Warren Buffett: I 'admire' Bernie Sanders

Warren Buffett: I 'admire' Bernie Sanders

He's not going to get elected, but I admire him


Speaking of the uber-rich Bernie admirers, wasn't sure where to post this but I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Wozniak the other day and thanked him for his support of Bernie. He said Bernie had called him earlier that day asking if there was anyway he could do any press/campaigning with him. Woz said that while he really admires Bernie, he's not a big political guy and that he probably wouldn't be doing any official campaigning. I did however, have a good conversation with him about how the privatization of everything is a terrible idea and that there are certain areas in which government intervention is needed.

Maybe he wants Bernie to win, but if he gives Bernie his endorsement then it could be used against Bernie.

I don't see how. Everyone respects Warren Buffet.

Not really. Buffet is donating his fortune rather than passing it to his children. It is really only dynastic wealth Bernie is going after.

Sounds like he's been a heavy donor for Clinton for a while. He can't really say anything else, I guess.

he's talking about buffet

Too bad he doesn't think bernie can win :/

Dude nearly every Republican hates the man.

Buffett's view of the world is not that of a common person's. We want Bernie to win. We look at Bernie and we look at lots of other people like us, and we say: "Why can't he? The support is there. Let's make it happen."

Buffett is a businessman, and he can only talk like a businessman. His world is one in which shrewdness and cunning is rewarded and idealism and kindness is punished. In his world, men like Donald Trump are the rule and not the exception. So he sees someone like Bernie, someone he indeed may admire and respect, but someone who goes entirely against the unwritten rules of success. What he thinks is going to happen to bernie is what he'll no doubt have seen happen to countless other people in his life, all world improvers with the best of intentions.

They lose.

That's because the most recent polls had Bernie at a lower number to begin with. He's still gaining ground in those specific polls.

He could if he actually believed in what he was saying and believed in changing the system.

I admire Warren Buffett but he's as married to the banks as Hillary is.

Buffett is a smart, humble, and shrewd guy, he's not greedy. I don't like him writing Sanders off though.

They can donate $ 2,700 each.

He's polling significantly lower than Clinton, in spite of his gains. He's lost ground recently to biden. His poll numbers are dropping a bit:


If you think he's definitely going to win, you're delusional. I want him to win, I'd like to help him win, and I think there's a chance that we can shift the needle, but right now he's not winning.

I dont think you can fault him for trying to be pragmatic. It is going to be difficult for Bernie to win, we all know that. Buffett thinks it isnt going to happen, that is a valid opinion

Both Buffett and Gates have come out in support of having higher taxes levied against them. They think it's necessary for society. So I'm not sure why he would make such a declaration so early.

That's outrageous wishful thinking, sorry.