Video From Hawaii Children Being Placed Into Storm Drains After False Alert Sent Out

Somebody fucked up bad. Made it worse that it said this is not a drill.

The shitty thing about mistakes like this is that if something were to actually happen in the future, people will hesitate.

If you are told you’re about to be hit with an ICBM, which carries a nuclear warhead, you’re going into a mode most people can’t comprehend.

In any other circumstance, this would be wrong to do.

These people literally thought they were about to all die, and as hopeless as an effort like this appears to us, it’s the best decision they could come up with other than killing themselves, which I’m glad no one did.

Imagine being woken up at 8 am on a Saturday with the news that a nuke is on the way. Not the best way to start a weekend.

Go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over.

Safer than above ground I would imagine. I’d do anything to save my kids, including this if I thought it would help their chances of survival.

“It’s ok honey. There’s a clown with a balloon down there.”

it's like the opposite of those animal rescue gifs.

I was just starting work when it happened, immediately clocked out when the warning was over. Fuck working, Im spending time with family.

There is nothing fucked up about this man staying calm in what everyone believed to be an impending disaster and trying to save people.

Now that they know it was a false alarm and everything is fine I see this conversation in the future when she’s a teen:

Kid: remember that time you threw me in the sewer?

Dad: ya. I should have left you there

Yeah it's easy to judge behind a screen completely safe from dangers but when you're in the midst of it and receive a message saying you and everyone in a 20miles radius is going to die imminently, perceptions changes

Edit: Midst, not gist............... Sorry

All joking aside I agree with this comment. It sounds and looks crazy but had this been a real threat this could have potentially been the best option.

I just don't see how anyone is debating the parents' actions. What would you do if an icbm was about to vaporize your entire family?

In a fallout game you would be exploring the sewers and find a child's skeleton.

Sorta like tornado sirens in Oklahoma (but much, much worse obviously). Most people I know there don't listen to them, even after they revamped them not very long ago to make them need to be closer to the city you're in for you to hear them (used to be anywhere in the county).

Edit: I grew up in Western Oklahoma, so my experiences are probably different than somebody from, say, Moore.

Reminds me of the guy who broke his arm jumping out of a window when everyone thought the coffee ...

Afterwards he was a laughing stock, but if it was a real attack he'd have been the only survivor while everyone else got their brains blow out over their latte's

I'm just waiting for the TIFU post from the guy who turned the alarm on.

Wait you clocked out after they put out it was a false alarm? My ass would of said fuck work as soon as I got the warning.

My mom and step dad just landed in Hawaii last night. They were not too thrilled for their first morning in Hawaii

I’m a Civil Engineer. These manholes can be pretty deep. I’m not an expert on nuclear explosions but being that these are made of solid reinforced concrete, if you could find one sufficiently deep it would certainly be better than standing on the surface.


I would've done this too.. can't blame these people for wanting to protect children in a threat of an attack.

Nah, not me, man.

ICBM nukes are detonated in the air (

Shockwaves strong enough to destroy underground structures only happen in a radius measured in single-digit mile radius around even really big bombs detonated UNDERGROUND (where the shockwave will be by necessity be transmitted through the ground).

When bombs are detonated in the air, underground structures -- especially ROUND ones, like underground tubes -- should be your best bet!

(If there's a shockwave strong enough to collapse eg a large underground sewer pipe, then the houses above got blasted into matchsticks and fired across the landscape at cannon speeds).

People need to understand how completely helpless everyone felt. I'm active duty air force and I live on Hickam. I called my leadership and asked what to do and was basically told there wasn't much I COULD do.

But exactly like /sub/reverseanimalrescue

And it took 38 minutes for them to issue a new alert saying it wasn't real. The texts and the broadcasts on TV said "Ballistic missile incoming, this is not a drill."

For 38 minutes, people in Hawaii were pacing around waiting to die, calling loved ones saying goodbye... Some panicked, others were a little more prepared, filling bathtubs with water, etc. Several people have said they saw empty streets for a while, and apparently according to OP's gif, at least one guy decided to put kids in a sewer. I'd imagine a lot more weird shit is going to come out over the next few hours.

and he has pennies

Yeah but the difference is you can generally see the weather. Incoming missile? You see that and it's too late.

It was pretty terrible. I'm on vacation here and woke up to this... I've been watching in horror as North Korea gets better with nuclear weapons so that notification on my phone this morning was a waking nightmare. Especially "this is not a drill" couldn't even begin to know what to do...

No he's smart, he left his card punched in so if we hit apocalypse levels he would still be getting paid after the nuke hit. He only clocked out when he saw it was a false alarm.

He was actually going to get help which is actually admirable vs just saving his own skin!

In an attempt to save the day, and regardless of his broken arm suffered in the fall, the man then ran to a nearby bank to call for help.

Hawaiian guy here...

I work at a 5-star resort here in Hawaii. I happened to be the point-person for my department today (which is a coffee shop). After our alarms all went off, concerned and confused, a guest looked up at me and asked, "Is this real?" My response, also slightly nervous, was, "I hope not! But, here's your latte. Have a lovely morning."

A part of me wanted to find out wtf was going on but the other part was like, well, I still got to do my job I guess...

Poor kid, that must have been terrifying.

Exactly, someone has to send people down into the sewers to become terrifying sewer ghouls so the survivors have something to fear when they use the sewers to traverse the city because the streets above are overrun with much more dangerous mutants. Just doing their civic duty.

I mean, he did. He wasn't going to go and time stamp his card after hearing a nuke was on the way. He did it after.

Thats my plan for all our upcoming wars.

Be sure to make a note of it in your Tripadvisor review

Someone in Hawaii erroneously activated the emergency broadcast system for a nuclear strike.

No, they just cant pump gas themselves and is causing some public concern.

Mahalo for your insight here. We lived through this ordeal this morning, and it’s amazing how brave people are behind their screens. Keyboard warriors I guess are all extremely brave. 🙄

We were all doing what we could to protect our little ones. This video seems crazy, and it’s because of the verbiage of the text that each of us got on our phones. It left no question that we were going to experience missiles exploding around us within minutes. I’ll see if I can post it for you all to see.

Till then, I applaud all of you who showed some empathy here. I hope no one will have to entertain the thoughts that we did this morning.

Edit: It took over 20 minutes to confirm that the message was a mistake. Which as you can imagine felt like a lot longer. We spent most of that time filling every available receptacle with extra water.

“I fucking told you we shouldn’t have come here”

Either you wake up or ya don't. Solid plan.

You couldn't pay me to go below ground in a situation like this. Explosions create shockwaves. Shockwaves make stuff collapse. I'd rather die from debris than be partially crushed and suffocating for potentially days.

This might be buried but my grandparents, aunt and uncle, and my sister and her boyfriend are all in Hawaii together right now (aunt and uncle live there, grandparents are there for the winter, sister and her BF are visiting for a couple weeks). They were sitting there eating breakfast when they got the alerts on their phones and sirens started going off. Everyone ran out of the restaurant screaming and panicking. Police were on the loudspeakers telling people to remain calm and seek shelter. They ended up being herded into the basement of a nearby hotel. My mother and I got texts from my sister telling us about it, saying she loved us and didn't know what was going to happen. Scary as hell. I'm still really spooked by it.

Holy shit. I hope nobody committed suicide. People have talked about calling loved ones etc. There are other tragic responses to this sort of thing.

Or banged someone they normally wouldn't have. Could you imagine how awkward things would be with your boss on your next shift, or with your cousin at the next family reunion?

lol doesn't matter if you can see the weather when you decide to just sit inside and watch wheel of fortune instead of going to the storm shelter next door.

Besides, this isn't a real comparison, I've already stated that the missile situation is much, much worse. I was just pointing out the "cry wolf" effect that already happens in real life with other forms of alert systems.

Why save the children? They have no ability to rebuild civilisation after the radiation levels fall. Any mutated mudcrab will take their little legs off in a second.

We absolutely do not know that no one killed themselves...

If anyone knows how to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, it's the CHUD. These kids will be in good hands.

Too bad after the nuke hits the only currency that will matter will be bottle caps.

It would be wise to check it out

Yea I had a friend that said fuck it and went to the beach. I asked her to film what she could lol

And the fact that he broke his arm then ran to a bank to call for help makes it that much worse that people go on to make fun of the dude. If it had been a legitimate attack he’d be considered a hero, and it sucks to think other people could be discouraged from acting so courageously (even if it was a false alarm) for fear of being ridiculed on national news sites.

Americans be careful with the info you share on this event. Data from this event and online responses will be gathered by other countries.

Don't worry, we can throw them off. I for one stood on my back patio nude, as I do every morning. I admired the sunlight glistening off my unkempt orange pubes and reread the warning on my phone. I wandered to the edge of the patio and took a leak while staring into my neighbors yards. I reread the warning "Top up before 1/14 to keep in service". I finished my leak and watched the cold condense my breath again before wandering in. I live in the Midwest.

Real talk: storm sewers like this are confined space and you need to be aware that they could have a low oxygen atmosphere. Just organic materials like leaves and stuff decomposing can cause a low oxygen atmosphere that can be fatal, and there are other risks like CO from vehicles nearby collecting. People have died from entering manhole like this without checking the atmosphere first and following confined space procedures, I understand that the believed risk of a nuclear missile can Trump those risks, but please be aware of them because with the wrong conditions it could be fatal.

lol that would be one for the books

2 kinds of people.

So 9 months from now we will be reading about a spike in births in Hawaii and wonder what caused it

Since I was a kid, this has been our usual tsunami response. Tsunami warning? Time for a kegger on a mountain.

This was a totally different feel though. 26 years and I've never felt the kinda stomach drop as I did when I saw that alert and thought of everyone I loved spread over the island, how I was at work far from any of them, how missiles warnings are an immediate thing... or unfamiliar maybe but some tsunami warnings have us a chillin for hours and this made it feel like i had literally no time. I still feel sick.

Or awesome

Jesus Christ this makes my blood boil.

Fallout set in Hawaii would be very interesting. Different climate than the rest

I met a bobcat once, and the owner said if I don't bump my head into his, it would kill me.


Exactly. You can’t use everyday judgment on an event of this magnitude. They thought they were all going to die. This is a reasonable thing to do if you think a nuclear explosion was about to happen.

I'd go back to sleep. Not worth dealing and losing my sleep over.

Can someone confirm if this is the best option or not?

Yeah what happened???

More modern warheads are smaller and produce less fallout than older ones. The largest warheads in production are about 250kt, which is about 5x the size of Hiroshima. Because nuclear blasts follow the inverse cube law, this means that you're looking at about 2x the blast radius. The majority of Hiroshima's population survived and the city went straight back to work after the attack. You can survive too.

Provided you are not within the actual blast radius (and you probably aren't, especially if you are in a suburb that isn't right next to a military base), your biggest problem is thermal pulse. This is a brief flash of light and hear that will kill you if you're in the open or by a window, but even light shelter will protect you - even a closed door or hiding in a closet should be enough. Yes fallout and radiation are a concern and you should leave the area if you can't shelter from it AFTER the blast. People in Hiroshima had no idea of these risks and were exposed to a very dirty weapon. Most were ok in the short to medium term. Long term cancer rates were high.

A nuclear attack is a survival situation and not everyone will survive. It is far from hopeless though. Summon the will to survive and you may be able to help others and rebuild your life.

Depends on how fast and far you want water/solids to move. Ground elevation from point to point is one of the main factors in sizing the depth. The deepest I’ve seen personally was approximately 20 feet in depth.

Edit: after rewatching the gif again I’d estimate that, due to the way the girl is entering, the manhole is 4-6 ft deep which is pretty typical.

Edit 2: I should have been more clear. The 20’ manhole I referenced was for a sewer.

So this may be way, way above your pay-grade, but in this kind of situation do they begin putting every fighter possible in the air--not for counterattack, but just to save what hardware they can?

In my hypothetical Michael Bay action film-influenced reality, this would be the point where the craggy-faced, cigar-smoking Air Force General bellows, "Launch everything! I want every goddamn bird we have in the sky!"

I'm in Colorado... Whenever I hear the tornado sirens I go outside to try to spot it and take a video.

I'm part of the problem, I know - but at least I'm only blaming myself.

I think we would have heard about it by now, but you’re not wrong.

Might take a little welfare check in the next week to determine if that happened.

Hope not.


The worst can bring out the best in some of us.

They will call them the Nuke Babies.

Brilliant. Yes, I can see this and in your place I would also simply say "may as well have a nice coffee while the whole world vanishes for us". Let's face it, this is not 1962 and these are not warheads from some kids movie like "War Games". These modern suckers will vaporize everyone and everything and so yes, you did the right thing. Smile and wave. Smile and wave.

I went online for more information, and couldn't find information that there had actually been a nuke launched... Not that I know if that's something anyone could find on the internet. I just wanted to find out what was going on. The consensus seemed to be it was a false alarm and that eased my nerves a bit, but until the false alarm message was broadcasted I just sat with my husband and waited, afraid. I don't know the first thing about preparing for a nuclear strike.

I wonder if the island is going to experience a population increase 9 months from now.

Accurate, I’m on Oahu. My husband, daughter, and two dogs were just hanging out in our room when the alert came. We just stayed there and tried to stay calm for my daughters sake. No shelters, nothing can be done. Just glad to be with family. Fucking frightening as hell but I’d made my peace with death.

At least no one is talking about oregon anymore

Except the guy who captioned it as “What the fuck” was not behind the screen, which is kinda funny.

I'm midwestern. A tornado siren makes me check the weather,,, realize it's for other poor bastards and I go back to what I'm doing.

But I'll keep an eye on it.

I can fall down my basement stairs pretty quickly if I need to.

I'm pretty sure the average Joe wouldn't survive post nuclear Hawaii, the idea is that the kids will survive rescue will come.

Don't put children on wolf lookout duty.

I mean, if you're close enough that the shockwave is a problem, you're better off dying from that than from the radiation afterwards, aren't you?

Makes me wonder if someone killed himself because of the false alarm

bald eagle cries in the distance

PSA: DONT CLIMB INTO STORM SEWERS. They often trap bad gas and can knock you out and kill you in secconds.

Kids die often while playing in storm sewers. People then go in afterword and die trying to rescue the victims. It beats getting nuked, but find a better shelter.

No way it's as simple as pressing 1 button. I would think a password or passwords would need to be entered, 2 step verification, followed by multiple Are You Sure? prompts. I mean really, 1 big red button like the cartoons?

I wouldn't be sending my kids scurrying off to the sewers for eventual mutation into sewer monsters. We'd utilize our 2nd amendment rights as a family and focus fire on that missile until it detonated harmlessly high in the atmosphere.

That's amazing

Vault 111

Calling dibs on

My girlfriend came and looked over my shoulder to see what I was laughing at and she was like "WHY ARE THEY DOING THAT!?"

Well I believe the child is freaking out and the adults don't know what else to do which was apparently a common reaction as evidenced by the deluge of comments from Hawaiians saying they just wandered around their house or drove in a random direction.

*As for physical evidence, we can see the shadows. Sunrise in hawaii was at 7:12 and the alert went out at 8:08. The thumb provides a good freeze frame of the kneeling guys shadow which we can use to find the angle of the sun so this video was at least recorded in the morning and spending some time with math might actually provide an accurate time.

If it was between no shelter (like in a park or something) I'd risk it.

So you went up to the owner of this heavy machinery to boop him? Scary.

How deep we talking here?