Using a strong magnet to pick up nails out of a fire pit

Put the magnet in the bottom of a milk jug. Then just lift the magnet and all the metal fall off. Keeps the magnet clean.

edit: Couple requests for an explanation. I tried to find the gif or video I saw years ago to no avail. Works like a store bought metal shop sweeper. Take an empty plastic container such as a milk jug. In the case of a milk jug, cut a hole in the top big enough for your hand clutching your magnet to fit through. Insert magnet into jug/container. Sweep the magnet containing jug/container across the area needing steel/iron scrap cleanup. Once it has picked up all it's going to, hold it over your scrap receptacle of choice. Reach in and lift the magnet up and watch all the scrap drop right off. Repeat as necessary and rejoice.

you know they make magnets on a stick just for this? Also, no glove here is just asking for an injury.


Y’all are talking some useful/helpful stuff and I’m over here blown away that OP didn’t take a nail to the hand.

Edit: if anyone was looking! OP Messaged me and sent it to me.

Edit2: the ACTUAL OP he’s says lol my bad

Nail go in wood. Nail hard to remove. Wood burn good no matter

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Flying rusty nails, hope that tetanus shot is up to date.

I recently realized that my really strong magnet can be used for removing those security disks from clothes. I'd never use it for shoplifting, but it's saved me a trip back to the store on several occasions when the store forgets to remove them.

Can someone explain why that magnet is so much stronger than a typical magnet? Can they be bought easily?

Probably wouldn't buy one, because I know I would forget and slap it on the side of the refrigerator. Then I would be dragging my refrigerator around the kitchen trying to get it off of there.

Why are there so many nails in the fire pit?

I actually work in magnetics. This is likely a neo magnet, probably not even a high grade due to its high volume. You can get them easily on Amazon or eBay. They're scary strong so don't crush your hands!

Nope. My Adobe Acrobat reader is up to date tho

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Thought I was the only one

Somthing something real LPT something comments

Nail no burns.

Now you’ve got me wondering how they ship a magnet that strong. If it was just stuffed in a normal amazon box/packet then it would be chaos for whole supply chain. I’m imagining a delivery driver having boxes filled with metal things flying towards him. Or sticking to the side of the van. Hard drives ruined.

I’m assuming there’s a solution to this but I can’t think what it is. How do these get shipped?

Yeah, it's actually a genius idea. The store employees will never know they've been stolen—they'll just see a tagless garment and think, "Gee, I guess I forgot to tag this blouse." Ka-chunk And they're never the wiser that OP is a compulsive anti-theft device thief.

Me think, why waste time say lot word, when few word do trick.

Agreed. This was a fucking stupid action.

Magnet holding expert here: You are of course correct... he should have cupped the magnet in his hand as if he was holding a newly hatched chick.

Guess I need to clarify. Empty milk jug.

This works as an analogy for how much attention a woman gets on Omegle.

His fingers are holding the magnet all down the sides of it though. I'm not an expert but it doesn't look like a good idea to be holding the magnet that way.

Not really. The momentum of the nail isn't enough to overcome the strong magnetic field. There's absolutely no way a nail could hit anything but the magnet.

What if you just put the magnet into the belly of a dolphin? Then you just hold the dolphin over the fire pit.

Thank you for that; curiosity satisfied!

From the store?

I hope the magnet-holder doesn't leave that in the house or near anyone with a pacemaker. Jeez.

And wear some gloves, you hooligan.

And how about that Java?

When me president, they see

And waste a FULL JUG of PERFECTLY GOOD MILK? You're a mad man !

What??? So milk will demagnatize the metal


tl;dr: nails

This is correct.

Source: my father is Hellraiser.

What about Realplayer?

If i were to run that magnet over my hard drive would that be able to pick up my deleted files?

of course this exists.

I think this is the video you're looking for

What about Netscape?

If you burn the right kinds of wood the result is nails.

Oh shit thanks for the reminder

Yeah, seriously, he's not even wearing gloves and they're moving fast.

I would definitely get a finger totally fucked doing this.

These will destroy hard drives if they get within a few inches of them. They can also mess with motors (including fans) if they get very close, and will distort CRT screens from an amazingly long distance away (that giant 6" one could do this from over a metre away). Other electronics should be fine though. I tested the magnetometer in my phone with one of them, put it right up to the phone and there was no effect. The magnetometer took it like a champ too, got an 11000 gauss reading, pretty much exactly what it should be.

Surely that would kill hard drives and other electronics packaged near it, it still has quite the pull. Right? Or am I underestimating the magnetic force necessary to destroy electronics?

Dinner dinner chicken dolphin

Nailed it

Certain bacteria thrives on ashes. 9/10 would not eat the organic fire pit salad.

if you think this is the worst you haven’t been on reddit enough

Can confirm.

Source: my uncle works at Nintendo.

Rust doesn't cause tetnus, bacteria does, it's just that rusty nails on farms are typically in areas that may also be contaminated with the bacteria.

I need to update my toaster, it's pretty crumby.


No problem!

Pacemakers can go through an MRI. A little neodymium magnet ain't gonna do shot to it. Your credit cards or hard drive, however...

Good comment.

It's the worst.

This is why cows aren’t magnetic.

As a child, in order to teach me how magnetic fields affect migrations, my mother strapped one onto the head of the messenger piccolo I raised with my cousin one town over. We never saw it again. I still don't know why she thought that would be a good idea.

that's how nails were discovered. It was only later carpenters had the brilliant idea to use them for woodworking.

I run a piercing and tattoo shop so I usually slap a magnet behind a customer's ear before I clean the sharp metal junk out of my firepit. Two birds one magnet.


You don't want to drink a whole gallon of milk trust me.

to the magnet

The phrase you should google or wiki you should read is "rare earth magnets".

The rare earth metals, combined in the right alloys and structures and such, can make some awesomely powerful magnets.

Just do ABSOLUTELY NOT get your credit or debit or gift cards close to them.

And a lot of them get offended when they're caught.

Fire hot. Fire hot meat. Hot meat good.

Like a messenger flute, but smaller

Yep, he nailed it......

People do realize that even if the pallet wood is only heat treated and doesn't use horrible chemicals to prevent infestations that the pallets may have still transported horrible chemicals that will become airborne if burned? Or worse, chemicals that aren't so bad when un heated?

Seriously, pallets are becoming the sexual partners of the current age. You are exposed to whatever partners it had before you. Don't trust it when it tells you "it's it's first time"

What i got from the youtube comments which are the pinnacle of scientific sources, hard drives will be wiped of the data but not physically destroyed. And AFAIK magnetism generally doesn't destroy electronics but I'm far from an expert.

This will make my magnet much more pleasant to eat off of. Thank!

"Put the magnet..."

Uh huh

"Inside a milk jug"

Okay slow down da Vinci, you lost me

He's burning scrap wood, probably pallets with nails in it.

and women as in boys pretending to be women.

Empty as a verb. As in "empty milk jug into your stomach"

So you can get one but not two.

Screw you?

No problem. He keeps an even stronger magnet for doing exactly that.

Then I would be dragging my refrigerator around the kitchen trying to get it off of there.

Protip: magnets are weak to shear stress -- slide it off the fridge's corner rather than trying to pull it off

/sub/incels would like a word with you.

Don't tell me what to do!

I’d take Kevin as president in a heartbeat right now.

"What are your hobbies ?" "Magnets !"

Magnets - how the fuck do they work?

They're shipped via ground since their magnetic fields interfere with flying instruments.

I'm enjoying this thread

I ordered a large neodymium magnet once because I thought it was cool...when the box arrived, it was covered in metal filings, paperclips, you name it and it was stuck to the box

Now have fun getting Magneto off.. uh wait, that changes things somewhat.

r/OSHA leaking here

Yes, it's because of the calcium. Demagnetized metals are also easier for your bones to absorb, that is why calcium is essential for strong bones.

Your credit cards or hard drive, however...

Chip cards and SSDs

It's fine, he just stores it on his computer tower.

EDIT: words are hard.

I got mine stuck to my solid-state hard drive. No damage.

Camp Fire can't melt steel nails.

Wear gloves. Does not wear gloves in video lol.

What the hell were you burning? The Terminator?

But it's not like they would fly past the magnet, right? As long as he holds it on the top like he is, he should be clear of the nails. Idk enough about magnets to know for sure, but it looks fine here.

That part where he's just throwing shit at a cardboard box and its flying at is hilarious