Wall Street braces as world sell-off runs to $4 trillion

Wall Street braces as world sell-off runs to $4 trillion

Down 500 within minutes of opening. Geez

Yeah but you gotta start out a billionaire for that to happen.

Shortly after 10am EST and all major indexes are green. How much longer is Reddit going to panic for?

While panic is uncalled for, I think we should withhold judgement until the closing bell.

starting with the passage of the tax bill and replacing Janet Yellen as Fed chair (Dec '17 - Jan '18), I'd say it's Trump's economy.

prior to that, I don't think he did much that you can point to as directly influencing the economy.

Makes no fucking sense. If you're worried about inflation, you need to be in the market, even if it drops in real terms.

Back down -218 as of right this moment. I'm selling everything and buying shotguns, freeze-dried food and a cabin.

Have you heard about this thing called bitcoin? Apparently it makes u a millionaire over night

I don't think anyone is particularly worried about the single-day losses, but rather how long this sell-off lasts. If we continue to drop 3-4% per day for the next week, it could mean serious trouble.

As of 10:17am DJIA is down 0.5% again.

Technically, it's not Obama's fiscal year anymore, but economic and fiscal policies from a different administration would take time to see any real gains/losses and you can really only judge it on a longer term trend.

In this specific situation though, it's probably something unrelated to government.

I think pretty much anyone with even a little bit of experience in the market knew this crash was going to be short lived, but necessary. Anyone calling this the 'beginning of the next crash' really has no idea what they're talking about. You can't judge an entire nations economy off of the DOW, or S&P. A couple bad days in the market that don't even top the list of worst days in the market doesn't mean much long term.

I wish we could take some of that money to do some good in the world. I know I'm naive, but these numbers are so enormous, it feels like we could change the world with just a fraction of it.

It's apparently "the crappening."