Wake up! Wake...uuup!

Please don't feed the repost bot. It is just trying to get karma to bypass spam filters and spew out links for http://nhlmonitor.info/. It does nothing but post links for that site and steal old comments to post on /sub/askwomen. It is apparently branching out to /sub/aww and reposting this 3 month old thread to pretend it is a legitimate user.

You can see https://redd.it/6njprd for the report to /sub/thesefuckingaccounts.

You can find more information about these types of accounts and how they harm Reddit here.

Edit: wrong link for source thread.

I love it when puppies do this. It can be annoying at times, but it's a genuine sign of affection and adoration for one's company... or need of foods.

Died laughing when it fell down the side of the bed

Yes. Also there's a laser point being reflected in that spot.

CPR dog saves lives.


That brief look of surprise before the gif repeats.

Little monsters with unlimited energy. LOVE THEM

Feed me! Feed me!