Was re-watching WM29 when suddenly...

Was re-watching WM29 when suddenly...
This goes deeper than we can ever imagine...

Jag Thindh is the biggest heel this subreddit has ever known.

I like Jag Thindh the person, not Jag Thindh the character.

Nope, definitely 20 years older than that.
9 Novermber, 1989
This goes WAY deeper than you think

goes WAY deeper than you think


A guy - assumedly named Jag Thindh - held up a sign, directly in front of the camera, displaying that name at WrestleMania 30 and ruined Bryan's "boyhood dream has come true" shot.

Case Example #1

So I missed the whole Jag Thindh thing. In my head, I somehow made it mean John Cena, as pronounced by The Great Khali.

Hearing it explained gets me more and more angry.

This is gonna be a crazy inside joke. Maybe I'll make my own JAG THINDH sign

Quick, somebody get to watching 28. Now!

Case Example #2


This fucking guy.

This will end up being an x-file...Jag Thindh signs throughout all kinds of pictures throughout history..

There's gonna be about 15 signs at WrestleMania 31.

Which would be amazing.

I hate Jag Thindh the character and wrestler

It is a damn shame the shot got ruined. But I think the shot of Bryan after that on the announce table in front of the Mania set was better, anyway.

Wait WHAT? How long ago was that? Orton still has hair!

We're through the looking glass here, people.

It's clearly going to be Jag Thindh vs. Sting Guy.

You may think the concept of gold is stupid but this website pretty much runs on it. The gold thing is not giving to charity it is keeping up a service you regularly use to keep it running.

The "pork" sign has been at WWE events for years.

I can't even explain how happy it makes me that someone updated it with a hashtag.

The (same?) sign was at WM30. When Bryan wins the title, the hard camera tries to focus on him and that fucking sign goes RIGHT UP IN THE WAY. It was also at Raw the next night, but facing the hard camera.

It runs deep, soo deep. Put her ass to sleep!

The guy really knows how to get himself over

Gold is stupid anyway, don't waste your money and instead donate to a good cause like one that personally hits home for me the BBRF

I'm calling it: A certain still employed someone's being repackaged as Jag Thindh Guy!

It's used to piss off wrestlers who don't like pork. Colt Cabana would be like "hey that has not met the criteria decreed by my religion" and Daniel Bryan would be like "hey that's an innocent animal whose remains are being advertised there" it's a very controversial sign


I just bought jagthindh.com. I don't know why I did and I don't know what I'm going to do with it. I don't know what I was thinking. What the fuck am I going to do with this?


The site onwership has expired thats why nothing loads now.

Looking back (http://web.archive.org/web/20110202212528/http://jattmixalot.com/) it looks like it was a website for a rapper Jatt-mix-a-lot. Wonder if that debut album dropped?

Genius, absolute genius.


Fair enough. Then instead of buying me gold buy yourself gold on my behalf.

How deep does this go?!

Case Example #4

Yes, I'm sure so many people who buy wrestling DVDs have no idea Danny won.

Case Example #3

I'm guessing 2009-ish


When you go over something AGAIN and AGAIN certain questions get answered. Other questions come up. It's like you're unraveling a cable knit sweater THAT SOMEONE KEEPS ON KNITTING, AAAND KNITTING, AAAAAND KNITTING, AND KNITTING!

Real talk I'd pay money for Jag Thind vs Shocked Undertaker Guy.

Jag-Thindh is obviously how Dusty Rhodes pronounces Jackson. It's all part of a giant Ezekiel Jackson return conspiracy.


Figured out who it is:

I liked the one facing the triple X mania entrance way with D Bryan in the foreground with the belts on his knees surrounded by confetti that's the DVD cover for me.

Sounds like something Jericho would do when planning his latest return.

Nah, what's even worse about it is that there's a shot from hard camera before they cut to a crane shot of the crowd, and in the last second or so of the hard camera shot, he started to raise the sign; so he was waiting to raise that sign back up when they went back to hardcam. He willingly fucked up the shot. I can only assume that the guys in the production truck were pissed off at the guy too.

That's some matrix level shit right there!

I originally read this as:

you brilliant godless bastard

I've never seen him wrestle, he could be fundamentally solid.

Damn this motherfucker.

I can't wait until future employers google his name and this thread comes up.

Don't Hinder Jag Thindher

I'd tell you to go fuck yourself, but I don't want you to make your socks jealous.

Where the fuck are those 1000 songs I download today????




That looks like something from my old geocities page.

Hopefully they are all used to smack this nerd.


Can we get a "Jag Thindh Section" at a Raw or PPV?

WWE should just start saying Jag Thindh instead of Jinder Mahal now and never, ever address the change.

Him and Bad News Barrett for the Tag Team title! WM 31!!!

And someone else, start watching 27... actually never mind that, of he was there he got punished enough.

"Aw, sunufabitch!"


Truth be told, he has held a lot of signs in front of a whole bunch of Make-A-Wish kids.

One day, that horrible day when the entire planet is in ruins and we serve the dark master Jag Thindh, we'll all wonder why we never spoke out about the warning signs that were in plain view the whole time. wake up sheeple!

Hooray, someone finds me useful!


DVD covers with spoilers are the worst.

Up vote for an Ice Cube reference.

Sorry, I don't get it.

When WWE comes back to my town I'll Hold a "Let's go Jagh Thind!/ Jagh Thind Sucks!" sign

I miss Randy's hair. :(

Here's a song from it if you haven't already reached your 1000 song download limit

by the time the dvd comes out everyone will know who won anyway

Don't rag on Jag!