicion that there's something to the rumors, and round and round we go. It's kind of fascinating as a case study.

So, TL; DR: The changes in animal welfare laws predated Milo & Otis. The rumors of animal deaths have been disproven pretty conclusively but still swirl around, in part because the movie was filmed in Japan and doesn't have the normal AHS certification. But it was overseen by the Japanese equivalent of the AHS, and there's just no actual evidence of animal abuse during filming - although some scenes in the movie wouldn't be allowed today and might not have been allowed if the movie was filmed in the US.

We had the puppy for two weeks before we got the kitten. Puppy was 10 weeks old and the kitten was 8 weeks old when we had them together. It was easier because my fiancΓ© was home most of the time to care for the puppy when they were younger. I like that they are closer in age. They really did grow up together. Google Raven and Woodhouse. There's a ton of articles written about them.

Mine has them now. So cute, so painful.

How about this one from E! 


How about this one from E!

Or just an Instagram. An Instagram would be fine.

We do rescues and fostering, so we see a lot of puppies, I sometimes think I am used to puppy bites, then one clamps down and the tiny little needles remind me I do not know what pain is.

Oh my god, my heart.

These two need an Instagram.

They need their own billion-dollar-worth cinematic universe

Heart and Brain is from Awkward Yeti. But either works.

Fun fact! Animal welfare laws were brought into the film industry because of how many dogs and cats they went through on Milo & Otis

Proof? I've seen this statement dozens of times, but when I took the time to look into it, all I found are a bunch of animal right activists alleging there 'must' have been abuse without having any actual documentation or facts.

I've definitely never seen anything about animal cruelty laws brought about because of Milo and Otis, since the laws were already in place but because it was a Japanese film, those laws did not apply.

Would you recommend doing this, or to start one at a time? I've been wondering for a long time if I should get a kitten and a puppy, or start with a puppy and get a kitten when the puppy is a little more manageable.


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(Trailer voice) "In a world, where all hope was thought to be lost, there's only one puppy and kitten duo that can save humanity from the lack of cuteness..."

we need more.

And they need a theme song!

You obviously mean Pinky and The Brain? No?

Cute teeth = teefs

Was a bit confused with the teefs. A teef is a bitch in my language. Would kinda fit in this context even though there's only one dog and calling puppies that is kinda crude.

I refer to them as the "tiny teeth of dooOOoom!"


This has been a goal of mine my entire life. Keep us posted!!

As far as goals go, this seems easily obtainable. Please adopt.

Looks like a red & white Border Collie to me.

I have a bonded cat and dog pair, too. They're both adult animals, but you'd think they were still babies.


Animal law? Did it include a section on bird law by chance?

Don't worry; it isn't true.

Make sure you are ready for them before you do, though. Both kittens and puppies can be quite demanding for a first time pet owner, so make sure you know what you are getting yourself into! The last thing you want to have happen is to have to return either one of them, it would break their heart.


Are you just lying to make us feel better?

You mean them dangerous puppy dagger-toofs

That's adorable, thank you! And Raven is a Tamaskan, that's been my dream dog for years!