Wakanda shit is that!

Wakanda shit is that!

That title is fire.

Some people just gotta complain about something. How tiresome their life must be.

"If I don't see at least one gay marriage or orgy per movie I'm gonna boycott."

I don't know if anyone cares but the article (which was written by a black dude, if that matters) actually does make a fair point and summarizes/covers a less sensational article. Basically, 2 of the female body guard chicks are romantically involved in the comics and they cut a scene that hinted that there might be something between them.

Paired with the fact that they made Valkyrie bi in Thor 3 but didn't include any reference to it in the theatrical release, I think this is a fair criticism to make. Is it the hill I want to die on? No, but definitely I understand the frustration.

We need to say this more because people are getting lazy and not even trying with the titles anymore. Not saying it's easy I only got good title once or twice but at least try. Yesterday nigga title just said "bruh"

People are boycotting a movie about an anthropomorphic rabbit because of food allergies. I'm all about tolerance, diversity, etc, but this shit reaches way too much sometimes.

This is exactly the shit Dave Chappelle was talking about.

I'm boycotting it because it looks like the dumbest movie of the year.

Well okay. Not that I care much either way, but at least they had a fair point if it was originally in there.

It be ya own mods

Same with forcing an actor of a different race than the original. Feels so fake

Some of us queer folks are as tired of this as everyone else. We know theres a limit, a few shit apples are fucking it up. Please don't judge queer people by this, some of us don't have our head up our own ass.

I'm gay and I don't.

There is literally no need to make everything a topic about equality. Its just a fucking movie, god...

damn y'all, LGBT people need representation too, especially since Ayo is lesbian in the comics. comic nerds get mad when shit gets changed from the source, except now? smh

The August Ames suicide was fascinating. She’s a porn star (like you didn’t already know) and said she was uncomfortable doing a scene with a gay man because I guess the STD testing is different / less stringent in gay porn. So, literally, a case of a woman making a decision about her own body and who she decides to have sex with. The LGBTQ community decided “Nah fuck that. You either have sex with this guy that you’re not comfortable with, or you’re a homophobe.” Twitter trolls cranked it up to 11. She killed herself.

Didn't the mods ban that?

It was originally in, simple, and effective, not garish, not forcing, not overplayed. And they cut it. And people are howling at the people that noticed as if they're trying to burn down the studio.

But society does love getting outraged at any objection.

Kids movies can't be good?

Don't worry. I don't think any level headed person reads these articles and changes their opinion about LGBT people. Personally when i see this shit I assume it's a typical straight white sjw and not an actual outraged gay person.

People like their queers as long as they're silent and invisible. There's a lot in common with black people in that sense

Right? It’s not about shoehorning a lesbian relationship into a movie that’s not about that. It’s about purposefully hiding and cutting scenes that show a relationship that is in the comic.

They did

It's a kid's movie.

With the exclusion of Jane Foster and the lot, there's actually no romantic storylines in the movie (maybe banner/Romanov)

The first two Thor movies had multiple straight sub plots, both between Thor and Jane, and Sif, and involving Darcy and her intern, and Jane and Chris O'Dowd, and the third made multiple references to the sexuality of characters and love interests.

So except for all the romantic storylines in the movies, there's no romantic storylines in the Thor movies.

Is LGBT representation that important, that extra scenes need to be given to a side character, just so the viewers know she's bi, regardless of its relevance to the plot?

It was a quick visual of a woman leaving Valkyrie's bedroom, which helped confirm that the woman who died saving her from Hela was her love. So not only was it a quick visual rather than multiple scenes, and a main character, not a side character, but it was relevant to the plot. Unlike Darcy's intern or Jane's date, or even the unresolved Lady Sif subplots.

Plus the director and writer and actress all thought it was important enough to film. The idea this is worth including isn't coming from angry fans, but from the creators.

That's how you get campy token characters, which I feel is probably worse for representation than better.

Valeryie is bi. Her lover is shown in the movie. If they'd taken a half second to make it explicit rather than something you figure out when knowing the comics, as well as for the Dora Milage, it would not make the characters or story worse in any way. Right now there is no representation, and saying you'd like to see some is not some slippery slope to stereotypes. This is the same argument people have making the whole time against black characters in movies. "Don't ask for representation, or you'll get token cliches".

Work hard for 15 million merits, and people still tryna tear you down.


The only thing that bugs me is that it feels like it's always all or nothing.

It's like either a movie/TV show has zero LGBTQ representation, or like half the freaking cast is LGBTQ. It's either we act like they don't exist, or we're going to shoehorn them into the script as much as freaking possible.

Honestly, at this point in MCU, considering how many characters we've got, it does seem like we should have at least one. But really? Not a single one? And then you've got The CW on the other side of the coin, where every single show has like 15 LGBTQ characters.

It's not even an equality thing for me. It's just annoying that it always feels like it's an "issue" in entertainment. If there's none, I don't notice - but then people complain and I'm like "Yeah, that's true - there weren't any." But then when I DO notice, it's because the freaking writers crammed LBGTQ issues into almost every storyline and I'm like "Dude, this is way over-represeted. Am I watching a story or an after-school special?"

I'm pretty sure she killed herself because she had depression and was sexually abused as a child, and the online abuse was the tip of the iceberg for her.

Disgusting that anyone would treat someone like that because she voiced her opinion about being safe and choosing her partners. God forbid people make autonomous decisions.

This is like people complaining Chris in Get Out wasn't black enough because the actor is british.

I went to a college full of people like that. People complaining about things I didn't even know were possible to complain about. So damn glad I'm out of that bubble.

They can be. But sometimes they're a bit silly.

Some of us call them professional victims. They ruin everything for everyone.

Trevor Noah (I think) has a good joke on this. At first he thought why shouldn't he get to play James Bond. Then he went to Scotland and was like.. oh, might be hard to blend in as a spy when you're the only black guy in the crowd.

Well, a food allergy activist group, which is probably only a few people and their followers on Facebook, say they'll be boycotting. They have about as much social power as "One Million Moms"* .

* Note: actual number of moms likely severely lower than one million; probably mostly right-wing dudes

Which is why the original Black Panthers (like the activist group) sought to include queer folk and women in their cause.

Like I get it, but one thing at a time

Isn’t the point lack of representation? Has the black community not also been under represented at the movies in the past? Wasn’t there a boycott at the oscars for this very thing? I don’t believe anyone is saying to make it about the LGBTQ community, just include them. Are we not being hypocrites for diminishing this article after what the black community has gone through?

But that’s just me idk lol

Hello! Just a while ago, BPT was complaining about not having enough representation in movies and award shows. Now this.

As a black queer woman, it’s pretty... disheartening to see this shit. I don’t believe in shoehorned in diversity (don’t throw in a campy gay guy or a token black guy just for diversity’s sake), but IIRC, there was a lesbian black panther character in the actual comics. Why can’t I see that on the big screen? Hell, there have been a few (Deadpool and Wonder Woman come to mind) characters on the big screen that are LGBT in comics but not in the movies. What’s up with that? Why does every movie have to be just a “Black movie” or a “Gay movie” or a “Feminist movie?” It’s not like these things exist separately.

Well that‘s just ludicrous! Doesn’t Hollywood know that everything should be tailored to be exactly the way I want it!? If I go into that theater and I don’t feel like I was taken into consideration I’ll RAISE HELL!

(/s because people sometimes, man...)

I googled it too and apparently the movie contains a scene where the animals trigger an allergic reaction of the human character by throwing blackberries at him... So I guess I can see why someone would take an issue with that, given that they do it on purpose and it's a childrens movie. Like... children are dumb, you don't wanna give 'em bad ideas... just sayin.

It's petty but I kinda get where they're coming from.

Oh shit, is this cause my comment included the phrase "I want to die"? That's a great idea. I don't need your help little bot but I appreciate that you exist for those that do.


On the Thor example, the movie is called Thor. It's about Thor and his adventure. With the exclusion of Jane Foster and the lot, there's actually no romantic storylines in the movie (maybe banner/Romanov)

Is LGBT representation that important, that extra scenes need to be given to a side character, just so the viewers know she's bi, regardless of its relevance to the plot?

That's how you get campy token characters, which I feel is probably worse for representation than better.

“Too few black representation, we need more!” Black people: Yes! That’s right! “Too few gay representation, we need more!” Black people: this generation complains too much...

I mean, so was Paddington the Bear but it's basically Citizen Kane for children.

" The LGBTQ community decided"

No, no, no. On leftbook, which is just about the absolute most left wing pro-lgbtq place on the planet, basically the left the_donald, all of the people there were defending her. On like a dozen different groups, ranging from lgbtq groups to normal groups, people defended her. These people are practically the most insanely pro-lgbtq people on the planet, and THEY didn't even think that was appropriate.

A very small handful of people on twitter were attacking her. Not the 'lgbtq community'. Not even 1% of the lgbtq community. This is how hateful rumors spread.

“Just because you’re offended doesn’t mean you’re right.”

-Ricky Gervais

Veiled homophobia in our community? Nothing to see here...

Damn. I hadn't heard about that. That's pretty sad.

Yeah, but they cut the scene where we learn that. This article is about the same thing happening in Black Panther. I'm not gonna say its a huge deal, but I can see how that is an annoying trend.

Go on...

Well who else mod would it be?

Nah man, fire titles are what makes BPT unique from other subs. Plus it means you gotta think about what you post rather than just mindlessly sharing other people's jokes.

I mean, I get what you're saying, but children's movies regularly have deceit, violence, and other mature themes. I don't see how throwing blackberries at someone crosses a line. A lot of children's movies even include murder, but it's cool as long as the bad guy is the one dying.

Like you said, it seems petty af.

If they actually read the black Panther comics, more specifically the most recent run, they’d know they are getting ahead of themselves and if they show some god damn patience maybe they will get their LGBQ representation in later BP movies

I kind of wish they'd reconsider Idris Elba for the role of James Bond. The guy would make an incredible Bond.

I agree, definitely should've been more lesbian scenes.

This seems very hypocritical to me. Black people have complained the very same way for a long time. Now the LGBTQ community says something and a Black person has the audacity to tell them to chill? The fuck?

I see a Black Mirror reference. I upvote.

(P.S. Black Mirror isn't black enough because its British)

I thought maybe the allergic reaction was really mild so it might promote kids to think allergies aren't a big deal when some are actually fatal.

But according to that article

Mr. McGregor is allergic to blackberries and starts choking, having to inject himself with an epinephrine injector.

Honestly seems like a good message for kids.

"stop complaining," I complained

one issue at a time aka fuck you got mine


Oh no? Well here you go:

Weeks prior to her death, Ames had confirmed that she had a history of bipolar depression and multiple personality disorder due to a traumatic childhood, stating: "Some days I'll be fine and if I'm not doing anything I'll get these awful flashbacks of my childhood and I get very depressed and I can't get out of bed and cancel my scenes for like a week or two".[6]

On 3 December 2017, two days before her death, Ames received negative Twitter comments for her tweet stating: "whichever (lady) performer is replacing me tomorrow for @EroticaXNews , you're shooting with a guy who has shot gay porn, just to let cha know. BS is all I can say🤷🏽‍♀️ Do agents really not care about who they're representing?..."


hmmm. That's a bit different story than just privately and politely refusing to do the work yourself... I wonder if her severe depression from abuse and constant flashbacks had more to do with it...

"Why does it matter that in ten years Friends had like one black person?, It doesn't serve the plot."

These SJW "allies" who think all minorities desperately need their help will be the same people who shame you for holding a door open for them.

the thing is lgbt characters don’t “just exist”. like, marvel has had god knows how many movies in the past 10 years and none have been portrayed in theaters as gay. it’s a little silly.

like, we’ve had... what, EIGHT marvel movies starring a white guy named chris in ten years before we got a black lead, a woman lead, or a non-straight character even existing on screen.

they don’t need to be shoehorned into every movie at every opportunity but i don’t see it as unreasonable for lgbt folks to get peeved about yet another movie in this massive franchise not giving them any acknowledgement.

But with an issue like someone's sexual orienation, you have to go out of your way to explain that. You dont need to explain skin color. Thats visual.

The cut scene from Thor was Valkyrie kicking a woman out of her bedroom in her 'drunken mess' scenes. The BP scene involved a flirtatious look. Meanwhile straight side characters in other movies have had romantic subplots completely unneeded for the plot (remember Darcy's intern?)

Sexuality can come up naturally and organically in a visual scene, and never seeing a non-straight person when multiple characters are canonically gay, is something worth discussing. Film markets in China and the Middle East will have restrictions on LGBT content. And much of the reason studios avoided black superhero (or other big budget) movies was for the same fear of foreign markets reactions.

It is connected, and it's sad when people call LGBT people pathetic for caring that their representation keeps getting cut, while celebrating that Black Panther bucks a trend.

Probably didn't help.

But you are absolutely right. No one commits suicide over a bad day. It just triggers what was developing for a long time.

silent and invisible

Or sassy and fun.

There's a lot in common with black people in that sense

Yup! Sassy black girl with the one liners? People love her. Well thought out and outspoken? Nah.

Isn't this kind of criticism exactly why a movie like Black Panther got made?

what the fuck is a food allergy activist group?

And Ayo was already lesbian. Please actually read the article before you say something blatantly incorrect.

Also, plenty of characters were totally changed in the MCU. Recently, look at Vulture, Liz Allen, Baron Zemo, hell, even Killmonger has a bit of a different origin. If you don't like those changes though then that's totally fair. I think the MCU improved a lot of characters, like Zemo, despite other totally boring characters (Obediah Stane for one). They could change characters to make them more representative of the general population for sure.

You allergic to blackberries, you weak. They need to show that. Peter Rabbit doing the heavy lifting.

I honestly don't care if you have a trash title. It happens, I do it all the time. Don't put the motherfucking punchline in the title. If you literally can't think of anything just put an emoji.

I think it had something to do with California passing all these recent laws about infecting someone with HIV.

Like it's no longer illegal to KNOWINGLY infect someone with HIV, which is way fucked up.

The black community doesn't have a really good track record with the LGBTQ community...ironically.


I'm glad no one refused to read the article and drew their conclusions about it from the title. Then we'd have people outraged at a reasonable argument and calling gay people racist.

I'm glad we avoided that and didn't confirm any biases.

Gay men are fucking gross but gay women are the best thing ever am I right

read the shit next time?

Yo, there are people in the lgbt community who are starting to think that they should exclude white gay guys coz they’re no longer oppressed.

You banned us from calling titles trash though.

Reddit wasn't silent about it, I go through /sub/all and saw at least a couple posts about it.

If that std testing part is true that’s so fucked up. Gay straight whatever test everyone the same. It’s not homophobic to stop the spread of stds. And taking the safe, logical route is bigotry then foh with that dumb shit.

Valkyrie from Thor 3 is bisexual

You really think this wouldn't be such a divisive topic, but somehow the majority of people here can't see the blatant hypocrisy, reading some of the most upvoted comments with 0 opposition makes me feel like i'm taking crazy pills.

pause right fucking there

This might sound crazy but how bout some new IP instead

The people who praised Black Panther for having a “diverse” cast, which apparently just means “lots of people who aren’t white.”

Its still illegal, they reduced it from a felony to a midemeanor to match the sentence for knowingly infecting someone with any disease.

YOOOOOO S/0 to Evergreen, let it all hang out my dude (but do be careful because now I'm not allowed within 500 feet of a playground or elementary school)

Oh God no, don't get me wrong they are definitely there but they're honestly like the left wing version of Trump supporters, small but loud. You can filter them out and find your people. And there are honestly things that they are right about/have good points but just say it in the single most obnoxious way possible. I'd say just go in, have an open mind, and for fucks sake show up to class and do the God damn work just because it has no grades and the drugs practically grow on trees doesn't mean you don't have to work your ass off

It’s driving me crazy. This sub is calling people wanting LGBTQ representation “ridiculous” and saying they’re searching for reasons to be angry, but will promote movements like #OscarsSoWhite which was the exact same thing but black people instead of LGBTQ.

“One issue at a time” like somehow black issues are more important than LGBTQ issues

Just a guess, but Evergreen?

We've successfully changed public opinion! Gay men are no longer huge targets of bigotry. Should we celebrate the world becoming a more welcoming place to part of our community?

What? No! Shun them!

Darcy had romance scenes in Thor 2. Why shouldn't a gay side character have any?

None of it serves the plot. What does her being gay have anything to.dp with anything other than 'hey look we are progressive!'

It was a quick visual of a woman leaving Valkyrie's bedroom, which helped confirm that the woman who died saving her from Hela was her love.

Oh man this makes that scene much sadder. :(

Wakanda Sykes!


I mean you can't really say that in this sub

"misses" may be a bit strong a word for this. Ain't opportunities there to miss