Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro donates $500,000 to Trump fund despite economic woes

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro donates $500,000 to Trump fund despite economic woes
Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro donates $500,000 to Trump fund despite economic woes

Was the payment tagged "Asylum plz"?

"woes" is a vast understatement

More so, in his eyes the current protest is a USA-led coup to enforce capitalism in his country

Hell, all this time I thought the protests were largely triggered by people's inability to feed their families. Who'da thunk?

Yep I'm on Reddit today too

The appropriate thing would be for the foundation to decline the donation. Unlikely.

After all the shit that he gave the US a few years ago?

Exactly. More so, in his eyes the current protest is a USA-led coup to enforce capitalism in his country

He p4obably thinks that doing so will get Trump to help him out, but that countries too far gone for help

You give it to the CIA to arm and train the revolution. They are good at that.

The article says Citgo Petroleum made the donation, a US affiliate.

Can someone explain the connection?

Or even better, to donate it back to the people of Venezuela.

Citgo is a US based corporation 100% owned by the Venezuela state oil company. So Citgo still does a lot of things that we expect all Fortune500 type corporations to do, even though its shares are owned by the Venezuelan government.

What's the point of doing that?

Pls no

Your country really has done an amazing job not just legalizing, but normalizing bribery

Potatoes patatoes.

Venezuela Today

YES!!! People are literally starving in the streets. There is a gigantic shortage of basic health and sanitary products that began more than two years ago! On top of that the government has ties with the cartels that are pulling the country deeper and deeper into this shit.

It's so Saddening to watch such a beautiful country go from the most economically free, rich, and progressive country on the continent in the 90s to one of the poorest in all of Latin America (and soon the world) because some POPULIST asshole named Chavez came in with sweeping promises and then stayed in power until his idiot protege who's never been formally educated gets put in power after he dies.

Maduro has maintained an extreme anti-US stance. I doubt that this has his involvement. IMO this is Citgo playing the corporate lobbyists game. Nothing new or groundbreaking.

The donation topped that of some US firms including Pepsi ($250,000), Walmart ($150,000) and Verizon ($100,000) and was on par with the likes of JP Morgan Chase and Exxon, which each donated $500,000. It came in under Bank of America's $1m contribution.

What the fuck is this 'inauguration fund', and why are companies donating so much money to it? How is this legal?

How would you propose that? Send in a cargo plane and throw the money out to disperse it among the protesters?

Or it's a small bribe to hopefully prevent Trump from sending some "Freedom" over that way.

Another example how left and right don't matter. Authoritarians are all the same and can play well with each other whenever they see a benefit.

You mean half of a small loan?

This won't help the people. This will only give more money to the rich people in our country.

Source: I'm a venezuelan in Venezuela.

I'm assuming no one here read the article to see Maduro didn't actually give $500k to Trump. It was actually Citgo's Venezuelan entity Citgo, who is the Venezuelan state oil company's U.S. subsidiary, who gave $500k to Trump's inauguration fund.

Edit: edited for accuracy

Only patatoes left now.

Hey man, how's it goin?

Payment tagged "don't arm the rebels plz"

Excuse me, sir, I came for the potatoes?

Right, but does that mean that Maduro was directly involved in making the donation? I mean, it's pretty small comparatively speaking.

I don't know much about Venezuela, but I'd figure there'd be some type of ministry that handles these things.

But that's what America is best at doing. Undermining other governments and putting in leaders friendly to them and detrimental to the people and the country. I'd say undermining other countries is America's pastime. Not that "sport."

And then 10 years later the US military can test out the effectiveness of the CIA training! Isn't that how it usually goes?

I doubt that Maduro directly agreed to this. He maintains a very strong anti-US stance. This is probably Citgo behaving like all the other oil and gas companies and making sure that it has a seat in the big-boys lobbying table. Citgo is just playing the same game as all the other companies to make sure their suggestions are heard. Hard for me to think that this is Maduro (an extreme leftist) bribing a right-winged President.

Now Maduro wants to arm loyal militias after stripping all weapons in this country because of "foreign intervention"

He needs to steal shit to give to powerful people so that they side with him against the people.

It's a political action group. Just like 100s of others. Trump and his team will use it to fund down ballot races and maybe his eventual second presidential campaign.

So the title is complete bullshit then?

Because it's meant to be spelled "patotaes".

Misleading headline.

What actually happened is Citgo donated to Trump's inauguration fund (as did many other large companies that do business in the US). Citgo owned by an indirect subsidiary of PDVSA, the state-owned oil company. This somehow gets turned into 'the President of Venezuela donated to Trump!!!11!one,' because Sky News is a respectable news source you should give a shit about, or something.

A friend there said Maduro took all of General Motors' property this morning in order to help the people. I think they invested over a billion dollars in VZ, so this will really help the people.

Citgo's Venezuelan entity who gave $500k to Trump's inauguration fund

Not quite. Citgo is a wholly owned subsidiary of PDVSA, the Venezuelan national oil company. The donation came from Citgo, not PDVSA. So, same general corporate octopus, but this came from their Houston offices, not Caracas

It amazes me how many people naively think that wealthy people don't care about money because they're already wealthy.

whatever hes hoping, 500k is nowhere near worth the trouble in venezuela

I laughed when he brought on a finance minister in the midst of the hyperinflation that believed that inflation was a myth and that the devaluing of currency/inability to stock shelves results from generic evil westerners being dicks for no reason.

Yep, he's a guy that sees a picture of someone staring down a tank in Tiananmen Square and feels empathy for the tank.

Venezuela is not sending us their best. They're bringing in drugs, they're dictators, and some I assume are good people.

I don't know why but how that word is spelled ignites a burning rage inside me.

When your Constitution allows for corporations to be this financially involved in everyday politics, maybe it's time to change it? There are plenty of other countries that regulate political speech where churches aren't banned yet...

well considering USAs past record in south america id say hes ideas arent really far fetched..

Put that down.

Is the government Censuring the Internet?

Yes. While it's not something absolute like cutting internet service to a whole entire area, they are blocking access to sites where people could get information on the ongoing protests. Twitter is also a site we tend to use a lot and they are making it harder to access, I've read reports of other people complaining that sometimes the site won't even load. I'm not sure how they're doing it.

Can you access it fine?

Yes. Luckily I've been out of bounds from the most commonly affected areas. People (myself included) have also noticed that while the service it's not completely out, it tends to become extremely slow all of the sudden.

He's eating his seed corn. GM's stuff might have been useful in the short term, but now no foreign corporation will want to do business in Venezuela for fear that they'll get all their shit confiscated by Maduro's government.

But not concerning Venezuela's current problems.

He has been doing that for a while. Look up 'coletivos' they are basically paramilitary thugs.

If he was asking for Asylum do you seriously want the US to reject it? Imagine the benefits having the government announce "Elections in Three Weeks!" would have in terms of saving lives, stopping violence, etc. Having the governments top 100 stoogies avoid getting hung by meat hooks would likely be a small price to pay.

You're 100% right I misread. Just changed my post. Unfortunately that makes this donation even more normal and this post even more clickbaity. MSM really had to reach to make something of this non-story.


If people are generally rich then they don't put a socialist dictator in power. It happens when there's some perceived inequality that the politician can shine a magnifying glass on.

The CIA almost certainly has connections with the Venezuelan opposition. That's not conspiracy. Thing is that doesn't make the current government suck any less

Doing dandy, guess what I'm up to!?

"I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn." -- Scott Pruit, EPA Administrator

Not defending the regime but inequality in Venezuela was pretty bad.

Their oil is actually really shitty, and is very expensive to refine. Don't get confused by the quantity. As long as more easily extracted and refined oil is available around the world there's not a lot of reason to bother Venezuela, even for conspiracy theorists.

To be fair. The USA has lead a lot of coups, especially in that geographic region

I don't get where the logic comes from. These people are obscenely wealthy exactly because they always want more money.

Other sources

Something something seize the means of production except no one in his country can buy bread much less cars.

Trump wasn't the best republican option either. The elections had nothing to do with competency.

How does the theft of the factory even benefit the government? That factory makes parts for GM cars, so presumably GM is its only customer. Do they assume that GM will blithely continue to buy the parts?

The factory also employs a fuck-ton of Venezuelans.. who are now out of a job because GM can't use the factory..

Not a Trump supporter and will never be, but Hillary Clinton wasn't the best democratic option.

More like the CIA has been aiming for regime change in Venezuela for over a decade. Chavez style economic nationalism ain't good for business, ya see.

America doesn't give a shit about the Venezuelan people, it just wants the borders open to flows of capital and to control the oil supply. This is a story as old as money.

But, again, doesn't make the current government suck less. Maduro is an incompetent jackass. He thought cutting off his country from the global market was going to make Venezuelans by Venezuelan products.

Doesn't work that way champ

Can't be technically true if Citgo made the donation. You can assume Maduro knew and had something to do with it but it wouldn't be technically true. Citgo made the donation.

Actually, Venezuelan immigrants to the US have more college education than any other group of immigrants, and more than the general US population.

In his eyes the US is a convenient scapegoat for the decades of economic mismanagement by himself and his predecessor that lead to this collapse. Not sure he honestly believes the rhetoric.

*holds up narwhal*

It's technically true but largely exaggerated.

Yep, it was the richest country in South America, but that doesn't mean it was like Luxembourg where the majority of residents are wealthy.

It's like saying Saudi Arabia is one of the wealthiest countries in the Middle East. True statement, but you still probably wouldn't want to live there.

Assad can't bribe his way out of his problems with the west because they're systemic. Israel wants a weak and destabilized Syria, Saudi Arabia wants a Sunni Syria, and the US doesn't want a pipeline bringing Iranian oil into the Mediterranean or Russian naval bases there either.

I think a better thing would be to spend it on food and food parachutes and drop those among the protesters... and of course, mark them USA so they know it's not their government trying to help them.

would be great, but if we're being real, sending american planes over Venezuela could be considered an act of war (speially if it helps the people fighting the government), and they could even be shot down. I don't know if there's a way of helping the people without going through the government first or doing something illegal.

I mean, you could argue that from a pragmatic point of view, campaign contributions like this hurt democracy, but I just can't imagine an interpretation of the first amendment that doesn't cover them.

Spending money to put up ads blaring your political views is obnoxious, but it's still free expression. This right necessarily extends to corporations. If it didn't, you could pass a law saying that corporations can't put up religious iconography, and essentially ban churches without running afoul of the first amendment.

Backpacking through the Serengeti?

North Korea is called democratic people's republic of korea, still doesn't make it true

Personally I would never expect Trump to back me up because I gave him some money. Unless maybe it was a lot of money. Something he'd really notice. He's not the type of guy that would stick his neck out for cash, again, unless it's a butt load of cash. What an odd "bribe."

Are you kidding?

A STATE OWNED oil company.


You think there's some plan in the works to invade Venezuela?

lol ok...

It was donated at the time of the inauguration with CITGO (Venezuelan dictatorial state owned oil company).

It's always Sunni in Syria.


The CIA almost certainly has connections with the Venezuelan opposition. That's not conspiracy

It's kind of the whole point of having diplomatic and intelligence services.

You can use them to undermine and sometimes that's a total dick move, but it's only good sense to have contacts with all the players who'll talk to you.

I can feel the /s, but I don't think others got it.

Not the Russians. They believe every event in the world is orchestrated by the CIA.

Except an oil company made the donation.

That's the joke

500k seems far far too low for that request. Like a joke low.

live in japan, can confirm - wait nvm its one of the safest places on earth

I dont think he's that dumb, yes he is dumb, but I dont think he believes that crap that he says in public.

I think he knows that the people dont want him, what we gotta understand is that right now he's in a Hitler-In-The-Bunker situation, he knows he's holding out like in the last days of Berlin (despite there being no real war), and he knows that the moment he loses power he'll end up like Mussolini.

From his point of view, it's a lose-lose situation, he's like Caesar coming from Gaul, either he surrender to the Senate and get killed, or he crossed the Rubicon with his army and take power to stay alive or die fighting.

Of course Maduro's situation is a lot less "glorious", if he leaves power he's dead, and he knows it, so his only other option is to starve his people as he tries to hold on to power as long a possible so as to not get killed, or the unlikely scenario of escaping to some country, like the nazis did after WWII.

More like starvation storvation

Citgo is a wholly owned subsidiary of PDVSA, the Venezuelan State Oil Company. PVDSA only hires political supporters of the president. If this wasn't authorized by Maduro, it was authorized by one of his cronies.

“These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina, where incomes are actually more equal today than they are in the land of Horatio Alger.”

-Bernie Sanders


Citgo used to do the same thing with heating oil. They would make a big deal out of donating heating oil to poor people in the USA, as if to say "look how good we are, we take care of Americans better than you do". It's just propaganda.

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