Vitas proves he's not lip-syncing while performing live

Vitas proves he's not lip-syncing while performing live

He looks so tired of singing this song

Yes it is this guy.

I had to double check.

Sort of looks like Data from Star Trek TNG. Especially because he sings the song with no passion, but still with expertise.

I feel bad for Vitas. He really is an insanely gifted vocalist, and yet he is constantly ridiculed for his eclectic music/performance/style.

Personally I really like him.

Damn I knew it was him too just by squeaky voice alone.

That dudes high notes are unmistakable... that and his blolololololhahaha

His expression doesn't match the sounds he's making

I think this is the natural Vitas learning curve. Woah this guy is super fucking goofy what a weirdo turns into this guy is goofy af but god damn how does he hit those notes turns into holy shit what a talented badass.

I find it interesting that he's supposedly big in Asia, but in Russia he's seen as kind of a joke


The Russian government puts out a new model every few years.

wow Vitas looks really different now

Not exactly the most energetic performance I've seen

I'm not saying he IS lip syncing, just that this video doesn't prove he's not.

Vitas - the 7th element

Looks like David Cameron to me (the former UK Prime Minister)

Looks like David Cameron to me (the former UK Prime Minister)

I get the impression that his passion has gone into his practice. He's gotten the piece down to a T and he's clearly talented with an astounding vocal range, but extensive practice makes even the most complicated sequences routine and he doesn't also provide that crowd-pumping charisma that raises even mediocre performers to stardom.


Got me doing this around the house now.

When I lived in China, boy bands and Britney Spears (old) were still crazy popular. That and most Chinese music was shitty sappy ballads and mushy love songs of longing. Could explain why he's popular there because they're clearly behind the times.

Watch this one

He is the Russian Lady Gaga. People gave her shit until they realized she wasn't lip syncing and could belt out classics, Opera etc

When I was performing on cruise ships, we would get guest entertainers that we would play for as the house band. Some of their material was extremely difficult but they had been performing their own same show for years (some for decades even). On the music that we would see that the tempos would be written down and crossed through again and again in favor of increasingly faster tempos - meaning that the guest entertainer over the years not only perfected said piece, but made them faster to make it more challenging. When a fellow musician asked a guest entertainer vocalist what he did to warm up, he just said 40 years of singing. That dude didn't even warm up before a show anymore.

Syncing his lips to the music is one thing, but syncing his lips AND his hand at the same time ?!?!

That's obviously well outside of his skill-set.

You forgot his other hit.

So that's what David Cameron did after resigning

I'm so happy he still does the stiff body, bendy wrist dance.

In 10 to 20 years you will look 10 to 20 years older too.

some artists are pretty blunt about how they feel

You are correct. That's why she did that godawful Hello Kitty song or whatever it is. She's still relevant in Japan somehow.

Same with this one, no lip-cynking:

Son of trololololoooo

Your guess seem pretty spot on to me at least

My house has been built, But I'm still alone here. The door slammed behind my back, The autumn wind knocks my window, It cries for me again. There was thunderstorm is in the night, And there's a mist in the morning, The sun got cold long ago. Ancient pains Are passing by Let everyone gather.

My house has been built, But I'm still alone here. The door slammed behind my back, The autumn wind knocks my window, It cries for me again. It's my destiny & I can't do anything with this.

I think Avril Lavigne is still popular in Asia, even though she is old news in the US market.

"Pretty much any opera singer can do this" is just flat out not true lol. You're telling me pretty much every opera singer, even men, can hit the notes he's hitting? That cleanly? Most male opera singers are baritones and aren't getting anywhere near this.

Maybe not as much as you think

I can believe that a musician has the timing and coordination to move a microphone back and forth in time with a pre-recording before I can believe a male can make those noises without visibly tensing a single muscle in his body.

Hahaha goddamnit me too my wife is gonna hate this.

Ridiculed by who? 7th Element is the shit

Looks like David Cameron + Buster Bluth

I get the feeling that the lyrics might have made his performance appropriate. Like too much preforming would've killed the mood of the lyrics or something

I don't know what the hell he is saying, so I could be totally wrong


He's got a number of other songs that may not have gone viral as the aforementioned two, but are pretty popular in their own right.

Lucia Di Lammermoor_2006

The Star

So a static image with audio on top of it is proof?

Jesus christ people, you need to learn what proof is.

Also, "wiretapping" a microphone, lol.

I think this is the same problem Klaus Nomi had.

Amazing vocalist, but his wierdness prevented him from becoming a mainstream success.

Uhh, pretty sure you're talking out of your ass and making assumptions based on a few videos you've seen.

First of all, it's not Japan that he's popular in, it's China, where he is HUGE, but he is quite famous in his own country too.

He is not a one-hit wonder where he comes from, he's had many hits.

not vitas, but background guy testing the lip sync

Looks like Vitas, still looks like lip sync imo.

Both tracks were released on his debut solo album in 2001 and he was already a famous opera singer by then.

Is the logic here that "Most Chinese music suck; that's why Chinese people still find old western celebrities so amazing." ?

Old western singers past their primes are still popular in Asia because they're the only western artists who were popular enough to penetrate Asian market. Has there been great wester artists since? Absolutely. But there hasn't been so many western artists doing world tours in Asia to displace Britney Spears / Lavigne / etc.

Consider an example: suppose PSY or Wonder Girls does a tour in America today. I'm sure there'd be plenty of fans going asking for "Gangnam Style' or "Nobody nobody." That's normal - these were big hits in the US. But ask a person living in Korea about PSY and Wonder Girls, and they'd probably tell you those artists are a tad outdated. This has nothing to do with whether US music is behind the times; it's just that most KPOP songs never reach US radios / mainstream, where as the average person in Korean is exposed to new Korean artist / song every other day.

Lip Cyka blyat

He came a long way from that disco "blololohaha" song

All those adoring fans love it when he goes high pitched... flowers on stage and all.


Check out and fast forward to 2:30 to get really impressed. The notes he's hitting are inhuman.

Everytime I see this, I aim to giggle at it, but then watch the whole thing and have it burned in my brain.


God damn hearing it in the song made me laugh but seeing it written out is like a hundred times funnier for some reason

I love these weird as fuck fan theories lol. Just make up any random shit you can to seem smart

No idea, but here, in Russia, no one takes him seriously

I found something interesting in the comments to this video:

Frank Lin11 months ago (edited) +Mike Caputo I've tried pointing this out many times but I guess not everyone wants to believe it.

this isn't all that new. i mentioned briefly below but he was "exposed" many years ago by a Russian singer named Aleksandr Novikov who allegedly wiretapped his microphone and posted 20 songs on his website with VERY awful vocals (Novikov is vocally critical about what he considers cheap pop artists in Russia). I thought they were fake for a long time until I heard some audience-recorded videos where Vitas seemed to be making off-tune wailing sounds behind the microphone different from what is coming out of the speakers. Search up "Позор Витаса под фанеру! Витас поёт вживую )))))" for the Novikov recording - he's not even trying to sing the high notes.

I'm most disappointed by the fact that Vitas himself has a lot of talent even if he can't sing extremely high notes anymore, but he doesn't use it to the fullest potential. He sang a lot of songs live for a parody contest for example. I still enjoy his studio music but the vocals on some of the most recent ones have been tinkered with (Nightingale is one example).

I wouldn't say Vitas is entirely to blame for all this though. I recall reading somewhere (it was badly translated so I can't be sure) that Vitas' manager Sergey Pudovkin said Vitas started as a experimental music project with a surprise factor and innovative sounds - in this case I think he has succeeded. There were reports that he had a fight with Pudovkin over how he was being portrayed as being flamboyant and eccentric - they have since been on good terms, but Vitas largely established a more masculine and conservative look since then. Many people enjoy his 7th Element video from 2001 and hope to see him like that but are rather surprised by how he changed - unfortunately I don't think he would want to go back.

Here's that video of uncut Vitas vocals he talks about:

So, yeah, he's lipsynching. Very disappointing.

Or just have the mic connected to the output


in video he looks like Zorg and sounds like Plavalaguna from the fifth element.

No, everyone knows he has glands in his mouth and anus that filter oxygen from the water

It really added to the performance for me. Sounds really cool

He has a nice range, but it's nothing special.

A range of five octaves is definitely special. Bobby McFerrin has a four-octave range.

1 out of 4 ain't bad.

....I am more weirded out by everything else.

Same and I don't even remember drinking milk

The microphone is tied to the background track and will cut the audio if there's nothing directly singing at the mic. You have a few videos of the crew 'singing' this song using that method.

Yeah, that'd be almost as hard as dancing in time to music! I don't know if I believe someone could do that.

Do people still think he has gills? That was such a crazy story when I heard it.

Seriously. I'm really into dance music and it's a solid fucking track.

While I admit he's talented, he looks to me like a young Piers Morgan so I despise him for no rational reason.

The song only plays when it pics up noise from the mic there is a video of stage people testing it. here

He got old and fat. Also funny nobody is talking about his video drunk driving in Moscow getting berated by the police while his little daughter stands by screaming/crying and wife argues.

What part of the first video proved he was lipsyncing?

I think Klaus Nomi's biggest problem was the fact that he died shortly after his break through.

first single: 1980

first TV appearance: 1982

death: 1983

Opera 2.

Wait, what? He was really famous in Russia (not sure about now), and even though this is his most famous sing, he def wasn't just one hit wonder.

Wait. That one isn't weird. I emcee to auditoriums a few times a year, and I've goofed up the settings enough that I can't be heard through the speakers when I talk, but when I do speak, it cuts out the music. Wouldn't be a stretch at all.

However, I don't have a horse in this race, so I don't care either way.

Heyyyy brother!

Or have mic input volume 'connected' to recording output volume without the input going through.

It's what keeps me coming back for more

Did you see the back of his jacket? He's slowly growing Liberace wings.

But this "background guy" is Vitas.

Do share

I wonder if his vocal range is close or exceeds the Guinness World Record for vocal range

I will definitely not check that out, then.

You know that smile too? High five!

Vitas. Talent. Blolololululoulou.

Yeah but still, usually you can still recognise someone even after 10 to 20 years. I had to go through his older performances to make sense of the change. Like look at this ... why does that just look so different? is it the hair..? hmmm

Yeah but still, usually you can still recognise someone even after 10 to 20 years. I had to go through his older performances to make sense of the change. Like look at ... why does that just look so different? is it the hair..? hmmm

Are you sure you know what lip-syncing is?

why is that.

So in terms of cultural trends, Japan is like the Nebraska to Nebraska. Got it.

Audio Engineer here, just going to weigh in with my 2p.

Although not truly 'live' performances might leave the audience with a sour taste in their mouth, what would you rather come away hearing - Considering highs like this simply don't come through strong on a single vocal track, and the fact almost ALL vocal performances are double-tracked (To record a single vocal line multiple times and layer together, to create a thicker sound) in virtually all music you hear to provide a more consistent, 'larger' and more complex sound. Double-Tracking is essentially what is going on here, just triggered by a sidechained noise-gate most likely in this instance (Everytime the microphone hits a certain dB threshold, the vocal track is played along-side).

Truth is, everyone double tracks. Ever since 4-track recording in the 50's was invented, people have been double tracking vocals. Queen did it, The Beatles did it and you bet your favourite indie band and that band that plays the local pub who released an EP have double-tracking on their record. Hell, having more than one Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bass singer in a chior is essentially double tracking.

Hell, that 'strong but delicate' female vocal delivery style is literally you listening to 8 takes of the same vocal line all merged together with very fast reverb time gluing them together. Think Kylie Monogue or more recently, Ariana Grande for this specific sound.

Don't come away from this thinking you're only listening to a pre-recorded track from a singer, although knowing the 'magic' behind a live vocal performance might ruin things for you, know that you're probably hearing a mix of 25% performer and 75% vocal track at the absolute minimum, and thats most notably in higher pitched deliveries such as this.

I read this line and spit milk through my nose

In fairness to Vitas, singing on stage is vastly different and more challenging than singing in a studio. And the bigger the concert, the more challenging it becomes to the point where lip-synching becomes necessary in order to maintain the performance. The truth is simply that for most large acts, you are more than likely seeing them lip-sync.

Ideally in order to sing properly you need to be able to hear yourself properly in order to keep your pitch and breath control normalized. And coming out of a big PA system doesn't help because it's slightly delayed and you are constantly trying to correct for what you hear from that PA system. That makes you sound like shit... and often it'll make you sound just as bad as you see in that video you linked. He's trying to sing along but he can't actually hear his own singing.

Yes, there are ways that some bands try to work around it. Good sound-isolating earphones with a feed directly to the singers mic is one way, but even then there's this very slight delay that can be very difficult to train yourself to ignore. Not saying it can't be done, but it literally takes years of practice to get to that point and some people just can't do it. In particular falsetto is very hard because you don't hear it in your head the way you do most normal singing... you feel it in your skull as a vibration. But on stage it's so loud that EVERYTHING is vibrating and you can't really control the pitch as well.

To be honest also OP's video doesn't prove Vitas isn't lip-syncing... it just proves they're using the isolated recorded vocal track and in order to "prove he's not lip-syncing" they have some guy whose job it is to move the volume slider as Vitas moves his microphone around. If it's been well planned that would be relatively easy.

SOURCE: Ex studio sound engineer who's also done some stage singing but don't have the range I had in my teens and 20's any more :)

Verka is a joke on purpose, Vitas was just ridiculed, though he is rather eccentric

That's a very rational reason

But then again we probably wouldn't know his name if he just went on to sing classical music...

sk8er b0i

I really hate when arguments turn into personal attacks about internet stereotypes and dumb "Im not but you are" arguments that hold no ground. Why dont you just say what you means without the hateful comments?

You know what stands under this text now that Im typing?

"Remember, be respectful to others."

Better quality

. I thought the guy looked really familiar, but couldn't place him.

He isn't lip syncing in that first clip lol

Vitas - Opera #2 (Опера #2)

Original music video from 2000: