Jew defies physics, or Jewish physics?



The only correct answer.

"An iron curtain has descended upon the continent."

Nederlands watch closely.

As soon as Britannia hit the ground it claimed it as a new British Territory.

/sub/polandball has the ability to tell epic 20+ panel stories, make puns that make me crave death, and throw out something simple but well executed like this bad boy. This sub is truly the height of country ball based comedy.

Something something Spectre of Communism...

Something something ...

Couple of times, yeah.

Don't think they should, since the waters came back a few hours after.

You changed your flair?

All is Jew, All is Jewish physics


They hit the ground running and they don't stop running...

Israel should build a wall.

A repost for my most successful redditormade comic. Weirdly enough, I was sure this one would be a complete failure and didn't plan to post it, originally.

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spooky scary communists, send famine to your breadline

The trains of the revolution have no brakes!!!

No karma trains pls

write in Klingon all you like, we all already know you Jews are up to something.

Netherlands watching in envy while slowly being consumed by sea.

אכן עד מתי, אישי הטוב.

Again! Again!


No, the Netherlands will go down fighting. I’m thinking that they’ll nuke the sea before they drown.

Netherlands already did.


In a state of both. All math is based on logic, and logic is a construct of Jew. Hence Jewish Physiks is Jew all way down.


טורקי מסכן, יש לך רק קבב אבל אין פלאפל :(

This sub is truly the height of country ball based comedy.

Don't burn yourself on those hot takes ya got there haha

So, I went ahead and googled it because I had no idea what happened in 586BC and apparently it's the year of the Siege of Jerusalem, and weirdly enough there's a wiki article on it in 10 languages and none is in Hebrew. The truth is being hidden from us !


just stick a flag in it and it's yours.

And make Neo Nazis pay for it!

Though they actually might because it will keep Jews in Israel.

Yes it have brakes. And it’s called moderators.

"זה ברור שהיא עונה לי כן"

You just triggered every single Serb in this thread. Well done.

The British may rule the sea, but the Jews rule the land under the sea!

תודה אחי ההמבורגר

The sea is to the Netherlands as ______ is to Israel.

a) leavened bread

b) foreskins

c) Palestinians

d) all of the above

הגם אתה אוהב פלאפל, חברי הישראלי?

God save the queen!

They would actually buy Flanders from Belgium as they both speak Dutch, how to get clay the Dutch way

מה כתוב על הכיפה?

This comment still fits the anthem's rhythm somehow.

jewish physics

Why is Israel a cube again?

Schrodinger’s physics