Using a golf cart to leap off a golf cort bunker wcgw

Using a golf cart to leap off a golf cort bunker wcgw

Can't believe the wheels didn't come off. Fared better than that real truck in the desert.

What's a golf cort?

Golf carts are actually pretty durable vehicles. I worked at a golf course all through high school loading bags, cleaning carts, etc. We used to abuse the shit out of those carts and I can't think of a single instance where one was actually damaged. We never did anything quite like this, but we had off-road courses set up in the woods that were pretty treacherous. We used to smash into eachother pretty hard too. Fucked my wrist up pretty bad one time ramming into a parked cart.

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It could have gone worse, but that was pretty awesomely stupid. I hope that is their cart and the golf course banishes them and makes them pay for damages.

The A team theme comes to mind.

It's next to the tennis fields

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Thanks for the suggestion

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