We better ask EA in their AMA why they removed the refund button.

We better ask EA in their AMA why they removed the refund button.

The better question is why are mugs still preordering? If you're getting it digitally they ain't going to run out. If you preorder then you are part of the problem not the solution.

I guarantee, like a lot of AMA’s this will be one of the top-rated and unanswered questions.

EA: "we apologize to our loyal fans for the misunderstanding. We experienced a technical difficulty. Rest assured, we received only a very limited number of preorder cancellation requests on our customer support system. Only 0.0000000005% of gamers who pre-ordered were affected."

Mark my words, you saw it here first

Then everyone should ask it.

Unfortunately people are too easily swayed by pre-order bonuses - hence why they exist. If you were planning to get a game on launch anyway (e.g. you're a huge GTA fan) you may as well get the little extra bits too.

It sucks, I know, but unfortunately that's why they do it.

I'd like to see them ignore the exact question spammed a couple hundred times

"Why did you remove the refund button on your website?"

I bet they'll tell us it was crashing their website or something.

So you would give up waiting for their 60 minute customer support

You need to pay extra for the refund button.

I'm guessing their response will be

To better give the player a sense of accomplishment once finally reaching the stage of refunding the product.


Every time there's a corporate shitstorm trying to save money, it comes down to the following script:

It's a computer problem, not a human decision.

It's not a big problem. It affects very few.

Lip service to their "loyal fans" for their "continued support".

Wait for people to forget.

Shiny new trailer for newest game installment.

People, please keep in mind that, as far as I know, it’s just the lead developers of the game that are doing the AMA. While outcry of the refund button issue is important, just stay respectful as the people you’re talking to likely have no power in that decision.

After Andromeda, I will never preorder another game from EA. Fuck I even liked the game but the way they systematically killed that franchise? Nah. Never again.

Removed questions. I bet it.

I preordered because it was 33% off with Target's buy 2 get 1 sale.

„Due to many users not abying by the rules set for this AMA, this post has been locked. It will be updated with the answers of EA for all to see“ ~Moderator XY

EA: Because fuck you gamer piece of shit we want your money not the game.

That's EA now in a shellnut.

I agree with you, but it makes me wonder why EA would send these guys to the slaughter considering anyone with half a brain knows what this AMA is going to be centered around

Depending on the country EA has to provide refunds as an option anyways.

Isn’t it just because the game officially launched making the pre order period over?