Visually impaired man who sees his girlfriend for the first time starts off by looking at her boobs

It seems what the projector displayed to everyone was lower down than what he was focused on.

He says "a lot of people in the crowd" when he is "looking" at the feet of those in the front row. He is looking straight at her when he's "looking at her boobs" and he's looking awkwardly far up when the camera focuses on her face.

I'll say this; He has plausable deniability.

I'd say he gets a pass being his first time

Edit.. Yeah, I'm saying if it was me I'd check out her tits straight away also...everyone just calm the fuck down.

Please be good looking, please be good looking.....SCORE!

Bingo. My first thought was there must be a secondary camera trying to show the audience roughly what he's seeing in the goggles, and the camera is very poorly aligned

He must be relieved that she's good-looking.

He would have little concept of trying to not be seen looking.

I don't believe for a second this wasn't intentional by the IT guys/producers. They knew very well what angle to get on that camera for when he looks at her face.

Edit: IT != Producers

Edit 2: IT/Producers. There, that should do it.

But how would he know if he was gay?

It's kinda hard when they broadcast what your looking at on the big screen.

I think he's mastered the art of wearing sunglasses already.

where they explain it

He's not blind, he's visually impaired, which is sometimes called partially sighted. The device literally displays images in front of his eyes (which obviously wouldn't do much if he couldn't see). I found the clip on youtube .

edit: there are devices that enable the blind to see but they require a physical implant like this

If he never saw during is while life, how can he know what he is looking at? He as no distinction of color, shape, depth, light, etc...

Would he even know what was considered good looking?

How else were they gonna get such a great view of her boobs?

Not Fat + Not Skinny + Big Milky Tits + Child Birthing Hips

Historically Attractive Features

Most of us men have had a life time of training. He will learn the ways soon, like wearing sunglasses.



Hell, a man should have a pass everytime. Free the nipples.

"Her eyes are up there, buddy!"

Also, is Rachael Ray moving her hands and saying "Go up!" near the end?


Instinct. His attraction was just not changed Very much by culture. But we have hardwired ideias on our brains of whats Attractive


Edit: wait can i change to neapolitan?

So basically, he's super nearsighted, and this device focuses the image onto a location where he can see them?

oooh Cyclops, ravage me with your optic blast"

Spoiler: He proposes and Rachel Ray pays for the entire wedding and her wedding dress and gets him a pair of the goggles to keep!

Edit: Goggles not googles

"Big milky tits."

He was not always blind and didn't start having vision problems until he finished high school. He actually played football through out high school.

Source: I went to the same high school as both of them.

Could always go the bigly route and just walk into her dressing room. /s

This video makes it seem like either his vision is at an angle or that he isn't really using the goggles.

When he looks at the audience he's looking at their feet when he notes how many people there are.

Also if you look at the alignment of the goggles to his eyes, his eyes are still clearly visible below the goggles, it's like the goggles are sitting too high on his face.

Exactly. My mom worked with a man that was born blind and later gained sight due to surgery. He said all people are ugly to him. We dont look how he expected.

Don't stare at her boobs!

Source video.

So what you're saying is people should calm their tits?

There are lots of types and degrees of visual impairment. No idea what flavor this guy's got.

"oh sweet titties, we meet again. How I have longed for the sight of thee since last we parted"

You should use a period at the end of your sentence. The grammar gestapo would like a word with you.

That sounds creepy as hell. Like he just walks around seeing weird aliens everywhere he goes.

Maybe he thought that the feet were it, like, each foot was a person

Because he is a dude on a women's day time tv show.

Haha, she is! Great catch

Or it could purposely be alligned lower, to make it look like he's staring at her boobs, to make a funny moment that they can say 'hey, we're funny on this show' and so they can use it later for show highlights.

Username checks out

Also, symmetrical features, clear skin, and vivid eye color.

Huge Tracts of Land!

So he HAD seen her before! I feel so scammed!

I'm an IT guy, and let me tell you they won't even unlock our chains when we're anywhere near public spaces.

Imagine wearing those goggles during sex would be awkward.

Who let you out of your server room Richmond?

How if he's blind? He would know if he liked her voice, body shape, and personality already but if this is his first time seeing anyone how would he know what his eyes like?

And a woman!

He might just be going for center of the body too. He probably doesn't have much experience trying to keep eye contact.

If you've never seen before, it probably doesn't make sense to look at faces. Even if people were giving you clues, you would have no framework to interpret them. Crazy.

Because they are imagining a blind person seeing 20/20 for the first time, when in fact it's a guy who sees very blurry seeing slightly less blurry.

This is the least likely but most humorous answer. So it gets my vote.

Wingman of the year, this guy...

Wow lol

Having teeth

Care to link, please?

Edit: Oh, right, the blind gay question on AskReddit... And here I was thinking that I should waste even more time on Reddit... Thank God...

Find out what?

I read that in Clevelands voice

Wow that's crazy. Like reading a book and getting upset with the movie adaptation not matching how you pictured it in your head.

Stupid question but whats a period in grammar terms? Is it American for full stop?

Hey, the wiener was steering the wheel of that bus.

Is anyone else skeptical that a man is apparently seeing for the first time thanks to a gadget on the Rachael Ray Show?

Then his reaction is something the producers would have wanted

Dude's got priorities. Can't really blame him.

"But....your boobs felt much bigger..."

"Well, that was always just a bag of sand I taped to my chest, I didn't want you to think I have small breasts..."

. <---

Relevant WKUK

He is not famous. They wouldn't let him do that.


Sort of like that episode of the Twilight Zone were a woman gets surgery to look "normal". However she looks like a regular human. At the end of the episode you find out that normal is a bunch of pig people.

Sort of like that episode of the Twilight Zone were a woman gets surgery to look "normal". However she looks like a regular human. At the end of the episode you find out that normal is

You should use a colon there, not a semicolon

Why does everyone in the room seem like 100% more excited than he is?

"Can you see her?!?!" "Yep."

Rachel is so annoying

There was a question on askreddit basically going: Gay blinds of reddit, how did you find out?

Go up! We can't have people thinking guys look at boobs

Gonna get a downvote barrage, but he could probably tell how attractive she was by how other people treated her on a daily basis.

Keep them calm with massage and essential oil blends.

Lol 'everyone calm down', it's one dude

Oh cmon it was a joke comment. I don't really know the reality cos I have never had a girlfriend. I am a redditor, remember?

It says visually impaired... not blind. And he has glasses on. Seems strange, maybe he just has really really really bad vision?

That. He might be intimidated to make eye contact and he is also possibly afraid of what she may look like.


That wasn't his first time seeing. He went blind after high school. He has Stargardt Disease.

"my! my! how big you guys have grown!"

Wow that's pretty awesome of her.

Men will be men. Even formerly blind men.

I believe the goggles project onto the initial glasses he has on?

And the ugliest!

That would never happen...

That is the name of the episode.

The closing narration is

Now the questions that come to mind: "Where is this place and when is it?" "What kind of world where ugliness is the norm and beauty the deviation from that norm?" You want an answer? The answer is it doesn't make any difference, because the old saying happens to be true. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, in this year or a hundred years hence. On this planet or wherever there is human life – perhaps out amongst the stars – beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Lesson to be learned in the Twilight Zone.

Well I think he graduated in 03 or 04 and I believe she graduated in 06 or 07. So they may have seen each other in passing, but it's not like they actually hung out or talked to each other during school.

He wants to see what he's been touching all this time.

Who gave Rachel Ray, the most boring woman in show business, her own daytime show?! UGH

Oh man that's bait if I've ever seen it.

Yes, it is.

nothing good ever came off that

I'd still fuck the shit out of her. I don't know what it is, maybe the fact that she's always cooking something.

She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Free the woman?

In the video it just says he just has a blind spot. He knows what she looks like. He knows what her tits look like. They just set the camera on the glasses up all stupid and low. When he looks out at the audience he just looks at their feet and says "Wow there are so many people here!" When he looks at his lady he looks at her tits and says "Wow, she is so beautiful!" He was looking at the audience and his chicks face. Everything else is just dumb karma-getting bullshit. DURRR TITS!

He just wanted to know what these bags of sand actually looked like, relax folks





You can write that one more time.