Wait what!.... how did you do that?

He held out his hat for people to throw him some money. Idk why but that made me sad

He's a street performer, that's what they do. Trust me I'm sure this guy is happier doing this than he would be working in a slaughterhouse.

Haha the first dude checking in his shorts for the cigg got me

Black people’s awesome reactions to magic tricks make it so much more worth watching

Tonight on after the drugs... harry potter shares with us his struggles with meth and the dark road it led him down performing muggle street magic to secure his next score

This guy is a street performer in south beach. From what I’ve seen observing him on my breaks, lack of cash is not his biggest problem. But he is incredible at cigarette tricks.

I think anyone would be happier to not be working in a slaughterhouse.

That puts a new perspective on the name of this sub.

He was using a fake thumb which he could wear on his finger and it blends in very well

I'm sure it's someone's fantasy job.

It’s an illusion, Michael; trick is what a wh0re does for upvotes

Those people are on a list.

Should we tell him?

Simple trick.....you can buy at any magic store....hollow plastic, flesh colored finger

Yup. You can see when he puts the fake thumb in the shirt (he jams his thumb in there oddly, when he'd been using his index finger) and then again when he takes it out (the last thing he does is jam his thumb in there).

This is an old trick typically done with a handkerchief in your hand. The cigarette is just a new spin on it, though I'd bet it necessitates something else in the thumb, like a dime or a penny, to avoid burning right through that rubber.

Harry Pothead

The "hire me" list?

Why the zero? This isn't a chat room in 2001.

He does that with such pleasantry I would give him a 20$

The fake thumb I had back in 1984 was made of hard plastic, so it could take a cigarette a bit better than rubber.


I was going to point out that a thumb is a finger, but then I remembered Megan Fox, so there's that....

I'm not an avid magic-trick watcher, or anything, but don't they act like that because it makes it harder to track your movements?

I've never been here before and that's exactly what I thought this sub was about. I must have made a wrong turn.

Ron Weedsley

The o just got stretched out, it is a wh0re after all

Yea. But it doesn't look like anyone gave him money or maybe the vid ended too soon

The downvotes lol, in the actual video dude gave him $10

Probably ended too soon. They either would've left to purchase the man something or gave him money.

I've never seen someone, except for rather pompous people, not pay someone for their time that amused them.

Lol I was born on a list I’m black

There are a lot of reasons they might do it. One is of course to create misdirection by giving you a lot of different little movements to track which hide the key moments. Another is to create a character that defies the expectations of the crowd by being unexpectedly super competent. There's Lennart Green, a famous card trick guy, who does this very convincingly by constantly dropping cards and "messing up" when it is actually part of his tricks.

Then, of course, there is always the possibility of years of drug and alcohol abuse.

i loved seeing that zero tbh

Hermione Strainger

Black dudes are blown away by magic

He put the fake thumb into the shirt, then dropped the cigarette into the fake thumb.

Sirius Crack

If they're fake then blackface has come a loooooong way since the last time I seen it.

/sub/blackblackmagicfuckery ?


I was waiting for him to run away.

He puts the fake thumb into the shirt when he is balling it up and holds it in his left hand through the shirt.

Then he puts the cigarette into the fake thumb, which is why the shirt isn't burned.

When he pressed his fingers into the hole multiple times he is squishing it down to put it out, then he shoves his thumb in and pulls it out.

You can see the fake thumb when he rests his hand on the guys arm.

Why is the guy all twitchy

Is this the same guy as the weed jesus who doesn't fall for the flying baby prank?

Lolz n00b gun get l33t haxX0rd if u not car3ful

This whole thread has ruined this trick for me. I could never figure it out and I'm not one to look into it. Now I think I'll just curl up in a ball and try to remember what magic feels like.

Don't know if he's still around but I've met him. He's a sweetheart and seemed genuinely happy. We used to see him on South Beach all the time. He even did his magic for my friends and I one year we were celebrating a birthday down there.

No pun intended

That’s why pranksters on YouTube always went to black neighborhoods, they give the best reactions for everything.

Klutz book of magic?

What do you call it when something is both funny and depressing?

That explains the nose.

Once I learned about the fake thumb/extra finger tricks it solved so many magic tricks for me.

It's still tough to pull it off quickly without anyone noticing!

Magic shop at the 1984 worlds fair in New Orleans.

We need a subreddit for black people reacting to magic

Someone is jobless

I would like to get a beer with this guy.

Cracko Methfoy

Luna Loveweed

Neville Bongbottom

Or the exact right turn...POOF!

out of the smoke appears Gob Bluth!!*

The guy gave him 10$ in the full video, don't just assume they all left the second the gif ended

Called /sub/watchpeopledie

Y u no tip? He deserves something for this awesome sauce.

To be honest...this sub could be better fit if it's just videos and clips of black people reacting to magic....no one reacts more exaggerated to magic fukkery than black folks lol



It is common for schools and practitioners of ceremonial magick to claim their lineage or methodology originates back in ancient Egypt. Likewise, ancient Egypt was called Kemet or “black” for the fertile soil which composed the Nile delta region.

Hence; the less colloquial meaning of “Black Magick” may be referring to the magick of Egypt and not something inherently negative or evil.

I've seen people explain this trick before but it's still crazy to me how he didn't burn his shirt with a lit cigarette here, even with a fake thumb.

As an amateur magician - that's always what you're looking for. You almost always know how it's done, but there are two ways it's still great.

Either the misdirection is just so good that you missed the sleight of hand initially (Gazzo, for example) or,

The banter is fun enough that who cares if you know how the trick was done. (Piff The Magic Dragon).

Oddly specific. How’s your job at the slaughterhouse?

I always love the reaction of black peoples to magic tricks.

That's pretty much what I said though...

Just keep your wallet in your front pocket

Right and wrong. If it's a musician street performer then yeah people can walk past, but something this intimate to me requires a donation

Snorting Hat

Sirius Smack

Hermione Greenger

Yeah. It’s sad that people use this stereotype to suggest that black people are gullible or whatever. In reality, they’re just playing along with the bit, they don’t mind being “got” by the magician. Meanwhile many white people react by feigning disinterest or trying aggressively to figure out how the trick is. It’s good to be curious, but it means the bit isn’t as good.

Weed Jesus is in Santa Barbara.

But most of those are fake.


The fake thumb was detached and inside the hole in the shirt he dug. So when he shoved the cigarette in, he was shoving it into the fake thumb. Then he jammed his real thumb in there, squishing the cigarette inside like a thimble. He pulled it all out and the cigarette was hidden inside his fake thumb all squished up.

Is that how you apply to the "hire me" list?

You are now on a list

*big toe. :)

Do magic so even someone who knows the trick is impressed.

I knew a guy who told me his dream had always been to own his own insurance agency. And he achieved it. And is extremely happy. Sometimes it would be nice to have realistic dreams.

Oh duh that makes perfect sense. Thanks.

Pay him. Pay that man his money.



But appreciated none the less


Can’t believe nobody’s posted the video yet

Constant movement distracts the audience away from where the trickery is taking place. If he keeps waving his arms around with jerky movement it takes attention away from the fake thumb he's using to ash the cigarette into and pour the juice into.

“Heh heh I still got it” has heart attack

made me sad that everyone looked amazed but no one tipped :(

A butcher like that isn't the one who works in the slaughterhouse killing all the animals. Those people don't actually prepare the meat in anyway, just kill the animal and get it ready for transport to, for example, butchers. Killing animals repeatedly every day is a terrible job for the psyche.

Czernobog, for example.

I saw something incredibly sad a few years ago. I was heading home late one night from visiting a friend in Downtown Vancouver, passing by some bars on Granville street. And some guys waiting in line to get into a bar were offering a homeless guy $5 if they could kick him in the nuts.

Couldn't believe it. I didn't stick around to find out how it played out.

No no, its Hermione Ganja

My brothers dream is stop making everyone else rich and make himself some good money. He always wanted to open a nice restaurant and just make good food and a good living, with no boss telling him how to do things.

Then he was offered enough money to shut the fuck up and make other people rich. He's happy now too.

Sometimes, dreams are just dreams, regardless of how realistic.

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That was from 2006 when 10-year-olds started gaining more access to computers.

My thoughts exactly

A couple decent slight of hand tricks does not a career make. Magic is pretty much dead outside of a couple Vegas shows.