Was reading up on Finn and Phasma when I found this.

Was reading up on Finn and Phasma when I found this.

The simulation just didn't take long enough to achieve accomplishment.

"Yet he couldn't shake the feeling that he had somehow made a mistake, had in some way stepped wrong." -- EA's PR Director

Before you know it, Disney/EA will be applying for the trade mark.

The book is older than the force awakens, so this is just a coincidence

Oh no, were they trying to make a reference?

"Just like the Simulations!"

Finn was known as a loner and strict rules follower. Although he did have eight seven as a nickname in combat. And unlike the clone nicknames, these names were only used in combat (When you have to be fast) or casually in the barracks, never in front of superiors.


John Boyega was really persistent about what he wanted to see in Battlefront 2..

I think it bothers me that his other friends have nicknames but he doesn’t. “Slip” and “Nines” should be referenced by their call signs too...

The most downvoted reddit comment of all time was very similar to this after the backlash of micro-transactions/hero costs at Battlefront 2 launch.


It was pointed out later that the reason FN-2187 didn't have a name was because no one trusted or liked him. They sensed that the conditioning hadn't taken in him and he constantly prioritized empathy over ambition. None of those other people in his squad were his friends. :(

What blunder? It's unlikely anyone was referencing this not very memorable line from a book very few (lots of people maybe but small overall %) would have read.

Might have been a sign of respect. The FO troopers had to be much more secretive about their names than clones. And when his squad was moved to their barracks on the Finalizer with some veterans, everyone except for Finn introduced themselves with nicknames. One of the veterans remarked something to the lines of "Oh you must be the leader. I know your type, part of your group put also separate."

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