WCGW if I do yoga on a log

Modified boat pose

I'll guarantee if the water hadn't been there she would have had the sense not to do that on a log over a bed of rocks.

This is karma for all those instagram poser douchebags out there faking out that their lives are so fucking amazing.

Downward doggie paddle

Sir, if there is anything ive learned on /sub/whatcouldgowrong its to never underestimate the potential stupidity of someone who wants to show off on the internet.

They say Yoga can wash your stress away..

Become one with nature they said.

Thank god someone found her camera and posted her death online.

The stream looks like my neighbourhood and the yoga/hippy/student/waitress looks like half the people I know. I wonder how many yoga related drownings have happened here over the years?

Itll be refreshing they said.

I don't know dude. Those shakey legs at the beginning don't say confidence.

She was in the moment......then she was in the water.

Well obviously the water caught her eye, get way more Instagram likes

trying to get the perfect Instagram moment making a much better WCGW

Some say she washed out all the way to the great Pacific garbage patch and is still taking selfies to this day

Ah yes, the traditional water greeting.

She was "in the moment" then she wasn't.

Glad to see she lived.

Please try again.

If at first you don't succeed, try and try again