Veterans Are Pissed At Trump For Not Knowing How To Spell Marine Corps

Veterans Are Pissed At Trump For Not Knowing How To Spell Marine Corps

The fucking Commander in Chief thinks it's "Marine Core"

Just let that sink in

Fuck, If he can't spell dieing, how in the hell is he supposed to spell Marine Corps.

Stable genius and all that...

Veterans should be pissed that the POTUS is a draft-dodging coward.

“I love the Marine Corpses!”

That is what pisses you off?!

Or the words to the National Anthem!!

McCain and the Khans were a hint 2 years ago.


Except the ones whose wives don’t give me enough reverence when I call them.

Trump loves the poorly educated.

Trump is a narcissist and only loves himself.

Therefore, Trump is poorly educated. It's math.

I think vets are pissed off about a whole helluva lot of bullshit right now. The fact that the Commander in Chief can't even spell the branch of the military he pretends to care so much about is just the shit cherry on top of the shit sundae.

Well he is an idiot so this shouldn't be a surprise.

This veteran is

Fucking idiot.

It'd be like if he called to console you about the death of your husband, but didn't even take the time to learn your husbands name (or even read it). It isn't the worst aspect of the situation, but it speaks volumes about Trump's actual intentions.

Or the colo— I mean ethnic ones.

Wait. THAT’S the reason vets are mad at Trump?

"Two Corinthians"

I wonder how many veterans will still continue to support Trump.

Ha, VoteVets is blocked by Trump. I love that they proudly display it on their twitter.

Fuck Trump.

I'd bet my house that Colin Kapernick can spell it.

Morons Are Governing America

This veteran is.

Marine Covfefe?

I see the esteemed POTUS is getting to the core of the issues here..

It's all Greek to me.

Whoa, maybe a pampered NYC reality TV star with no military experience isn't the rural good old boy fox news told you he was?

No no. His personal Vietnam was the STD wars of the early 70s.

I and the other veterans I know are pissed and routinely mock Cadet Bone-Spurs

Sounds like the sequel to The Core.

The Core 2: Marine Core!

Don't blame 'em one bit. That's a disrespectful piss poor mistake and reflects a man who views soldiers as props.

You're talking about a guy that dodged the draft 5 times and is too chicken shit as CinC to visit our troops in a combat zone.


*the ones who don't get captured?

There's nothing morally wrong with dodging the draft for the Vietnam war. What is wrong is then turning around and denigrating POWs , Gold Star families, and widows.

It's indicative of a much larger situation.

It'd be like if someone came to your father's funeral and then got his name wrong. You learn so much about them in that moment.

Or anything.

From the inner cities.

walk into a bar

There is if you didn't dodge it for personal moral opposition.

And then equate your personal STD dodging as equivalent to having served.

You're forgetting that Trump himself is a Vietnam war (personal) veteran who has a purple heart.


Remember when the racist right lost their minds when Obama mispronounced "corps?"

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Oh right. He was with the 206 BoneSpur Unit and got the purple heart for twisting his wrist when and his caddy tried to over take the green on the 6th hole.

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