[UST] Target Minotaur, 4 arts

[UST] Target Minotaur, 4 arts

Anyone else hoping we get different versions of [[Amateur Auteur]] for different planes?

This is a great way to un-vanilla these cards. Love it!

third from the left is my favorite!! that little umbrella adds a whimsical little touch to an otherwise bland card!!

Lol that “not again” flavour text makes much more sense now.

i am now

This is the exact thing I came into this thread to say. The idea of a musical version of major blocks summed up in a few lines and a picture sounds brilliant

I'm waiting for the [[Lightning Blast]] version.

(For those who don't get the joke, [[Lightning Blast]] was printed in a set with no Minotaur creatures. I believe the whole "target minotaur joke" came from them repeatedly printing Minotaurs getting wrecked in spells in sets with no Minotaurs in them. It is however an old joke so I'm not sure that's correct).

I like the fact that in the third card, it is also RAINING BLOOD

INNISTRAD! The Musical, please

The statements they've made have been that, in the past, they didn't go over too well, but Un sets are a testing ground, and if people respond favorably things from un sets could make it into real magic.

This one got lost a bit in the comments, /u/luissteam was kind enough to post them :)

[[Rain of Gore]]

Amateur Auteur - (G) (SF) (MC)
[[cardname]] or [[cardname|SET]] to call

- (G) (SF) (MC) [[cardname]] or [[cardname|SET]] to call

Alliances, IIRC, but while that was still a decent set, the issue was that people tend to memorize card art, so having different arts in the same set for a single card cn mess up pattern recognition and make things more difficult in the heat of the moment.

Star of extinction wouldn't make sense as it doesn't target a creature. I don't think they represent anything specific

My friend, let me introduce you to the Good News of a set called . . . Fallen Empires.


Click the numbers under the art to see different versions.