WASHINGTON, Dec. 7, 2017 — The Defense Department is starting the first agencywide financial audit in its history, Pentagon officials announced today.

WASHINGTON, Dec. 7, 2017 — The Defense Department is starting the first agencywide financial audi...

Audits are a mess when done for an organization that preps for them every year. doing one on organization that has never had one will be like wading through a pile of needles to find a scribbled out receipt from 1964's coffee run.

may god look after the poor souls who have to go through that mess

"It says here '500 billion for secret hitler cloning project,' is that mean to be taken literally?"


Heh, back when I worked Air Force acquisitions, we had to do a mini-audit on a $120M contract. The sum total of all the invoices from the contractor was something like $1.98 different than the financial statements from the contractor. This tiny discrepancy was in the government's favor. Contracting Officer asked why, I told him the most likely cause is because the financial statements go to the hundredth of a cent while the invoices can only go to the nearest cent. That accumulation added up over time on a contract this large is bound to create a discrepancy over time. So he had me, and another guy go through every single invoice, vs every single line item and prove my theory. Three days, and probably about 30 hours between us, we finish. Dead match, my theory holds. We cut a check to the contractor for the additional $1.98.

We wasted something like $2,000 worth of labor to prove we underpaid a contractor less than $2.

When I think Audit, I can't help but think of that story.

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What is the budget to finance the first agencywide financial audit? Gotta be at least $300 billion, right?

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Programs are audited. Theres also GAO and inspector general audits. So while they may not have done a comprehensive agency wide audit, its not like this is the first time they have an account looking at everything.

Now you're being dishonest by leaving out the qualifier of that $2.3T, in transactions.

'My coffee shop today has had over $2000 in transactions and there was only $300 in the register.'

Now if I am mistaken could you explain why that qualifier is not important to your statement and can be left out?

were probably gonna have to sell Alaska back to Russia and Louisiana to France, maybe a few scratch offs to help too.

It sounds silly, sure. But I've seen enough cases where a discrepancy of a few pennies that couldn't be resolved eventually turned up a nearly-matching pair of much larger errors.

Plus there's Cliff Stoll, who discovered Kevin Mitnick's invasion of a government computer system after obsessing about a 27-cent discrepancy in the billing logs.

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It's often a multiplier, a cost plus standard, or unit price factored out from a case then multiplied.

If you're allowed a 15% markup on each invoice for the line items which contain labor, and a 5% markup for subcontractors, you damn well take it out to the hundredth when you have hundreds/thousands of lines on an invoice and have to prove the math.

If they planned on murdering all of the bookkeepers and budget analysts then why would they announce that news the day before? Were all of the pentagon's bookkeepers and budget analysts clustered in the same part of the building?

Donald Rumsfeld announces $2.3T cannot be accounted for

September 10th, 2001

The next day Flight 77 struck the Pentagon, killing a bunch of bookkeepers and budget analysts.

How has that never happened??

You were right the first time. The NDAA Act of 2010 required the Defense Department complete an audit by end of this year. So we're actually behind schedule. The audit idea, with lots of lead time, actually had bipartisan support when it was passed.

Duh. If they killed them before the announcement it would look suspicious. By doing it the day before a major terrorist attack it became totally undiscoverable unless you happen to be one of the smartest people in the world like /u/glncominyo who just happens to be the black swan in intelligence...

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Accounting procedure terminated with prejudice.