Vermintide tattoo. Has anyone else?:)

Vermintide tattoo. Has anyone else?:)

A Bardin tattoo on my ballsack might be great because he is nuts.

Right in the donglitz

That is pretty fucking baller, OP +1

I like how the Trueflight is incorporated in the design.

I designed it..A cathedral of Rouen on top, and my orange tf:)

Thx for all<3 It wasnt in studio, just a tattooer friend..

Just like Cousin Okri!

Looks really nice. Well done.

The bow itself is the Wydrioth war/longbow. It's specifically the arrows that are the "trueflight" component.

Awesome Maya :D but i already told you that when you showed me :p

Damn, that's really neat.

That's too cool. Who did the design?

Looks pretty damn awesome, gratz. Which studio did that ?

Slightly jealous over here ..

I can hardly finish my LOTR tattoo design, let alone think of a Vermintide one I would like. This is pretty fucking awesome, nice job.