Watercolor America

Oh sure you remember every other little indentation but forget international falls of Minnesota. #NotMyWaterColorer

Why would they only paint Lake Michigan and not a single other body of water?

You forgot New Zealand

If anyone's curious how to get this effect, first get good quality watercolor paper, then paint a shape in water. After that, get some watercolor paint on the brush and gently touch it to the shape. To get the lighter snowflake looking bits, drop some rock salt onto the shape after. The salt absorbs the paint and moisture, leaving the area around it lighter. You can also use sugar, alcohol, or plain water to get similar effects.

Source: I used to do biological illustrations for a living, and a lot of that was watercolor.

Possibly because Lake Michigan is the only Great Lake completely enclosed by US land?

The Northwest angle just keeps getting forgotten by map makers.


They also painted in Lake Michigan but no other Great Lakes...

To make it really easy, draw the borders with a clear wax or white crayon or some shit.

and the whole reason we have the Angle in the first place is because of map makers. I guess it's true what they say -

The map makers giveth, the map makers taketh away.

My mom would always say that every night before tucking us in.

Beautiful! But Alaska being smaller than Texas and Hawaii being as big as Florida kind of irks me.

Hey. We're from Michigan. We will FIND something to bitch about.

And the fact that Alaska is further south than California. I don't think that's right, but I'm not a geologist, so I can't say for sure.


This is beautiful! I’d hang this up in my house.

Somewhere out there there's a Texan screaming that their state was painted with pink.

They would have used a white crayon or mark the outlines and then paint the inside. No watercolor would escape because of the crayon.

wax is hydrophobic so water shouldnt be able to wash it off easily

Lake Michigan is my favorite state.

Won’t water hydrate shit?

Lake Michigan is the only 100% American great lake.

Yeah but shit isn't hydrophobic.

This is by Josie Lewis, I follow her on Instagram and she sells this and many other prints! I love watching her process videos.

But it's not a state.


How do you think Lake Superior, Huron, Erie, Ontario feel?

That’s not Michigan that’s Reddit.

Masking fluid.

Liquid state at the moment

damn that joke just went over my head

But the other lakes are part of Michigan Ohio Pennsylvania and New York so why wouldn’t she paint all the way out to the border on those states? The border of the state extended into the lakes.

Nah, not about that.

It's the proportions that bother me the most. Texas is fucking huge. Like I didn't realize it till I moved to El Paso, right by New Mexico.

Texas is so big that in El Paso, I was closer to California than I was to Dallas.

Iowa got a nose job

Looks like they drew the outlines in wax. The color blending is still impressive, but the actual painting would be pretty easy. Just keep inside the wax and let the water color naturally flow to the borders.

Watercolorer of America

Assassinated Minnesota's character

As a Minnesotan, I came to the comments to share my disappointment over this.

its okay it was a shitty joke

It made me feel good watching it guys settle down!

Also Minnesota is farther north than Maine

Probably because she was tracing and not thinking. Just filled in an outline.

Came here to make this correction.

Someone should do this with Europe, Middle East, India, etc. I would love to see that.

It's really not that great.

That's not Reddit that's human beings..

And Greenland

That's not human beings that's Michigan ...

The map makers giveth, the map makers taketh away.

Just be glad they're not taking your whole country! /sub/mapswithoutnz

Ah yes, the timeless saying

Maps like these made me not understand where Hawaii and Alaska were until adulthood.

It’s the angle of the dangle?

To be fair, he fucking nailed Colorado though

And my axe

Yeah, as soon as I saw this I thought "you paint lake Michigan and not lake superior? FUCK you"

Wax resist. You draw or trace the outline of the shapes first in white/untinted crayon. The watercolor will not bleed into the paper where there is wax. It’s a simple process that can be used to pretty cool effect.

Source: former Kindergarten teacher who used to do wax resist Halloween sky pictures every year. It was like magic to my students when the white stars, ghosts, moon, and pumpkin outlines drawn on white paper suddenly appeared to glow when we added Crayola watercolors.

Bc it's not enclosed by US land

Or their state wasn't painted first.

I’m just confused how the fuck they did this

“Lake Michigan this Lake Michigan that but nobody ever stops to consider us” The lakes remarked at their monthly meeting of the forgotten lakes. “Just Yesterday” Huron said “A map was being drawn and they put that I was fatter than I am I’m starting to think it myself I can’t handle it cries” “It’s ok, Huron. Let it out. Erie lamented. “Ontario and I both have this problem: everyone comes to see Niagra who thinks she is soooo cool over there, dropping water on Ontario, and taking it from me. Do the people ever look at Ontario or me? NO! We won’t stand for this!” Superior then added “Yeah I’m the deepest lake in North America I could cover it all in 2 feet of water but the only people who ever respect that are reddit. It’s time we fight back.” “YEAH!” They all shouted in unison. “I vote,” commented Huron, drawing the attention of the others, “that we drain ourselves and see how they feel.” The next day: “Wait how what they didn’t notice we are gone...” “Clearly they don’t need us” “Let’s go guys...” into the ocean they went. Formatting is bad mobile is annoying

As an Alaskan, I'd rather they just didn't include it at all then do that to it.

That being said, I'd love to see a painting of alaksa in a similar watercolor style

I just googled it and basically all maps have Maine higher north. I guess it's the type of map projection?

Yeah it's is a map projection typo. The peak of Minnesota (which isn't painted here) is at a higher latitude than the peak of Maine. When pressed flat it gets stretched out.

Source: From Minnesota. It's like the first thing you learn when you're born here.

Here is (former) Senator Al Franken drawing the us map by hand

Ah, Reddit never disappoints me.

It's not international falls. It's the northwest angle. Accessible by boat in the summer or vehicle through Canada or frozen lake of the woods in the winter.

I'm with you. https://i.imgur.com/qXxD0Oe.jpg

I'm with you.

Maybe this is a map from I, Robot, and Michigan (the lake) is its own state....?

That's not Michigan that's you

Well not anymore. You ruined it.

This is why I had to prove to my 33 year old BF that Alaska was not next to Hawaii and was not in fact below CA. I wish I was kidding.


Thank you! I was wondering.

Biological illustrations, like high school textbooks?

u/Shitty_Watercolour where's your rebuttal

Rebar-reinforced concrete

And connected the two pieces of Michigan, that threw me off

Guess he forgot to set the camera up the day he painted Arkansas and Louisiana.

That's not him that's me

Me too. What else am I supposed to do on this very blizzard kind of day?

ah yes, everyone knows the state of Lake Michigan

Yeah but it's not a state...

You mean the only pure lake*

Thats nothing to the disrespect they did to AK.

And Madagascar

Yeah, I don't see how someone could do this w/o tracing.

Why is Lake Michigan colored in Why isn't it blue

Overjoyed to see someone else noticed this, haha

Reverse image search would dox me. I'll see if I have anything that isn't already published or online. Meanwhile I'm happy to answer questions.

Ah, the often forgotten state of Lake Michigan.

All lake Michigan shoreline is US territory. There

cuz we share the others with canada

Actually it's just me and another guy.

You're going to be incredibly impressed by this.

He claims it's one of the "stupid" things he can do but I am incredibly impressed



Yes, exactly.

Thanks for that info. I ordered a copy of this.

This is why I came to the comments. I was highly irritated as well.

LPT if this is out of your budget, don’t worry because Mexico will pay for it.

You're thinking of a geographer. A geologist is someone who is interested in the earth's physical structure and substance, its history, and the processes that act on it.


This is great