He fulfilled one of the evil overlord rules by protecting his one weakness with some basic ingenuinty.

However he then broke about 7 evil overlord rules by pointing out what countermeasures he took to protect his weakness.

I'll rate him 3 out of 5 burned villages.

For that matter, why did the vampires always insist on attacking with their hands and teeth?

Buffy wasn't bulletproof, after all.

ah the good old vampire the Masquerade playthru using only Miniguns. good times! :D


Neither was Tara...

if say about a 5/7

Especially annoying since way back in season one there was a vampire that worked that one out. Buffy pulls a crossbow on her, and she says "Oooh. Scary." Then whips out an automatic pistol and says "Scarier." and very nearly guns Buffy down.

In the olden days when I was still a young boy, vampires didn't have talent to come up with such ideas. It's the modernization of the vampire culture which might cause vampires to acquire even more clever tactics. I hope we aren't setting ourselves for a disaster by teaching these non-human creatures new strategies.

At least he didn't monologue about it.

...No violence?

I don't think we watched the same show.

And how about wrist straps for wands? Harry? How many damn times did people get disarmed? Wrist straps! You had a Wii, didn't you?

Maybe they kicked out all the strategic vampires in favor of their theme.

"No gunz alowed" signs and stuff

Too soon.

The show took place in California, it would have been unrealistic for anyone on the show to have access to a firearm. edit: /s

A perfect score!

Nothing stopping them from having investment accounts, though. That's one thing I never liked in Buffy - all these vampires, the clever ones are living for hundreds of years easily, why are they not filthy stinking rich. A couple basic robberies when they got turned and the crazy voodoo hoodoo of compound interest should make them functionally untouchable to a teenage girl with pointed sticks, no matter how destined she is.

I'm not sure if that would stop the disarming spell. I mean it is magic. Either it's going to magically pull off the wrist strap too, or it'll snap your wrist to punish you for being a smartass little bitch wizard.

You mean a puma?

Duke Vampem

It's time to kick ass and chew necks - and I'm all out of necks

Or like the vamps on True Blood always getting killed by wood bullets. If they wore a Kevlar vest they'd have been almost invincible.

Huge half-season arc was about how Buffy's mom was dying from regular human brain failure. Multiple episodes showing how everybody dealt with the very simple, tragic, and normal death. They make the point that a normal death isn't something that can be magicked away, as well - you're all gonna have to deal with it sooner than later.

Vampires were always the least scary monster to me. I mean, they have more weaknesses than a normal person. I wish I could kill Dave with a clove of garlic.

Well yeah, of course the vamps are going to die if you're coming at them with an A10 Warthog...

Your basic vampire doesn't have the interest in growing personal wealth the way a living human does. Their mentality is more like an addict looking for their next fix of blood, and to that nothing else can compare.

The immortal entities that gather power and influence in the human world are the demons at Wolfram & Hart.


That's why Buffy won!! :)

But yeah. Masquerade: redemption with miniguns was pretty Silly :)

I'm playing Bloodlines for the first time, and I refuse to use guns unless absolutely necessary. I've got bloodsucking fangs, so I'm gonna use my bloodsucking fangs.

You mean like that time Warren got a gun and shot Buffy and Tara?

But, realistically, no one probably had them because it wouldn't have as big of an impact when someone does die from a gunshot wound. If everyone just walked around shooting each other after a while you wouldn't fear the death of main and tertiary characters as much. And someone to die in such a "mundane" way (not that guns are mundane, just not from something supernatural) really hits home to its not just the supernatural world of bad things they have to worry about.

And it's not like he can't just kill the only witness.

Also not aimed at 4 year olds. Was aimed at teens.

I always figured vampires were like the Amish, they were stuck in like the middle ages as far as technology goes.

Are you sure? I'm rewatching Buffy at the moment and there are quite a lot of guns

Depends on the writer, Anne Rice for example they were super strong, super fast and healed from nearly everything up to and including sunlight once they got old enough.

Of course they also did ridiculous shit like time traveling to drink Jesus blood but whatever.

I can't believe Count Chocula would just turn on his own kind like that.

AHAH ! Around-the-neck-plate-thing ! Oh, I wonder why buffy and friends never used those ! Right ?