Reminds me of a story a coworker once told me. His ethnicity is Chinese and when he was in Istanbul, a local kid punched him hard-ish to play kung fu.

The first time I was in Holland, some kids stopped me on a sidewalk and said, "HEY! Are you AMERICAN?? Where is your GUN, M**F**!?! POW POW POW!! (while making shooting at me hand gestures)".

I told them I had never even seen a gun and they asked, "How do you shoot someone if you are in a fight, huh!?! POWPOWPOW!!! (more hand gestures)"

This was in '98. I can only imagine what children outside America think of us now.

I really need to see that movie.

It's not for lack of interest, it's lack of time. I'm really excited to see all the good feelings coming out of people who have seen this movie, so I'm kind of thrilled movie exists one way or the other.

It's weird being a fan of Stormlight Archive with this.

I neva freeze

I went to study/be a token American in South Korea a few years back and every school kid we met asked us if we had guns the second their teachers went out of earshot.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

It's even weirder when you're jewish, trust me.

Number of times I've had people earnestly ask me, not to be racist, but out of curiosity at wanting to know more if Jews actually control the world and have all the money.

They weren't being racist, or at least, the question didn't come from one of prejudice or bigotry. It's just awkward.

That being said, yes we do control the world and have all the monies. Also carry around a sack of jew gold.

I'm excited for you! I really enjoyed the movie. No spoilers here, but the scenery and costuming alone are worth the price of admission.

What is KLIA?

I like the questions from the kids, cause it's innocent. When it's from elderly people is when I get a little offput on their view of America. I was in Paris during Trumps inauguration as an American. Had an elderly woman ask me "Do you secretly bring a gun to class just in case there is a shooting?"

I wish people would stop doing this. Who are you speaking for? The kid who thought it was cool? The guy who made the kid’s day? The woman who thought it was fun enough to share?

The most annoying thing about “political correctness” is being spoken for. I’m black, and the first thing that came to mind was “man, I’ve really got to see this movie”. I didn’t even think anything of it until you said something.

If I was that guy in the queue, I would have done whatever the salute is with that kid. Nobody is offended by a child saluting someone who may look like a person from a movie.

Very few things piss me off more than people getting together to jerk each other off to the idea that society has gone mad because an imaginary person you invented could be upset. Political correctness largely exists in the minds of the people who dislike it the most. Everyone else gets on with life just fine without needing to politicise every little thing that happens.

To your hypothetical quote, if someone came up to me and said they love hip hop, I’d love to chill and listen to some music with them. More likely than not, that person is just trying to make a connection and has the very best intentions.

Get out more.

The costume department absolutely killed it in the movie.

Ah, the fabled jew gold pouch. I've heard that if I can steal it from you without you noticing I'll have eternal wealth.


Please circle Yes or No

And then everyone clapped. $100%

I think you mean Constantinople

Like an antelope in headlights

Bridge Four!

Yeah, it's been really neat watching the impact the movie has had, and not just for black people--there are amazing woman characters too. Also, great movie... I'd say it's right up there with Winter Soldier among the best MCU movies.

Reminds me when my brother thought a lady in a Burka was a ninja and proceeded to show her his karate moves.

Same. They just expect even the kids have guns.

Uhhhh. Hello.

Ok, I am prepared for the downvotes...

It was a good movie, I had an enjoyable time watching it. But one of the best MCU movies? I don’t know. Maybe it was the mountain of hype for the movie but I was expecting something on the level of Thor: Ragnarok (which I think is one of the the best MCU movies, up there with Winter Soldier).

Again, good movie. But best of the MCU? Eh...

Be careful, they also carry a decoy pouch of cursed gold to throw off thieves. Those sneaky jews.

Did he freeze?

I think you mean Byzantium

Kendrick Lamar’s Indianapolis Apartment

I saw some photos of the costuming and oh my god I was drooling.

I love fashion and goddamn did they do some good work

I lived in Holland for five years from 1998 to 2003. My mom never picked up the language but we had this super nice older couple as neighbors. The wife spoke passable English but her husband barely spoke any. But anytime he saw my mom (we lived in a very small town in North Holland) -- grocery store, bakery, library, anywhere -- he'd scream "Yo, Yankee! Fuck you!" cackle, then scurry away as fast as his 80-year-old legs could carry him.

She always thought it was hysterical after the initial shock.

Pretty nice airport actually


Klingon Language Is Authentic

Proud to be Malaysian!

/sub/humansbeingbros? Love it.

Interesting you pegged Ragnarok as one of the best, which I actually felt fell super flat. It had a ton of potential and really great build-up but I felt the villain, while having a great presence, wasn't a lot of substance and just didn't really get built up in a way that made the whole thing feel credible.

obligatory “and the teachers!”

This makes me wonder how many people living in America can honestly say they’ve never seen a gun IRL, aside from holstered police in uniform and service men/women in parades at this point.

I would imagine most Americans have, seeing as guns are so normalized, but that perception might not match reality.

Inside is a superintelligent snail.

The bridge four salute is the same as the Wakanda forever salute. (at least that's how I read it)

My frustration is partially directed at you, and partially at this poor kid’s harmless fun being scrutinised by thousands for no good reason. As always.

Here, /sub/upliftingnews, and pretty much all of the positivity subs have been overrun with cynicism and people doing their best to shit on the good news.

Thank you for deleting the comment.

I can only imagine what children outside America think of us now.

Offered to take my daughters to Florida, so we could go to Disney. One managed to convince the other that America 'is where all the guns are' and now the little one is convinced we'll get shot.

I've been trying for months to talk her around, but the idea is stuck in her head now.

Holy crap! I forgot it was the Bridge Four salute.

white laughter

Yeah this totally happened

My theory for why it's being called one of the best MCU films is the improvement on characters, especially the villain. I haven't seen Ragnarok yet so I can't say anything about it, but a very common criticism for Marvel films is that the villain isn't very fleshed out, and is evil for next to no reason, or a very generic reason (wanting power or hating humans/the main character for a barely justified reason) which gets pretty stale after a while.

With Black Panther, instead of just wanting power, Killmonger also wants to help others under oppression (in a twisted evil-ish way). He wants retribution for a deep injustice he felt wasn't addressed properly, and this feeling of injustice was actually indirectly caused by one of the "good guys". The morality isn't black and white like usual, the villain (like Spider-Man: Homecoming) has an empathetic motivation for a change and the heroes aren't always noble or kind like you'd expect.

I feel like this, as well as the obvious change from a mostly white male-dominated cast in a lot of action films made it stand out as a film. Admittedly it's probably been exaggerated as it's not the greatest film ever in the genre, but its influence on the film industry will certainly have a profound impact on the future.

I'm British. One time a few years ago I was watching an episode of Malcolm in the Middle and one of the characters brings a gun into the house, and Malcolm freaks out about it. I was shocked - until then I honestly thought every single American had a gun, or at least had one in their home.

Bridge Four, gon!

Adults can't get away with pissing their pants either.

I had never seen a gun IRL other than an officer's holstered gun until my freshman year of college when i went to visit my friends family in a very rural area. I have yet to see a gun IRL since. Its really not as common place as the media leads you to believe. Idk the exact stats but I believe the majority of guns are owned by a relatively small amount of the population Edit: to clarify I've walked by guns locked up at sporting goods stores but that was the first time I'd interacted or touched a gun that was owned by a civilian... still have never seen a gun fired IRL to this day

Yay! Something to be proud about in Malaysia!

But it's Istanbul, not Constantinople!

Temper your expectations a little bit. It's good but it isn't the best movie of all time like half the internet would have you belief. The fight scenes are probably the best in the MCU though.

Wakanda Forever

All the black kids at my school do the salute to each other now lol

My dad is a little like this. It sorta reminds me of how some people get really offended when they try to make you watch some anime and you just don't enjoy it. What I'm trying to say is that you're grandpa is a gun weeb. Buy him a body pillow with an M14 on it and he'll love you forever.


Been a long time gone, Constantinople.

Lmao. I must become friends with your awesome brother immediately. I’m willing to trade you two bag ladies who occasionally nod my direction in a somewhat friendly direction

That's nobody's business but the Turks.

They won't. Black Panther is one of the most Oscar-worthy movies I've seen in the last decade. It's the first superhero movie I've ever thought was deserving of a top-level "real" Oscar (acting, directing, screenplay, etc). Unfortunately, the Academy isn't in the habit of giving awards to movies that anyone actually fucking watched.

I think you mean Lygos

They definitely did, I'd be surprised if they didn't get the Academy Award for costume design next year.

Not only were they all good but there was so much attention to detail and making even the background characters have their own style.

I live in louisiana so I am biased, but idk anyone who’s never firsthand seen a gun.

I mean, have you not been to a freaking walmart?

That you make ground breaking technological music?

I was pretty conscious as a white person that this movie was not "for" me, so I didn't go in expecting it to entertain or thrill me in the same way that some of the other Marvel movies have. This was a piece of art aimed at a specific audience - which I would say is clearly black kids. Think about the goal as not to entertain a broad audience but to create, from the ground up, an entire world/mythology for a group of children who, in large part, have never seen themselves represented like this on screen. This explains SO much about the visual and narrative choices Coogler makes.

Slow pacing - this is not a movie of snappy one-liners and inside jokes. It's a movie that children can understand. It's got a straightforward plot. It's got a clear bad guy and a clear good guy. There are no 7 year olds who will leave this movie wondering wtf just happened.

Visual gifts - watching this movie, all I could think of was how amazing the Halloween costumes are going to be this year! Black kids suddenly have not just one but like an entire wardrobe of cool costumes to choose from - some very complex, and some so simple that you could cobble them together from your wardrobe at home. This is absolutely so black kids can dress up like a superhero, too, no matter how much money their parents make.

Choice of protag - If you think about it, this kind of story would typically be told from Killmonger's point of view - the kid from the hood who discovers he's actually from this amazing world and has to fight for his position to be recognized. But no - this is Black Panther's story. And Black Panther is already a king. There is no question of that. Yes, he has to fight for his throne, but there is never any doubt that this is the guy who should be ruling. That really turns our collective cultural tropes about black protagonists upside down. The only real question is HOW he should be ruling, which forms the central "adult" conflict of the movie.

Obviously this is just my opinion, but IMO this movie is in every way intended to be a gift to black children. Yes, it has broader appeal (my white 8 year old loved it and understood it completely, whereas he has been pretty confused by some of the other marvel flicks) but overall, Black Panther is for them, and by this metric, it really succeeds on every level.

Time to turn it into a movie, show or anime (I can see it as an anime with all the flying and Syl).

Not every Walmart sells guns.

My grandfather owns 75+ guns and he shows me whatever new shit he has everytime I go over there despite never expressing any interest in them before. He gets mad when I tell him I go hiking without a gun. I understand his fear, but he doesn’t understand mine. I’m not responsible. I don’t need a gun. I could have one. This is life in the small town deep south if you were wondering.

Why did Constantinople get the works?

I mean, I thought Cate Blanchett killed it. An excellent female Antagonist. Killing all of the Asgardian forces in one scene? Destroying Mjölnir with a grin is a pretty good credential. Ruthlessly killing supporting characters in an instant is pretty substantial. Ymmv I guess.

Man it sucks being an adult

I armed them. I armed them all. They’re loaded, every single one of them. And not just the military, but the teachers and the children, too.

Do it. Saw it Sunday and it was amazing!

Ah, you must be reform.

Kuala Lumpur Internet Acess

I never freeze

The Dora Milaje were so fucking fresh i thought I was gonna die

Kuala Lumpur airport

Wakanda sorcery is this?!

Faith in humanity R E S T O R E D

Yeah so I never got my Jew gold, where do I go to get it, rabbi said he doesn't distribute the gold

Why? I love that series, I’m just curious.

Wow. That's amazing and sad. I am a rare redditor with "friends" and none of them own a gun. Unless they keep it a secret. Which they may.

Now, my family... Oh, they have guns. They live in Florida. They ride dirt bikes in the backs of their 4x4s and shoot squirrels out of alligators.

Bridge Four!

That was my decoy gold.


It was a very well executed standard Marvel formula movie.

It feels like it's going to hit Titanic levels of movie stay since it's already up to a billion dollars made.

Hey dude, be proud of Laksa too

Albert Einstein.

Oh the perks of being a german. You always know what many kids from other countries think about you :(

People just liked it better that way.

Then all the cars stood up and clapped

Even old New York was once New Amsterdam

Sit down, watch NASCAR

Dutch people: oh don't try speaking Dutch, we all speak English and it's easier!

Also Dutch people: can you speak slower and more clearly it's hard to understand your English.

It just cracks me up.

It's weird, I think she did a great job in her role but I don't feel like her role was super well built up. Like, they EXPLAINED why she was there, but I didn't really feel like her overall motivation was particularly well-explained in a show-don't-tell manner. I can't put as concrete answers to it as I could when I first saw the movie, but something about it just didn't quite ring home with me.

Grow another Arm

Why they changed it, I can't say.

I mean, have you heard the Gorillaz song?

1453 was a rough year...

I feel like this wouldn't always go so well. Like could it be considered racist by some? Sort of like, "Oh you're black? Man I love basketball and hip hop!"

Correct me if I'm wrong I don't know.

Out of the loop

Wtf is a "#wakandaforever thing"?

Edit: spelling

Wakanda is the nation in Black Panther.