[UST] Masterful Ninja

[UST] Masterful Ninja

Some old spice shit going on here

I think that's the joke. They're masterful at hiding.

If you look closely, you can see a cameo appearance by [[Vraska]].

Is this the future of Trolls now that they retired the Regeneration ability?

Ninja only visible in foil, calling it now.

Basically it's almost like having "Dash [0]".

I can't find the ninja in the art :(

Fail to find Ninja. See Creature Type line. Realize there is no ninja.

Well is this essentially a zero mana 1/1 haste with 1B: +1/+1 ueot? Isnt this kinda broken? Shouldnt the reveal also cost something?

EDIT: and Flash too? What? How does this card work

EDIT2: Vigilance too? What is this card??

EDIT3: Protection from precombat sorceryspeed removal. Who can find another one?

Except it also dies to Hand Removal.

Then he wouldn't be a masterful ninja.


Its supposed to be broken, it's silver border

This, and you can dash it in during opponents's turns. That's the "almost" part.

The joke here is super clever, and way funnier than just "there's no Ninja at all!".

Hint 1: think about the second activated ability

Hint 2: what is the nickname for black creatures with this ability

Answer: It's a Shade

Moreso: It's a room full of pumps and shades

'ok I, uh, do it again.'

Mark has said that as far as he knows special foiling had to be given up.


Go and stand in the corner!

Idk if a 1/1 will be that impactful in limited even if it's free

It would be really cool if there were 2 feet sticking out from under those curtains.

Look at this net, now back to me.

Unless those were decoy feet

WAIT...is the word "NINJA" in the art?!? Or am I just seeing things?

N = curtain/pipe/curtain; I = pipe; N = curtain/pipe/curtain; J = pipe on back wall; A = fan blades

Troll Ninja is a wonderful typeline.

Either you injected too many marijuanas, or you're on to something.

Like this ?

"I'm in Haste now!" - Cobble the Pirate

Troll tribal confirmed

Is it? I thought this set was still supposed to be a good drafting experience.

The Kaya foil was full-on different art, basically a different card.

It was a while ago, regen had to have weird timing rules with “regeneration shields” to comply with 6th ed rule changes and also people often forgot a regenerated creature gets tapped—nothing about it was very intuitive, and indestructible until eot effectively does the same thing. So “~this~ gains indestructible untold end of turn” is the new de facto regenerate. It’s just much cleaner and intuitive.

Serious answer: I think Troll Tribal as some combination of GB toughness matters or +1/+1 counters would work to represent their hardiness and endurance.

you don't see him? it took me a while too

Seems weird that even though they just did a "special foil" for [[Kaya, Ghost Assassin]] they were off the table here.

That means the ninja is good at its job.

She's Unseen.

I think this might be the ninja? https://imgur.com/a/9LPfX

I would assume so, that’s what happens when creatures die.

Vraska, The Unseen - (G) (SF) (MC)
[[cardname]] or [[cardname|SET]] to call

- (G) (SF) (MC) [[cardname]] or [[cardname|SET]] to call

[[Trickbind]] is the relevant card to the situation.

Edit: never mind it says permanent, the card is unstoppable.

1/1 with Charge Haste for free? Heavy RNG elements?

Unstable is Hearthstone now boys.

omae wa mou shindeiru

So what happens if I use his ability and then cast brainstorm?

decoy snail

that is the regeneration replacement, yes?

Why not "indestructible until end of turn"?

People are down voting you, but this is a valid question. You're absolutely right, balance is still a concern in Unstable, because they want the set to be a viable drafting format (in fact, you can see they've put a ton of work into that). However, they're much looser with the balance than normal, because that's just one concern out of many. They don't have to worry about it imbalancing other constructed formats, so as long as a card doesn't ruin limited, it's fine.

And that's kinda the case here. A 1/1 haste that pumps itself that costs 0 (and even better, it's not even on the battlefield on your opponent's turn if you don't want it to, etc), would be an extremely pushed concept. I don't know exactly how it would be used, but it's a fair bit beyond the power level of similar cards that WotC has been willing to print, and it seems quite dangerous.

But the question of balance that defines Unstable is "does it break limited"? And here, the answer is definitely no. I don't even think this would be on the same level as a true bomb rare in most limited formats. This card is at Rare, and isn't consistent enough to fuel black aggro decks or anything. So the short answer is that this card is kinda busted, but it's pretty safe for the limited format, which is why WotC isn't worried.

People are downvoting you as if it's silly to ask about balance, but it's a perfectly valid question. They are concerned about balance with this set, and it's silly to say otherwise. They're just looser about balance than usual, and in particular, they only worry about limited balance.

Another example might be Spike. For a try hard EDH player (some might even say that they were a Spike...), Spike can simply win the game on turn 2 if uninterrupted. However, Spike just isn't busted in practice in a limited format (people don't even have the right cards on the most of the time anyways). So they aren't too concerned. Maybe a poor example, because WotC would probably be willing to print legendary creatures that are busted as commanders and require banning, but in general in Unstable we've seen several cards whose power level would usually give people some pause. However, they're generally positioned at rare, and generally aren't degenerate in a limited format. A free 1/1 haste isn't as impactful as a Glorybringer in limited, even if it might find some busted use in older formats.

That's what he wants you to think. He's actually the third bench from the left.

Behind you.

I'm not seeing that. Those don't look like ninjas

Who, oddly, is standing in bright light towards the back of the room.

Yeah, it's really hard to see in the card art itself. Try the full res one from the mothership:


What happens when he is killed? Do you have to put him in your graveyard?

But, in the reveal article, Blake Rasmussen makes a point to say...

I could not find that Ninja the first, oh, dozen times I looked at this art. I became convinced it wasn't there, like one of those 3D Magic Eye things when you can't quite unfocus correctly. That is, until someone from R&D casually pointed out what I was missing.

Sure, he could be in on the troll, but that seems disingenuous. It's one thing to show the art, and let the reader assume that the ninja is there. It's even fair to imply that the ninja is there. But to say that someone else pointed out an overlooked detail, and then you found it... if there really is nothing to find in the image, that's not clever; it's just lying.

EDIT: I'm convinced it has to have something to do with the watermark. The tables and walls have the Order of the Widget gears, but the card has the Agents of S.N.E.A.K. umbrealla-key.

Check out the creature types.

Well, Art rampage just got worse.

I bet the foil version will reveal the ninja's location.

But can't get countered

Sure, he could be in on the troll, but that seems disingenuous. It's one thing to show the art, and let the reader assume that the ninja is there. It's even fair to imply that the ninja is there. But to say that someone else pointed out an overlooked detail, and then you found it... if there really is nothing to find in the image, that's not clever; it's just lying.

Fully agree with you, but I suspect that the author is really trolling. The second picture (where the author gives us one more chance to find the troll ninja) is a full version of the art that includes the artist signature. The card version was shown earlier, where the artist signature is cropped out. Basically implying that the artist is the troll ninja.

EDIT: Wait this thought just came to me

You would trigger ltb abilities of other cards on the board that care about creatures other than themselves. (I can't really think of any off the top of my head) If you're asking if the opponent would be able to know if you're putting the ninja in top of your library, I'm not sure. I'm assuming you'd have to announce that you are since it's an object on the board.

Are those just folds in the curtain, or are you happy to see me?

The ninja isn't hiding, it's just not in the art.

It's on the battlefield!

Also, the grate in the middle? It's "Loss".

I'm pretty sure that's the point.

I am aware those cards are in unstable. They are in there so that the set is draftable and enjoyable to do so. The issue is you are misrepresenting the set. You are assuming that these cards are replacements for silly things unsets have done in the past. In unstable we get: * dice rolling, sometimes multiple dice per card. * contraptions, a mechanic literally made as a joke originally. * cards that replace only parts of other cards’ text boxes. * cards that steal and copy other text boxes - not abilities or copy creatures, literally their text boxes. * cards that can exist in two different zones at once. * cards that pull outside observers into the game and have them impact the boardstate or players. * cards that allow you to include creatures in other games for a bit. * cards that are references to magic jokes and memes, while still being overpowered to the point of unprintability in a black bordered set.

All of this and more in a draftable, printed to demand set with full art lands that are beautiful, just like the last two sets. Oh wait, the last two sets weren’t designed to be draftable. I will gladly take some cards that are printable in black border with funny names and type lines and a flavor to match for the above. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

he used a substitution jutsu

Decoy octopus

That is fantastic.