Wassup my "he who must not be named"

Wassup my "he who must not be named"

That's why white people respect him.

Voldemort will straight up kill a school of kids.

Yeah but what if it's in a song? πŸ˜‚

Can always say it was a liberal hoax after

Maybe white people can start saying "Dark Lord" instead?

Name me one song with Voldemort in the lyrics

Edit: Ok, i was wrong

He came from a troubled home, his attack on Hogwarts was a cry for help.

-Fox News, definitely.

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Exactly 😏

For which one?


Voldemort, nigga.


More like scream it at the top of your lungs while it sounds like your throat is filled with burger grease.

Dean Thomas was Ginny's boyfriend, and Kingsley was the absolute man. Pretty sure there were more

"Some of you wizards are alright, don't go to Hogwart's tomorrow."

Lee Jordan was one funny mofo. Actually all of the black characters are on the good side now that I think of it. Can't think of any black death eaters

Voldemort was bullied and had severe mental issues. Really he was just a product of his health and environment. Sad.

Whaddup my dark lord.

Shit sounds wroong

Sounds like a girl with Daddy problems πŸ˜‚


Only if you're a black Mexican, like Obama

Say my name

Kind of related, went to a YG concert in New Zealand and said he gave white people permission to say it during his songs. Was probably just because no one would able to rap along with him considering it was New Zealand and they would struggle to find more than 10 black people in the crowd.

Omdz I was praying you linked that video. Haven't seen it in years!

Fawkes News*

That darn Pheonix

And your mom sucks dick for a popeyes two piece but I don't put her sins on you

Speaking of which... Were there any black people in Harry Potter?

If no one is around you

In the interest of context, the UK is 3% black.

Edit: Just when I was looking forward to an interesting discussion, thread gets locked. :(

Blaise Zabini was in the books I believe and he was bad and black

YG out here giving out nigga cards? Shit, get Eminem on that stage.


is what that sounds like.

He was actually the product of a love potion (basically his mom drugged his dad and raped him), which probably has the biggest effect on his outcome.

Other than the whole genocide, I'm not sure there is evidence of mental illness, rather than just a really really bad dude.

Edit: nvm, I didn't get the direction of this comment.

I thought the Malfoy lackey who replaced Crabbe in the later films was black. Might be mistaken though.


Uses both words in one song. Voldemort mentioned at 0:22

Europe is 99% white. Maybe that's the reason movie series based on Europe don't have many black people in them. How come there are no white people in Bollywood movies?

Say baby I love you

They expire in a few hours, like Metrocard transfers

No hard R

Blaise wasn't a death eater, just a Slytherin.

Is this a thing? I refrain from using the n word in my day to day because I find it disrespectful, but I'll be damned if I'm not going to get down singing Redbone on my way home from work.

Voldemort had higher approval numbers than Dumbledore according to the Pure Blood Times Dispatch

I can't believe you just said the V word

We should make certain areas No Wand Zones for safety reasons.

You have the legal right to say whatever you want, but don't be surprised if someone wants to beat your ass for saying the N-word.

Just to be sure, I think the person you're replying to was being facetious.

Neil Cicierega the guy who made this makes a lot of interesting stuff.

Like 3 meme mash-up albums which are just hilarious. Highly recommended

Once you capitalise the D it's a different type of Daddy so it's okay 😊

I mean crabbe and goyle weren't black. There were black people in slytherin (not all slytherins are bad) but in the books, malfoy doesn't have any black goons that help him do evil. Book canon>movie canon

Straight up, the ones who won't say Voldemort's name, aren't saying nigga... unless they're singing along with the radio.

The actor who played Crabbe went to jail for some drug shit i think lol had to improvise

Can Mexicans say nigga?

Wish a Voldemort would

A lot of black people, dare I say the majority, wouldn't be amused to hear you sing along to "nigga". Do with that information what you will πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈ.


Angelina Johnson

The nerdcore genre is a pathway to many lyrics some consider to be ... unnatural.

They literally do that. No wands in the vicinity of muggles

Beating someone's ass is illegal lol.

His moms killed like 7 husbands for him to be in there.

Living in South London it's crazy to think that a lot of the black people in this country live within like a few miles of me (and also Birmingham). Moving out for university was an eye opener...

You know people who actually don't say Voldemort? I refuse to believe people that stupid/cringey exist in real life.

Dude's job is basically to make memes, he's been doing it for ages too, since Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny and Potter Puppet Pals.

Tolkien designed it to be Anglo Mythology. He was sad that the Anglo- Saxons had lost any they had while other cultures like the celts and greeks retained their rich mythological epics. The Rohirrim were an imagining of anglo saxons as a horse culture for example.

Sirius, Bellatrix, Narcissa, Andromeda, Regulus...

Its 1am on a Sunday night so yeah I've got the hour.

Yes, those white people sure are uncivilized.

Im gonna go watch all of this now


We need to cut funding for troubled homes and mental health programs

-Also Fox News

Well that was rad af

Why is it so important for you to say nigga?

That's Pansy Parkinson. Blaise is a boy.


Harry didn't like anyone in slytherin. He didn't do anything objectively evil as far as I remember and (maybe?) was in the slug club

Blaise: "I wouldn't touch a filthy blood traitor like her whatever she looked like."

Nah man he was still kinda a closet supporter of Voldemort.

It's one of my favorite bits that he does.

If you have an hour, I'd recommend watching one of his specials. His most recent one was hilarious.

Ah yes. The capital d is basically the hard r of the daddy issue world.

"We" didn't do that. If you don't want me to sing it in your songs, don't put it there.

Kingsley and Tonks buddy cop prequel when

Yeah, I just got that :). I was thinking "dude, has this person even read the books?" before realizing where they were going with it.

I've literally never met a white person who wouldn't say Voldemort. Is that a thing?

The fantasy genre was created in Europe based on greek and roman myths. That's why it's eurocentric. Of course it can include black people but it doesn't have to. I wouldn't demand white people in Japanese animes/mangas.

She was black in the early movies



I'd prefer you not... Honestly, I feel like non-black people who try to say nigga are trying too hard to fit in.. usually they just think negative black stereotypes are cool, which ends up being insulting because I live with those stereotypes daily. You get to say nigga, bit to the average person, I'm nothing else but a nigga (er) because of my skin... People have the right to say what they want bit just be prepared for whatever reaction comes back at you...

Lets be honest, nowadays it's used as an extra word for a rap song when rappers need 2 syllables or have no original adlibs. If you like a song and want to sing/rap along, you should be able to without the threat of violence. People need to understand, context is everything. Eminem said nigga on stage while rapping along with Dre and Snoop. We're at the point where if a person quotes a racist as evidence against a racist, they will get treated as badly as the racist the person is calling out and criticizing. That happened, It's on YouTube actually, very cringe. But yeah, you should rap along to your favorite rap songs without censoring yourself.

He didn't preface his performance in NY but put the mic on a really white crowd to his song my nigga.. shit was awkward af

Did the math. Works out to .5% of the entire series, or half of a percent

But this doesn't account for parts of the movie with no dialogue, so it's actually higher.

It's not terrible to be honest. Out of a cross section of the UK population, the movies had just about as many black or asian people as you would expect to find in a UK boarding school outside of a major city.

Don't try to ruin alcoholism for the rest of us.

this sub is racist af

That dude made the ultimate showdown song? Damn, I never knew that.

Living in CA basically everyone I know says nigga, black or white. Idk I feel like it’s become desensitized here

Puta pendejo

Dude, the preferred nomenclature is "Lord of Darkness." You can't just say something like that!

y'all are just spouting random obscenities in Spanish now

Man down, where you from, my Dark Lord? Fuck who you know, where you from my Dark Lord? Where your grandma stay, huh my Dark Lord? This Wizard world I run, my Dark Lord.


Because the guy who played Crabbe got arrested lol

I don't agree with that statement but to play devils advocate, there's a lot of "you can't/shouldn't _____ because you're white" going around lately in the media. That's the media though, hate and ignorance is everywhere. We just gotta do our best as human beings to be kind and gracious to eachother.


Nah man how bout biggie smalls three times in front of the mirror

I just don't understand. Is this stupid or am I?

Mah Wizzahd

I don't think... nvm


Every Line Spoken by POC in the HP filn series:

nb4 the start singin the opening verse like...

In the books I think his name was Blake/Blaine Zambini... Idk why they started using him in the movies though.

Satire? Please?

If he weren't extremely incompetent