u/smancini82 Vs u/trane50 for Karma whoring and identity theft

u/smancini82 Vs u/trane50 for Karma whoring and identity theft

u/trane50 posted an image in the subreddit /sub/aww earlier today claiming to have adopted a dog named Dougie after posting a photo of a similar looking dog yesterday although there are distinct physical differences between the two dogs.

u/smancini82 claims the dog in the image is hers and the man that op claims to be is actually her boyfriend and then she provided images of both her dog and her boyfriend as proof

Evidence: Smancini82's photos of her dog and boyfriend

Trane50's post

Trane50's post at the shelter yesterday

Judge: u/elvishgaming


Prosecution: Me (if that's allowed I don't really know)

Rambler: u/szpartan

Professional dog petter: u/pernster

Upvote if you think the defendant is GUILTY:


Oooh.... Oooh... Can I be the Rabbler?

Looks like an open and shut case to me.

True but the accused still had the right to a fair trial and should still be held accountable for their actions in a court of law

Wait you have a tiny hammer? u/ChickenShedd make this happen!

Ah and here I thought it was just a tiny hammer

I'd offer my help, but I specialise in bird law.

Sure can!


I volunteer to be the professional dog petter

Fair enough.

A very important role in this case