Valve please separate party from solo badge

Valve please separate party from solo badge

As the title says, having one badge for both party and solo makes no sense! Make party not affect you solo badge and add a Party badge and Leaderboard exactly like in solo.

The matchmaking for solo players seems very nice right now. Please make it the same for us that only play Party Ranked. We have nothing to play for anymore since you can’t go higher than Legend...

I agree, also as you mentioned, it gets unmotivated when you cannot get any higher badge than Legend. But on all other threads people whine about people boosting... A team game where you cannot get highest "achievement" by playing with a team, makes no sense... I'm also at Legend 5...

Valve said that Party MMR will have less impact on the medals but i calibrated Archon[1] 2736 (party mmr) and now i am at Archon[3] 2917 (party mmr).

I didn't calibrate my solo mmr but it seems to me like the party mmr has the same weightage in my bracket.

you have my upvote! Could not agree more on this