WCGW if I try and mount this wild horse?

WCGW if I try and mount this wild horse?

A repost of this once again with false info.

This is not a wild horse - it's way too fat and well groomed (its hooves have been trimmed and maintained and it even has a braid (coming undone) in its mane). Plus the fact that no wild horse would let a person get that close. And put hands on it? No way.

This is a domestic horse that is not willing to let that guy ride him.

Yes, it's a WCGW because the guy is trying to ride a horse without any sort of tack or restraint.

But it's been reposted so many times with click-bait titles.

I'm not a mod. Sorry I came down so harsh. I'm just tired of seeing this repost and pedantic enough to get easily irked by misinformation.

No problem man. I understand the frustration you have and I'll make sure to look into things before I post next time!

Sorry, I found it another sub and thought to post it here. I can remove the post if you like.

I know, but it's even more believable if the dude looks like a hipster douchbag.

I wouldn't try that with a tame horse, a domesticated one, a trained riding horse or a dude with a horse-head mask. Maybe, just maybe, I try it with a well trained and experienced stunt horse. That dude is lucky that the horse was satisfied with getting him off its back.

A smart person wouldn't try that with a tame horse. What possesed him to try this with a wild animal?

Yeah. I seriously doubt a wild horse would let someone get that close and actually touch them without bolting.

That’s one way to put ur hood on

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