Vic Mensa and Chance The Rapper in the studio together

Vic Mensa and Chance The Rapper in the studio together

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I think he's pretty aptly rated

Vic Mensa is actually underrated as fuck, stop sleeping.

Reddit calling people corny is ironic

Since when does DJ Akademiks have fans and why are they trying to raid Vic Mensa threads when everything he said was true lmao

As a longtime Vic fan, I gotta say that I was pretty disappointed with his debut album. I think though if you've followed him enough you would know that he really does have the talent needed to be an above average artist, if not a great one. Admittedly, he's come off as a real pissy/entitled dude in the past year and it has really overshadowed his actual ability.

interested to see what this collab would sound like after their progression over these past few years

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I've been a Vic fan for years as well, and I've gotta say, his album surprised me with how good it was. There were a lot of really solid tracks. It may not be the best album of the year, but could easily be one of the most slept on imo.

The word has lost all meaning, just a catch all insult at this point


Lmao what? Vic & Chance have been friends for years.

Vic brought Chance out (for like half a song) at the Chicago show for the Jay-Z 4:44 tour.

Sad that Vic didn't get 1/10th of the crowd love that Chance got cause his performance was pretty good.

You don't need to pretend that Vic haters are just Ak fans. Vic doesn't make it hard to hate on him, it's got nothing to do with Ak.

Cocoa Butter Kisses is my favorite song by both of them so this has me stoked

Imagine being a DJ Akademiks fan

They've done songs together though

Ak is hated here it seems lol, i would argue there are more vic fans then ak fans on this sub. With that said i still think Vic is a cornball for multiple reasons

By calling out his bullshit to his face? Mate you're a DJ Akademiks fan you're not allowed to speak on what's corny and not

ID on Chance's sweater?

Different doesn't mean bad.

Just saw him live in Chicago on the 4:44 tour and his performance sold me. His stage presence and vocals were top notch. He can be kinda cringe at times, only thing holding him back.

name a more iconic duo, i’ll wait

Imagine being a "chat nigga"

Same, I think it was a great album, but still underwhelming for how much talent Vic has

Lol. That was a dressing room. Calm down kids. I’ll let you know if anything happens

Edit: why are you guys down voting me? You know I’m Vic’s engineer right? I’m just helping you guys out.

I agree completely. Didn't I (Say I Didn't) is also a great album opener.

I may have to go relisten to this right now.

Theres Alot Going On is a great project you sleep

Suitcase, Cocoa Butter Kisses, Crossroads, Tweakin, there's more too pretty sure

Corn and cheese.

Imagine being DJ Akademiks

is for phenomenal

you didn't know they were childhood best friends up until pretty recently? They came up together, were in the same group, and have plenty of tracks together. You should listen to Acid Rap or Innanetape

I loved innanetape Vic, and prefer it, but I really dig the new album as well. Some really good, diverse shit in there. The Cobain line is a little much, but the album overall is good I think.

I do really enjoy his music but he's so hit or miss for me, I think he's lacking sonically a lot for me. Persona aside, I think he has the ability to write well but his hooks can be pretty weak and he makes some artistic choices that I think are corny (as overused as that's become) at times. That said I still look forward to whatever's next from him cause I do enjoy him, I just don't think he's mad underrated or anything like that

Yeah, I remember that but I think they put it all past them a few months ago. I liked Vic's album. Might be one of the most slept on this year imo.


Cocoa Butter Kisses



EDIT: somehow forgot Suitcase