Vlad'islavius, damned guard of Babushka's ancient cellar.

Vlad'islavius, damned guard of Babushka's ancient cellar.

Spoiler alert: The lights go out halfway through this fight.

I'm done with this game.

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Fucking terrifying

This boss can be quite difficult if you run out of oil for your lantern(which you should have picked up in act 3). Otherwise just watch out for his jumping attack. If you do run out of oil try your best to wait till he gets close, and dont stop moving

And then it's nothing but you, darkness, the pounding of some hardbass, and him screaming "CHEEKI BREEKI" at the top of his lungs...

No heels to the sky 10/10

There's actually an interesting skip to this fight some speedrunners recently found. If you have 5 of the Kvass consumable on your person and drop all of it before his intro finishes he becomes passive and lets you pass.

Carry no vodka during this fight, he can smell it and it gives him a homing attack that can do some serious damage through top tier armor. Otherwise, the hardest thing about this fight is tracking him since he moves so fast. If you can stun or stagger him, that's game.

Confirmed not western spy, boris approved.

It triggers special dialogue, and if you did the Slavic Hardbass side quest before the fight you get a special item (Adidas Ushanka: +10 Frost resistance, +25 sonic resistance)

If you have high enough Alchemy, you can turn the wax on the burned out candles in the dungeon into more oil. It's not much, but it's a huge help and saves money.

Can't tell if mouth is open or goatee

Legends say that he was once a normal man. It changed one day, when he didn't think twice before clicking a link and saw an image that destroyed his sanity. He sits in his Babushka's cellar guarding his computer so that no one will ever see that image again. He lives a miserable life because he just can't forget about that link. Many people have wandered into the cellar hoping that they would be able to help him, but no one has ever returned from there except one person who managed to get a picture of Vlad'islavius.

The fight takes place in a cellar with lights that go out every 30 seconds. It takes 15 seconds for them to recover so I recommend you to bring a light source with you. Vlad'islavius is really agile. He moves by jumping around really fast. Holy weapons will deal 15% bonus damage to him. When he is out of melee range he will scream and then a ring will start flying from his position towards you. If it hits you you'll lose some HP and get a "Terrified" debuff that makes you 10% slower for 10 seconds. If he's in the melee range he will mostly do Dropkicks and will try to get on your head. If he suceeds in doing so, he will start punching your face dealing massive damage and inflicting a debuff that decreases your PER by 2 for 30 seconds.

Now the most important part. When his health will be around 20% he will stagger for 20 sec. If you have the "/sub/eyebleach compilation disk" you can run to his computer and play it. After that he will regain his sanity and you will be able to recruit him into your party. He has pretty powerful skills and most importantly, he can craft Babushka's Kompot if you have the ingredients.

EDIT: Changed few words so they would fit the boss's name more.

You forgot the +30 radiation resistance.

Does wearing an Adidas armor work too?




would actually make a pretty hype boss theme for a fight like this

Seriously, this guy looks like a creature from Silent Hill

Also something to be aware of too, DO NOT WEAR YOUR ADIDAS ARMOR. He has very high penetration against sports gear.

Except scarier

You can find his lair near the "Putin's Shack". The entrance is pretty easy to miss because it's in the ground and it's covered in a lot of grass.

Heels to the sky, Western spy.

I havent been here despite playing through the game a few times. Anyone?

I thought you just concentrated all fire on the 2 x 4, and it falls on his adidas rendering him defeated.


Edit: oh it's there already of course

Some people can't squat like that

Are you playing in VR? I nearly broke my friend's headset. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

he gets a -10% movement speed penalty for the rest of the fight. still worth it to drop them


What happens when I only have a pack of semechki?