User on Reddit claims to buy a T-shirt of their Dad for Thanksgiving as revenge for Mom leaving the family. Original image owner sees the post and calls BULLSHIT. (Story in comments)

User on Reddit claims to buy a T-shirt of their Dad for Thanksgiving as revenge for Mom leaving t...

Saw this last week on Reddit. This website posted an image with the caption, "My mom left my dad and family for a total asshole named Brad. This Thanksgiving is at Mom and Brad's house and I'll be wearing's my Dad.

Reddit marketing completely backfired in their face when the original image owner posted the non-photo shopped image after he saw his face on the front page. It wasn't his dad and he isn't a total asshole.

Link to bullshit thread:

Wow...saw the original post but never the follow up. Not going to lie, I'm not even mad. Laughing my ass off now reading both of those threads.

This is grade 'A' Reddit drama entertainment.

I'm conflicted. I want to rage and get my Reddit pitchfork....but I kind of want one of those shirts now..

PLOT TWIST: The second poster was in on it the whole time

sorry, that was funny.

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Sorry, typo. Should say, “Chad”


Of course the Mom left with a guy named Brad.