Using moment to his advantage

Do you mean momentum

And did OP mean like... having enough velocity to get across the gap? I don't get what the clever use of momentum here is, if anything it's using gravity to his advantage to get more speed going into the bottom ramp I guess? But it also looks like he ate it after that so idek

Legend says that ALL of the laws of physics applied that day

You mean moment?

Looks like he lost it at the end...

Um, what moment?

Looks to me like he intentionally bailed because he only had about 20 ft of runway and a lot of momentum.



Except the weak force, the weak force was out sick.

No. Edit: I get it now...

He was on the cusp of eating shit when that gif stopped.

I was thinking, "yes there was torque moment involved in his rotation, but that's a silly thing to pick out when there's 50 other forces involved". Never occurred to me they just mistyped.

What moment, um

it's ok weak force, some of us know about you

He skid out and slipped off the bike, but it was pretty controlled. I'd hardly say he ate shit.

The op just wanted a 'clever' sounding title.


Give him a break, it's 4/20.

Sebastian Keep. Super good rider, but this clip was hyped up forever in the BMX world only to be revealed that he didn't land it. That being said, the video this clip comes from has some absolutely insane wall rides that he does land. The action starts here if you're interested in seeing:

I came here for this...I'll be DAMNED if anyone misspells or misuses words in their post's title.

This must be fun to do, but I would imagine is also very difficult.

That sounds like an accurate assessment of the situation.

His momentum carries him into the wall, which momentarily gives him some Gs going into the wall, which is like having gravity. But once he has slowed completely, he is in free fall again.

This must be fun to do, but I would imagine is also very difficult.

He would need to be able to absorb the momentum going into the wall, essentially perfectly.

If he bounces off the wall, he won't be well against it when he goes down it. If he absorbs it too quickly, same thing, so, he really wants to manage that momentum as much as possible, to keep him as glued as possible on the wall, and so that once his momentum is gone, he is stopped, right at the wall, with as little space as possible between him and the wall.

He did

And ended up looking like a dunce.

The editing. Every cut is terrible.

He was playing on the title since it says using moment to his advantage when it is meant to say momentum

Be strong, force!

He is. But he is still called weak, quite sad.

A moment like this

Classic 2007 comment.

I'll take that into cooperation.

They bang themselves up pretty badly.

Normal force allowing him to keep traction is the real MVP

We are ALL laws of physics on this blessed day


Meanwhile gravity gets such an epic name and is far weaker than any other. There is no fairness in this universe.

Actually OP is more correct for saying moment rather than momentum. Moments are the product of a distance and a physical quantity (in this case a mass). The biker is experiencing a moment of inertia or a body's tendency to resist angular rotation. In his jump he is leveraging this phenomenon by tweaking his body to cause an initial rotation which is slowed by this resistance toward twisting!

I can't even wallride with Lucio and here he is wall riding irl...

Honestly, you're making a title, took the time to get a gif, set it all up and everything. The least you can do is double check the title. It's not actually that complicated. I get it if you wrote a whole huge paragraph, you might have a typo or two, but it's one sentence. Like half of a second to check it.

I don't understand this comment. Can someone take a moment to explain it to me.

I wish we could have this kind of attitude every day.

Fair enough.

Director: Here's a great idea - let's show them 2/3rds of something awesome, cut back to the beginning at a different angle, show them 2/3rds again, cut to a THIRD angle and show them the same 2/3rds for a third time! It'll be great!

I am ALL laws of physics on this blessed day

some people wait a lifetiiiiime...

Probably but that's definitely not what he meant to type

Short for moment of inertia. It's what the cool kids call it these days.

/sub/wholesomememes does

Can someone take a momentum to explain it to me.


now THAT'S what I'm talking about, if you're going to throw around physics terms at least use terms that accurately describe what's going on

Or to express a sincere feeling of distress that a title has an error

Except there can be no normal force after the initial impact. The bike+person collide inelastically with the wall, but then basically fall straight down with no traction until the lower curved ramp.

As an actual physicist I read it to mean moment of inertia or moment of force - which doesn't really make any sense either aside from the fact he spins a bit.


Yeah the hype for this, & the edit it came from was a little much. Ruben Alcantara's part in grounded came out in 2009 and was much more impressive imo.

Speak for yourself.

Holy shit, his first and the ender are even sicker than this video, I have to agree.

This is why I prefer its proper title, the weak nuclear force.

Well, it all depends on your perspective. On an astronomical scale, gravity is king.

OP's native tongue might not be English.

In my case momentum was taught to us as "momento" which when translated is indeed "moment".


Moment of inertia?

yeah they thought that one through all the way. The only place they could make this stunt happen had a less than ideal landing area so they bailed at the end.

People are so quick to think others are idiots but put no effort into their own thoughts.


Given how fun a simple wall run-up is (running at and then up a wall to effectively jump higher), I imagine this must feel fantastic to do properly.

That said, I have no idea how you'd practice this without banging yourself up pretty badly. If anyone could explain how stunt bikers do that I'd be interested.

Capital letters should only be used for names or at the beginning of a sentence.

No, bail off the like he did... Jesus


i was trying to think back to my mechanics/statics/dynamics class about how moments could be applied here. i just assumed i was a failure and didn't retain any of that stuff.

Nerd tip: say "May the derivative of momentum be with you."

That's how Newton put it, and it actually still works relativistically.

That's actually what I thought OP meant for a bit. I was confused.

It's a dumb title.

Here's an upvote for forcing me to laugh at utter stupidity

How'd he jump that far with balls that huge?

he served himself a 3 course meal of shit

If anything downward momentum actually fucked him in this case because he fell back after going down the ramp.

If only OP could have known what unholy retribution their little 'clever' title was about to bring down upon them

That's the assessment of every sport in existence

They're called proper nouns you heathen.

Need to remember this when I go undercover. We had a friend who got caught because he held up the wrong 3 fingers when he tried to order 3 beers, and they knew he wasn't German. Attention to detail, it could save your life!

Not speed walking. That's just shame and regret for the whole time you do it.

Moment is never short for moment of inertia, which wouldn't even apply to this scenario

Anybody that gets that good at something that can hurt you, has been hurt a lot of times.

That said, they practice in as safe situations they can, and they ramp things up relatively slowly, no pun intended.

So, this guy knows exactly how his bike will behave, how soft his shocks are, how more or less pressure in his tires feels. He started off with real simple tricks, and failed those, and then tried slightly more difficult ones, eventually ramp transfers, and then all kinds of different situations and scenarios, and eventually you get good enough where you can try something like that, without having to be completely insane.

But, this guy probably also broke a good few bones in his body. No pain, no gain. Step by step, day by day, over time you can do something incredible. If you go and try something like that on day one, you won't live to see tomorrow though.

When people see great things they think to themselves "wow, I wanna do that." But usually they don't want to put the time in, and start slow. They just want to be able to do that, now. The truth is though, those things are cool because they are difficult. Because they take time and dedication. Years and years, and many failures. If it was easy, everyone would do it, and it wouldn't be cool anymore. So, dedication and addiction, and perseverance, are also pretty key in learning to do something like that.

It is better to see here, at 3:17.

You can see how he crouches down on his bike, just like you would do vertically after a jump. He uses his own body as a damper.

After 2008 we can never go back to 2007.


He didn't "lose it." There was nowhere to go at the bottom so he had to do it that way.

Filmed in croydon, U.K. Dropped pin near 59 Wandle Rd, Croydon CR0 1DX

But from my point of view, Antigravity is king. It's treason then.

, what in

This is real? The gif looks like something from GTAV.

Thank you.

It looks like the only way to do it though. With that much momentum, it seems like he had to bail because of the lack of room at the bottom.

I wish I could forget that song

This guy must have The Floor is Lava

I was thinking the very same thing it seemed a little fishy, untill I realised it was his landing that kept him on the wall long enough to fall. If I tried that I would bounce and die.

Technically he would still have to cause a moment in the frame of the bike if he wanted to do the 180. So moment still sorta applies but it would still make more sense to say momentum.

Why didn't he bounce off the wall and fall?

Make everyday 4/20

Well that was a rather easy change of opinion