[Video] Death Stranding | The Game Awards 2017

[Video] Death Stranding | The Game Awards 2017

Not only do I have zero knowledge what this game is about, I feel like I have negative knowledge what this game is about.

I’m so confused.

I’ll get it Day one.

Every time a Death Stranding trailer comes out I always have this image ready https://i.imgur.com/HYhmgtq.png

Every time a Death Stranding trailer comes out I always have this image ready

I love that Kojima can give us a 7 minute trailer, and we still have NO IDEA what the game is about.

The mystery and suspense, and the urge to find out more, is exactly what trailers should be all about.

I don't remember the last time I was so confused after watching something lmao

I am pretty sure Death Stranding gonna be a new tetris game and Kojima just trolling us!


I do. It was the previous Death Stranding trailer. And before that... the first Death Stranding trailer.

Definitely a two dimension thing going on. Second Big Bang opened up the dimension.

I found that if you watch this trailer and the first trailer simultaneously you'll find that you're watching two trailers at the same time.

More questions than answers

Ohhhhhhh I totally get it now!!!!

Welcome to the club. That's literally every single Kojima trailer since E3 2000

Norman Fetus

Lmao a friend and I both texted each other the same thing.

”I have no clue wtf I just watched, but I want it!”

That dude getting mummified/cocooned and leaving the skull print behind seemed to confirm the soulslike element that has been vaguely hinted at in interviews and the layered realities thing seems to be something kojima is keeping from silent hill. Everything else, I am just as lost as everyone else here.

At this point, I don't care how long it takes as long as we get an imposible to decipher trailer once or twice a year.

Yeah it's been a year and a half and we still don't even know what kind of game this is going to be. These cinematics have been really incredible though so my interest has never really wavered. It looks so intriguing.

Standing on the edge of the crater

Like the prophets once said

I'm nuclear

I'm wild

I'm breaking up inside

A heart of broken glass


Deep inside

The abandoned child

You really under estimate Kojima

There might be an option to change the language.

The only thing I think I got from this trailer gameplay-wise is that I'm pretty sure those weird scanner things will factor into gameplay somehow.

It is a very interesting concept that I like a loooooot. Like, what would happen if another big bang happened?

Wrong, a new pachinko game

It all makes sense. I was so confused by the trailers from before, this tied everything together.

The new 2018 Anxiety Simulator.

It's a bimonthly curated box of snacks.

I wish I was as creative as Kojima.

Bahaha I've never seen that before and it's absolutely perfect!

I don't know if Kojima is a fan of Lovecraft (I've never played any of his games) but this feels a lot like a Lovecraft. I don't have any idea about what the hell os happening in this trailer but everything freaked me out a lot.

This guy is a genius. At least i got that from this trailer

You must not be familiar with Kojima's work.

The man puts effort into the smallest of details.

For example, one of the bosses you face in the MGS series is a very old sniper.

If you couldn't beat him or quit during the fight, you could come back to the game two real world weeks later and find that he had passed away due to natural causes.

Collecting babies for upgrades, eating babies to survive... So many possibilities!

Stoner philosophizing.

It seems like the baby IS the scanner. You can see that when the guy drops the baby, his scanner deactivates and Norman's scanner activates as soon as he picks the baby up. It also seems like the scanner is pulsating - as if it was alive.

My fear is how far away it is still. It'll be tough to keep the hype alive that long.

Yeah it's totally making sense, just uh, someone help clarify the subtle parts in case others don't get it

PS5 here we come!!!! Yeah Boi!!!

I dunno what he reads but he’s way into cinema and especially shit about the otherworldly and cosmic/body horror type shit. And he talks a lot about stuff that references Nietzsche and the “overman” and the “bridges” that connect us so he’s definitely tuned into some out there stuff

Thats already out it's called "life".

I have never been so insanely excited for something I don't understand at all. I love how hypnotically ambigious every trailer has been so far. I can not wait for this to drop.

It's Guerilla Game's engine so it will look incredible in the end. And because they are constantly working on the engine, it might look even better in the end.

I still have almost no idea what the hell is going on but I cannot wait.

Okay so this is what i got from the long trailer:


Supernatural possession

Third boy

Invisibility cloak

Multiple third boy


a lot more goo

Mission 43... sort of

Mads Mikelsen

Stranger Things music

Sahelantropus in a human body with an alien for a head

Water... a lot of it

Moby dick

Caution: Baby inside

Stranger Things Music II

Oh, and MC has a name. Its "Sam." gotcha

One of Kojimas all time classics is a little game called Policenauts. The writing is so dumb and good at the same time, it’s a really over looked masterpiece imo. It’s essentially a Ps1 visual novel with a full 90s anime aesthetic.

I totally trust Kojima with heavy story games after that.

Right? Isn't it great? :D

I mean how many games actually do this level of mysteriousness or even have the balls to do so. So many trailers show gameplay, mechanics, graphics, action scenes, your typical "for the first time ever" talk, etc.

Kojima has the balls to show a mysterious trailer for a mysterious game! Fucking hyped!

Once again, Kojima leaves me with more questions than anything. This is definitely my most anticipated game.

Base building tower defense game with micro transactions where you build base against some monsters defending a baby or something.

The joke of the century. It even hurts to type it. Holy shit.

No, it would happen everywhere, all at once, at the sametime.

Also we would all be very dead, making seeing things with telescopes very inconvenient.

Not just anyone can do this. Kojima has the devoted cult like following (no judgement, I'm one) because everything he touches turns to gold, so he can pull it off. But imagine if Ubisoft did this for a game? Not the same effect probably

Wouldn't it suck if it was all some kind of Clash of Clans / Farmville type of BS?

I don’t get it, but I want it.

And before that was the cancellation of Silent Hill.

Cant believe I'm saying this but I'm actually more hyped for this than I am for Last of Us 2, this trailer might be the best video game trailer ever made.

Same. Twin Peaks s3ep8 probably.

Maybe the babies do too in some fashion? I'm willing to get weird with it.

For anyone seeing this and not knowing the context, search "Chris (Simpsons Artist)" and prepare to go down a rabbit hole.

I worry that we'll be disappointed when the game actually comes out, because it needs to be a game, with mechanics, movement, and rules for the world.

A game where crazy shit is happening all the time makes for a very.. challenging game.

Like, they could have all this backstory and then the core gameplay turns out to be an endless runner or something.

That giant being with all the tentacles definitely gave off some Lovecraft vibes.

This has made everything so clear now, well spotted

Kojima becomes a pachinko magnate to own Konami

guys i dont fucking know what just happened

someone hold me

I think we've gone to a ralm beyond "questions" bub.

A pachinko machine to surpass Metal Gear

Go on...

If you're quick, you can also shoot The End in the face within a small window of time, shortly after a certain cutscene - after which point his fucking ghost will spook out and attack you. Then his boss battle changes to a fight against Ocelot's squad.

The trailer was so mystifying, it actually made my dumb. Like I lost several brain cells trying to decipher it.

sigh and I'm still going to spend money on this.

... Dots connected. That's not a coincidence, is it? I mean, it's a stretch - but only a bit?

I guess Konami owns it due to Kojima Studios falling under Konami when the engine was made. Its still being used for their football games though! (and metal gear survive..)

lmao. I owe you my life.

You could also touch I think every women's breast in that game.

Why? Because.

What is hype may never die!

My body is ready

This just made me laugh out loud on a Japanese train.

I feel deep shame, but it was worth it.

He's friends with guillermo del toro and he's a big Lovecraft fan, so, maybe.

was fucking terrifying.

The thing that stood out to me the most is that clearly whatever happens to you when you're taken by the entities is worse than death. The one guy shot the dude being carried off, and when he got nabbed he literally decided it was better to try and stab himself to death with a tiny knife than to deal with whatever was waiting for him.

Makes me think of Kojima in a group developments brainstorm and just going on a 30 minute continous spiel "oh and what if this happned? Then this happens, and then that.. and then a the camera zooms into is throat right? And the baby gives a thumbs up.. and then demon phantom things circle norman, and then the person disintegrates into the floor, but leaving his face, and then they all look up and see a 2000ft phantoms...

Just the look on everyones faces would be priceless

Sony must have realized eating baby parts as a gameplay mechanic was selling games after Bloodborne

This is the water and this is the well...

Without a doubt, one of the finest pieces of television storytelling this year.

I get where your coming from, but Kojima has rocked my video game world for the past ten years.

The trailer could be him singing karaoke and I would be still be pumped for this game.

It will be on the ps4. I guarantee it

Mix it all together with a healthy helping of cosmic horror and baby, you got a stew goin'.

Come on internet tell me what I just watched

He says a lot of things. IMO this bitch is winter 2019 at the earliest and will be cross gen.

Same with the thing swimming above water

Reposting, this one is higher quality. I'm honestly not sure what to think of this trailer. Super weird but I'm definitely intrigued by it. I'm trying to imagine what the story will be but I just can't. Looking forward to seeing more!

Konami Job Simulator

Shawn Layden, CEO of Sony Entertainment America has said he’s seen gameplay but he didn’t really understand what he was watching lol

made my dumb

Yeah I could see /s

This was after all the most insightful thing about this trailer I've read.

Does he not have the right to the Fox engine or whatever it was in MGS5? That thing was great, seems a shame to abandon it


Reeeeeeeally need to see some gameplay before I get too hyped over a bunch of nonsense (yes, this trailer is nonsense without context lol).

Bab(ie)s Mikkelsen

So are we gonna get gameplay or just jumbled story trailers that show us nothing

The ruse cruise is back on fellas!

No idea what the hell I just watched.


I don’t know what to think about this trailer. Doesn’t get me hype at all. Just confused.

Nice catch