We did it guys!

We did it guys!

I’m pretty sure we crashed the servers. Congratulations on making the DE team happy and showing our overwhelming support! Maybe too much support.

Update: it appears the servers are back up but the chat servers are still down.

From what i got to play so far, IT'S AWESOME and is totally worth the wait My PC can barely handle the Plains, though, so that's kinda sad. Also, i've tried to unlock Quills' room, but my Operator couldn't shoot... how do i get in there once servers are back up?

On steamcharts.com it says we're at 96,927 players online right now, amazing but i guess that's to much for the servers, even after the upgrade :D

Every "big" update we manage to blow their servers kek.

But, this is unprecedented. There's a lot of people waiting to play.

its not unprecedented, they had advertisements in times square and everywhere else. they should have been prepared for more players than 90k or whatever the amount is.

not surprising though

They were prepared but not enough. You gotta remember we’re hitting all time high numbers for warframe.

I was in the middle of the quest when I crashed. Shame :/

It does seem up for me now.

Again :D

yeah thought it was just me but i cant login to the warframe website. they should have been prepared...