US teen birth rate drops to all time low. Gee, I wonder why?! Is it because of all that abstinence only education? Or because access to contraception is at an all time high thanks to Obamacare? My money is on the latter.

US teen birth rate drops to all time low. Gee, I wonder why?! Is it because of all that abstinence only education? Or because access to contraception is at an all time high thanks to Obamacare? My money is on the latter.
US teen birth rate drops to all time low. Gee, I wonder why?! Is it because of all that abstinenc...

While this is a good thing, the study clearly shows the rate has been declining since the 90's, and the current rate of decrease has been pretty constant since 2007, 3 years before the ACA was passed.

The article also states that condoms are still the primary form of BC, which are not covered by the ACA.

And saying condoms are a cheap, easily accessible and tested form of Birth control will get you piled on this sub.

Teenagers are also just having less sex than a generation ago. There was a study recently showing that teenagers are taking longer these days to start doing adult things.

The purpose of insurance is not to pay for things that are cheap and affordable. That's the exact opposite of what insurance is for.

Insurance is designed as a risk mitigation service. It's not meant to be a wealth redistribution service.

The birth rate among teen girls has dropped 67 percent since 1991

That's an incredible decrease and probably a good thing for everyone.

probably because we can’t even afford rent or health insurance how the fuck are we supposed to raise a baby?

This is where my bets would be.

Culture is dictating more pressure to not have children early because it equates as "failure"--this turns into not having sex.

Aside, this stat may be blown out of the water with abortion rates went up too.

It could be condoms. It could also be the drastic rise in teens vaping as well..

This is very true. Teen pregnancy drops to zero at 20.

It's threefold:

Lower frequency of sex (across all age groups) Later (and later) time of first sexual experiences Increased contraception use

You can find resources that provide free condoms in any major city. This doesn’t help folks in rural areas, however.

If they're cheap that's even more reason they should be covered under health insurance IMO

Congrats on thinking that far ahead.

We have always had the "equates to failure" over our heads.

It's the technology. Online time skyrockets =actual interaction plummets.

You should read Jean Twenges article on what smartphones are doing.

This is how I feel when I see those stupid "Millennials are ruining X industry!" Yeah, because we're fucking broke.

Preventative medicine is a method of risk reduction. It is cheaper for the risk pool to pay for a woman's birth control for the year than it is to subsidize the cost of an average pregnancy, the last time I saw the numbers. I imagine that comparable numbers would be true for condoms.

I'm not disagreeing with you that insurance isn't about buying things, but leaving it at that is reductive and misleading in this context.

Well, you need to get off the internet and see each other in person to make babies. Damn teenyboppers. GET OFF MY LAWN*


The headline is a bit much I think

This is the whole goddamn problem with health care discussion. We’ve forgotten what insurance is. Home insurance pays for your house after it burns down. It doesn’t pay to install sprinkler systems.

If young and often irresponsible people are using condoms, that's great news. The fall may not be due to Obamacare, but "abstinence education," does not work - statistically speaking - nor does religion in general.

I think it's notable that many societal ills, from teen pregnancy to divorce is higher in the fundamentalist leaning and conservative south than the liberal "Godless" north or west of the USA.

And as much as I like trashing religion, it's not religion that's the problem, IMO - it's poverty, lack of education, and the dysfunction they bring to people and families.

By way of analogy, I work in HR at a public hospital. There are a wide range of incomes among employees, from doctors who make $300K per year, RNs who make $160K per year, down to Porters and Food Service workers who make $45K per year (California). Though the higher paid people certainly have their problems, most problems from anger issues to attendance issues, are at the bottom of the income scale.

Can’t you get free condoms at most clinics?

What does any of this have to do with Obamacare? i literally just walk to my nearest walgreens to buy a box of condoms

I've never understood the argument of accessible contraception when condoms cost 25 cents.

EDIT: A lot of people saying people don't want to buy them or are too embarrassed. If you are too embarrassed to go and buy a condom, you are probably too young to have sex.

Also today's VR porn is light years ahead of finding an old playboy or trying to see the boobs on a scrambled channel. I remember reading that modern video games are so good at creating a sense of achievement (EA jokes aside) that people are less driven towards professional achievement. I imagine that same concept applies to porn. It's become so good at creating a sense of intimacy or lust (whatever does it for you) that guys are less driven towards real sex.

Big if true.

Funny, I seem to remember posting this exact same thing 5 months ago. WTF?

Vaping is probably the most effective form of birth control.

That and the whole "you'll get an std and ruin your life" thing that prevents young people from having any healthy perspective on the risks of sex, there was also a study (excuse me for reaching back with my memory and not my google) that showed young adults grosslt misjudged the difference in risk between random unprotected sex woth a stranger and taking a road trip.

But isn't it cheaper for them to provide basically any form of birth control rather then pay for someone to give birth?

I would like for someone to show me a study correlating an increase in the availability of contraception with the Affordable Care Act.

This is a serious request. I’ll wait.

This is absolutely true in my personal experience (however not a teen). There’s too much uncertainty and difficulty making ends meet to consider a child right now, and we’re considered “middle-class”.

The small Midwestern town I grew up in had a lot of pharmacies that wouldn't sell condoms to kids under 18. Absolutely ridiculous, but it meant almost no one in high school had condoms to use. When I moved back to town after college, I made sure to let my sister and her friends know I would happily buy them condoms. I also offered to talk with them any time they had questions. Teens don't want to talk to parents. Other older people don't want to talk to teens. It helps, I think.

Or they are a teen that had a comprehensive sex ed class

They should make up a fancy name for "less sex".

I'm going to start calling it "fapstinence".

I would recommend listening to The Butterfly Effect podcast. It discusses how the availability of online streaming porn has affected our society, including an interview where the decline in teen pregnancy and marked increase in erectile dysfunction in young men have both been affected because internet porn is so accessible. I was really fascinated by the whole podcast, since something as “trivial” as porn has made some serious impacts on our society.

It seems that teens (and adults for that matter) have less of an interest in actual sex, which had the propensity not to live up to our expectations, but would rather search for exactly what they like and enjoy the fictional perfection. (Kinda like romance novels.) More masturbation = less sex = less pregnancy.

No, but thanks t to comprehensive sex ed and funding of clinics, it's very easy to get free condoms.

We are wildly behind most other first world countries in those 3 stats

So...theyre abstaining longer than before? Kinda throws OPs rant out the window (i say this as a person strongly against abstinence only programs)

They are talking about teens. High School kids are not having kids because they can afford or not afford them.

Welcome to the 20th century, America. Now get to work on your incarceration rate and maternal death rate.

If you cant figure out a condom you shouldnt have sex.

Yeah but horny teenagers

I'd say more shame than failure in the past...I mean my grand folks had their children at 14-16. That was still young but not unheard of. If you weren't married by 25...oooboy.

Technology is what brings a lot of the interaction to fruition; were talking about teenagers--until high schools stop having dances (homecoming, Sade's, Prom) because of low turnout/interest; technology will only be helping.

Think about how much young people text one another; some are emoji filled nonsense but some might be actual and meaningful conversation. Technology gives way for kids to find a reasonable ride instead of having a car. Technology affords social skills centered on augmented reality--no different than fantasy sports in the early 2000s.

TL;DR It's natural to come together technology won't get in the way of that.

Or it's neither... kids just aren't having that much sex compared to the 60s/70s/80s. You guys love your fallacies.

Condoms aren't a substitute to hormonal birth control.

I believe that the more informed kids are of how everything works and the risks (proper sex ed) plus easier acess to birth control, actually reduces the number of young people having sex.

A lot of these programs include "knowing when you are ready" and "resisting peer pressure" and more progressive information on sexuall assault and consent. All of this empowers young people.

It was common when we went to school that the people with less information were the ones having sex at 13, the ones with the information often waited til highschool or even college.

I mean, getting an STD is pretty bad, even one of the curable ones can cause lifelong issues if you don't notice it quickly enough, especially in women.

All birth control can fail and you can also forget to take pills.

I hate overpopulation, so let’s give everybody an iPhone preloaded with porn

I mean, they always had a goldfish bowl on every counter at the dr I used to go to. They’d literally try to stuff as many of them in your pockets/purse/hands, whatever you can carry them with, as you leave. And they make DAMN sure you know they’re free & can take as many as you want 😂

I think its less cultural pressure and more that the “millennial” generation simply can’t afford to buy a home and raise children like their parents could.

Less sex, so no. And free condoms were everywhere prior to Obama.

Lots of people are embarrassed by buying condoms; lots of people don't understand how to use them correctly; lots of people just don't like them.

We'd probably all agree that a bowl full of free condoms on a college campus is way more "accessible" than boxes behind the register at a camera-blanketed drugstore are. Accessibility isn't a binary, it's a spectrum. Cultural changes like education and an elimination of inappropriate shame are important factors on that spectrum.

is it possible that teens are also actively avoiding pregnancy because teen pregnancy is a social stigma?

Traditionally? Yes. Home insurance is to mitigate the tiny risk of your house burning down. Life insurance is to mitigate the tiny chance of you dying in the next year.

However, when it's applied to everyday services that are essential for life, such as healthcare, I think it changes the rules of the game. I'd prefer if it wasn't even called insurance, since it doesn't bear great similarity to other forms.

Oh yeah, I agree. But it is a fact that that’s something that happens. And teenagers having sex before they’re emotionally ready is unfortunately something that happens and probably always will.

Why do they need to be covered when they're literally handed out for free?

Condoms fail and randy teens don't always have them in the heat of the moment. Condoms fail. I know. Ours failed and I got pregnant at 16. Good times. s/

If you cant figure out a condom you shouldnt have sex.

They are literally free at almost every health clinic. Seriously, every county should have a welfare office where they give out free condoms

I disagree, have you been out to eat lately? Technology disengages people and wrecks havoc on social skills.

Teenage boys have an entire universe of pornography to explore their desires

Girls have an entire universe of to obsess over.

The result? The social needs of relationships are being met without actual interaction.

Honestly, if you're never instructed, you could use it wrong.

There are a ton of stories out there of couples who were just sleeping together, like just sleeping, not screwing, and they couldn't figure out why they weren't getting pregnant

Teenagers are also just having less sex than a generation ago

It's not just one study, though. They probably just haven't heard about the others that corroborate the trend which appears in many industrialized nations since around the late 90s-early 2000s.

Aren't condoms already government subsidized and you can get free at public institutions??

Condoms can fail especially when they're not used correctly.

If youre thinking that far ahead, probably not a teen. Oh kiddos with their undeveloped prefrontal cortexes.

I was convinced up until I was almost 20 that if I had sex, my dingus would become this gross infected painful mess. Those health class slide shows are burned into my memory.

My money is that people are making less money to afford kids...

Although if pregnancy and related conditions are covered by your insurance it might well be cost-effective for your insurer to provide you with free condoms to reduce claims.

Canadian here. Condoms at the pharmacy come out to like 1$+/piece. That IS pretty damn expensive as a primary method of birth control. So much better then it could be, but also more expensive then it needs to be. Amazon is cheaper, but let's be honest, that isn't even remotely an option for many, especially those who need it most.

If you're too immature to buy condoms then you're too immature to handle the responsibilities of sex. Not saying anything about access to contraception, but it's definitely something to think about

Condoms can fail especially when not taught how to use properly.

It was literally never mentioned in my Middle School Sex Ed class. We were taught that sex results in STDs, Pregnancy, and should only be engaged in after marriage. That's about it. This was in Western NY circa 2005.

Because lots of teenagers are embarrassed awkward about first buying condoms and then raising the subject with the person they're having sex with. Sad but true.

Interesting. That scared the shit out of me as a teenager in health class.

Why would most teens be able to afford rent or health insurance? That’s not any different than it ever was.

It could be a variety of factors such from ease of access to contraceptives to shows like 16 and pregnant. Unlikely that the issue is monetary since poor countries tend to have a high birth rate (and a high death rate since the quality of life is so poor).

You are concluding that from one study?