[UST] Alternative art/rules text on a Very Cryptic Command.

[UST] Alternative art/rules text on a Very Cryptic Command.

Okay, now it seems like an Un-card.

Maybe making fun of the textless Cryptic fiasco?

Is this what they meant by the set having 216-ish cards?

Also I love the fact that this goblin sees the Cryptic Command jar and his first thought is "I must drink this".

Ah, so that's the joke behind Very Cryptic Command. It makes so much sense now!

Btw here's a rotated version: https://i.imgur.com/EOm5x3o.jpg

Ah, so that's the joke behind Very Cryptic Command. It makes so much sense now!

Btw here's a rotated version:

Just opened another version of Very Cryptic Command - completely different text! https://i.imgur.com/kL8NSFv.jpg

Just opened another version of Very Cryptic Command - completely different text!

It looks like a spin on the "What does Cryptic Command do?" "Anything i want" joke

And some others too

edit: Also, since i've not seen it yet, another version of the Cryptic

And some others too


psst, keep it secret

The joke on this is beyond brilliant.

There are going to be 30 modes to this spell in the end.

Question, if I cast "Very Cryptic Command", how do I refer to the Oracle text if the card has multiple Oracle texts? :)

Unstable was in design for a long time. Since years before he passed away. Maybe he was originally supposed to draw the card, but he only turned in sketches before he passed. So Wizards used the sketch for one version of the card as a small way to remember him.

You know some people wish that sets wouldn't get spoiled at all until the boxes get opened? This feels like a little bone getting tossed to them.

Edit: Also, Maro kept mentioning that the budget for Unstable couldn't handle doing a lot of weird stuff with the text boxes and card frames. I bet I can guess where that budget went instead!

I'm hoping there is also a textless version in the set.

Ya know, just, flip it over.

It probably transforms DFCs and, due to morph rules, turns everything else into vanilla 2/2s.

So the alternate-watermarked versions of [[Secret Base]] are basically inevitable at this point, right?

RIP Wayne England... :(

I wonder when he created that Goblin artwork. They must have been sitting on it for a long time.

Maro talked in his podcast about this set allowing them to explore the possibilities of digital printing. It may very well be that every Very Cryptic Command has a different set of modes taken randomly from a pool.


We have to apologize before MaRo for calling that first spoiled version a lazy design. This is, indeed, very cryptic, much command.

The funny thing is, I subscribed to the "Secret Base" theory because that card didn't have to be worded differently. I just assumed for sure they would never print different cards with the same name with totally different rules text.

Unstable spoiler season has been epically awesome.

Ok, now I love this card. The one they showed us was pretty boring. But having random effects on the card is fricken awesome! I wonder how many total versions exist!

oh christ, they have the same collectors number.

I am SO EXCITED for additional commander drama when people argue about whether or not two copies violates the singleton rule.


Huh? The rules are pretty clear, though. One card of each name that isn't a Basic Land, Relentless Rats, or Shadowborn Apostle.

My neck thanks you.

So there's still the possibility of multiple types of Secret Base?

So THAT'S what they meant by 216ish cards

we have pictures of 5 different versions so far

The rules define Face Down cards in play as a 2/2 creature with no types, colors, nor name.

What in gods name does "Turn over" mean!?!?

Oh man, Wayne England tribal rewards.

My store has started opening Unstable to prepare for the release and this is what I noticed so far:

Target Minotaur (The minotaur is targeted by different spells in the artwork)

Beast in Show (Different beasts in the art)

Extremely Slow Zombie (Says Braiiiinnnns across all 4 seasons)

Garbage Elemental (Different Keyboard abilities such as Cascade)

Kill Bots (Each Killbot has a different adjective in the card name(e.g., Curious) but otherwise identical)

Very Cryptic Command

Ineffable Blessing

Slyspy (Different triggered abilities on each card)

Secret Base (Numerous different pictures)

Amateur Auteur (At least 1 alternate art, didn't check for more)

Overall, I don't think there are a huge number of alternate variations or I think I would have seen more. It is easy to pass over a card like Garbage Elemental when going through huge stacks of cards though.



The madness! The horror! The judge calls!

Phoebe: What does S.N.E.A.K. stand for, Agent X?

X: Serious, Nonstop, Espionage And Kidnapping.

Phoebe: And what does that mean to you?

X: It means someone really wanted our initials to spell out "sneak."

EDIT: changed sly to X because.

The Killbots having different names is definitely a nod to Commander players who want to do silly things with Mary but wouldn't have enough singleton bots for a deck.

Since you asked explicitly for them...

No chance this comes to black border. People were already confused when we had multiple arts for the same card within the same set like in Fallen Empires, Alliances, and Homelands. This would never slide.

I work at the store where these were opened. We just got our shipment and we started cracking packs for our binders to go on sale friday.

What if instead of multiple Oracle texts, it has one and you can choose 2 of any of them? It's like it's textless, in that you can use modes that it doesn't say.

Dont be lol, I have to JUDGE that draft!

This can probably turn face down, turn face up, or transform.

This is going to be a nightmare for online singles resellers and card databases.

The fiasco is that it has so much text that a textless one causes a lot of confusion.

As many as it takes to make the card very cryptic

For the love of god, please let the foil version be textless.

There will always be the rumor about that other version of VCC.

A destroy event can be replaced by regeneration, for starters.

Mama always said life was like a [[very cryptic command]]. You never quite know watchya gonna get

Welcome to silver border land.


Very cryptic indeed

Holy crap that's genius.

Has anyone checked the flavor text of [[Sly Spy]]? I have a S.N.E.A.K.ing suspicion there may be multiple meanings for that acronym.


And if you can somehow give yourself indestructible.

A goblin chugging the Cryptic Command bottle seems too silly to not have been intended for an Un set all along.

Better than that: most of the different versions of VCC have the same art.

Unsets care about the card being played. So I would assume each version can only cast the modes printed on it.

Can you show us some Target Minotaurs? :)

I feel like it's probably at most 4, so that you could have a deck with a full playset of it with each one being different, but who really knows? I could be 100! XD

The next version will just have three effects plus a blank where you can write in your own

Silver border kind of already already had this. There are cards with the same but different artist, collector number, expansion symbol, rarity, watermark, and in silver border those are functionally different cards.

Oh man, I really, really hope that's true now.

Unstable already breaks templating at least once for humor reasons (Baron von Count's "destroy target player"). "Turn over" would also have unique interaction with DFCs (and already morphed creatures).

707.2a If a face-up permanent is turned face down by a spell or ability, it becomes a 2/2 face-down creature with no text, no name, no subtypes, and no mana cost. A permanent that enters the battlefield face down that wasn’t cast as a face-down spell also has these characteristics. These values are the copiable values of that object’s characteristics.

So, are these real cards in circulation? Are there just multiple of a few cards in unstable with different art and text but the same name?

Stores are allowed to crack their packs so they have singles to sell on release day, they just aren't allowed to sell the product/cards yet

Rules being clear doesn't usually help with actually playing unsets, as you might have noticed from Maros responses to rules questions that are essentially answers to the question "So are we actually playing magic when we use an unset?"

Alternative Rules Text cards......I did not see that coming, but I did think it was odd we only got an Agents of S.N.E.A.K. Secret Base

Oh my god I want a Grant Ward alter for X now.

So theres a few different versions of VCC? That is very cryptic

I knew there had to be a "secret feature" that wasn't spoiled! Fallen empires had a few different pieces of art for some cards, now we've got a few different text boxes!

It appears they were being very cryptic about the number of cards for a reason

I am suddenly very glad that Un- sets only get an English-language printing.

Foil Russian Very Cryptic Command = "Do whatever you want"

Not only that, but at least un-sets are only printed in English. Imagine the confusion if someone rocks up with foreign language cards without a unique name / number to identify them, and refuses to give anything more than the card's name.

Wayne did the art for the original cryptic so it might be concept art for a different version.

If you were to ask a judge for the Oracle text, they would provide you with the text for all of the versions. If you're able to identify a version uniquely, they'll clarify down to that version (e.g., "Judge, my opponent revealed the VCC that makes a gnome. What are that ones other three modes?").

Additionally, if playing Silver Border constructed non-singleton:

Your deck may contain 4 copies of any card name (such as Very Cryptic Command) total. The printed text of each may differ. You may exchange versions freely between games and matchs, but not during a game.

God's work, son.

My guess is turn it face down, making it a 2/2. Like what you do for morphs, but with no way to actually turn it face up.

Waiting for textless promo

What? How the...?

Another sacrosanct rule broken by silver border: any specific card name only having unique text. I wonder if this is one of the rule breaks that's potential testing for moving to black-border :O

i want every version for my cube to mess with peope now

Secret Base - (G) (SF) (MC)
[[cardname]] or [[cardname|SET]] to call

- (G) (SF) (MC) [[cardname]] or [[cardname|SET]] to call

Basic lands at least have a set and distinct collector's number.

Odyssey Plains #333 is wildly more popular (and ~5 times more expensive) than Odyssey Plains #334, for example.

One of them has a mode to return target Cleric creature card from exile to your hand.

See, I didn't think it was lazy per se. It just didn't feel very "un." It could almost have been black-bordered. But yeah, not so much now.

Did we?

I am here for this.

I hope there is another one with a "you may choose a Very Cryptic Command you own with a different text box from outside the game, reveal that card, and put it in your hand" effect

They already call that 'turn face down' [[Ixidron]]

I think the difference that Maro keeps referring to is psychological: What he wants out of "destroy target player" is the visceral coolness that "target player loses the game" lacks. In his words, "the two might be similar on the surface but the feel was completely different." A difference in feel is of course a nonissue from a rules perspective, but the way Maro looks at the game, I can see how he'd see it as a "big diference."

they could have used the same technology Chaotic TCG used to give different versions of the same card different stats and a unique code.

it doesn't look like it (it had a very faded look to the ink), but who knows how much that tech has improved since then.

Oh, this set will just be a delight to collect...

How did you get packs already?

According to Maro, "destroy target player" isn't exactly the same as "target player loses the game" but he keeps not elaborating on HOW it's different :|

This is 4 distinct Very Cryptic Commands so far!

This guy Cryptics.

I think maybe red, blue, black, and green. Meaning there’s probably a fifth one for white...

mine too