Vegans at carnivals

Vegans at carnivals

it’s weird how vegans refer to us truly omnivorous as “carnists” like we’re some evil orc race

I really like 'bloodmouth'. Bloodmouth Carnist is my black metal stage name.

I prefer the term Omnivore

It's not so much the lifestyle questions but the repetition. You hear the same thing over and over again and it drives you a little crazy. Obviously it's not the asker's fault but it's easy to get bitter about it.

Well maybe you just never asked a vegetable?

I mean some of them think we are evil, it’s why they’re vegans in the first place.


Plot twist, that "carnist" was actually interested and just wanted information because he was considering becoming a vegetarian (people forgot about those)

Found the vegan.

Pretty sure that was also my D&D half-orc barbarian in middle school.

It's something they've heard a billion times before.

There's no other word for cis people than cis, but there are plenty of ways to say meat-eater. "Carnist" and "blood mouth" were definitely intended to be offensive

I myself am an omnomnommivore

i asked my peas out back and he said he doesn’t mind but that’s just him

Well this is a rare specimen: An omnivorous person who’s actually a huge fucking prick about it

and idk why it's so ~~offensive~~ to ask someone questions about their lifestyle.

from my point of view the jedi meat eaters are evil!


Not a vegan, but I assume nuts and beans.

Finally get a normal hobby, I see.

Meatatarian means "something that eats predominately meat" or any definition close to that. Not all non-vegans are meatatarians. It's like saying all vegetarians are fruitarians.

Some non-vegans eat predominately meat, doesn't mean we all do. Some vegans eat predominately fruits, doesn't mean they all do. (Also that gives you pancreas problems so that probably isn't the most common diet.)

Based on Latin terms, I would just go with omnitarian. It's no more stupid sounding than meatatarian, and it's more general and correct.

Omnivore and carnist are different things. Vegans tend to see themselves as defined by an ideology, veganism, and not just by what they eat. So the opposite of vegan isn't omnivore, because that's just about food, it's carnist.


Is there something "carnist" means that "meat-eater" doesn't cover?

Lmao what? I'm a long-time vegan. I (used to) hang out in vegan spaces a lot. There is a clear tendency. Most will say being vegan is about not hurting animals, because they're morally relevant. That's not a diet, that's an ideology.

Ideology doesn't mean a bad thing, by the way. You realize that, right? Everybody has an ideology. Conservatism and liberalism are ideologies as well.

But honestly, seeing as you've been super combative in this thread, I'm not surprised at this response. And I'm not gonna bother discussing with you beyond this comment. So yeah. Bye.

Sounds like the name of a new, definitely absolutely not evil teacher at Hogwarts. Edgar Bloodmouth-Carnist.