US Senate healthcare repeal bill fails

US Senate healthcare repeal bill fails
US Senate healthcare repeal bill fails

McCain, Murkowski and Collins were the deciding NOs. Graham - who called the bill half assed and a fraud a few hours ago - voted yes.

Mitch McConnel quote of the night, "And democrats holding up proceedings by wanting to read the bill."

Edit: wow, didn't expect my reaction to the human turtle crying on cspan like someone killed his puppy to blow up like this. If you want to see it yourself pbs put it on YouTube here: and yes he was talking about dems using parliamentary procedure to kill the bill.

tfw no one knows if they love or hate john mccain anymore

Jesus fucking Christ. What a monster. Reading bills should be a fucking legal require for everyone before voting is even allowed.

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Since people keep pointing out that Democrats (Nancy Pelosi specifically) do the same shit I decided to edit this to address that comment.

Yes, I know they do the same thing. I don't recall saying democrats were innocent. I never defended her or the democrats for doing the same thing. That was then though, this is now. This topic is about now. Nancy is a "monster" just the same, but I was just replying to the post that quoted Mitch McConnel. I can hate people from both parties.

Apparently Graham's change of heart to vote yes came after being reassured that the bill WOULDN'T be passed in the House. Crazy fucking times we're living in.

Mitch McConnell spent his entire speech blaming Democrats for this. How pathetic can one person possibly be?! YOU HAVE THE MAJORITY. it's nobody's fault except your own that you had SEVEN years to come up with a better alternative to the ACA and the best you came up with was 22 million people losing insurance. Fuck yourself, Mitch. YOU failed. YOUR party has the power and you couldn't pass your best agenda item. How sad is that?

While McCain will get all the coverage, reminder that Mazie Hirono ALSO interrupted her cancer treatment to cast her "no" vote & that Murkowski and Collins have stood up to their party fairly consistently over this.

Fucker walked into Narnia and came out at Monsters INC.

So great that John McCain is coming back to vote. Brave - American Hero! Thank you John.

-Donald J. Trump, July 25

Funniest shit ever for them to drag McCain away from brain cancer treatment so he can vote on their crappy, hastily thrown together bill, and instead he kills it.

"Our efforts were not enough... this time" That sounds like a fucking super villain line.

And of course afterward McConnell blames the Democrats. It's not like they have a majority or anything, or 8 years with which to craft a sensible plan. Nope, they tried to cobble something together over night. It's actually depressing to think it failed by only 1 vote.

7 years of complaining, campaigning against, insults, doing whatever they could to hurt it and they couldn't even replace it.

7 years to work on their own bill and they try to do it in less then a month.

I'm not sure if it's really being appreciated just how comprehensively the Republicans were just fucked over.

See, the Republicans have been trying to pass these godawful healthcare bills through a process called budget reconciliation, which, among other things, protects the bill from being filibustered in the Senate and only requires a simple majority of 50 votes (rather than 60, which the Republicans don't have).

The thing is, the Senate can only consider one budget reconciliation bill per topic per year. Of course, if the bill dies in committee and never comes to an official vote, it doesn't count- which is why they've been able to keep hammering away at the issue.

This bill, though, was allowed to come to the Senate floor, because the Republicans thought they'd secured the votes. Collins, Murkowski and the Democrats would vote no, everyone else would vote yes, and Pence would break the tie. And then McCain completely fucked them. And it was almost certainly a calculated move; he voted to allow the bill to come to the floor. Had McCain allowed it to die in committee, McConnell could have come back with yet another repeal bill; but he let it come to a vote, and now they can't consider another budget reconciliation bill for the rest of the fiscal year. The Senate needs 60 votes to pass any kind of healthcare reform now.

So now they're caught between a rock and a hard place. Either they concede defeat on the issue and try again later (causing a big, unpopular stink that could damage elections if they try it before the midterms, or risking losing the slim majority they already have if they wait) or they actually sit down with the democrats like adults and write a halfway decent healthcare bill.

This is amazing.


EDIT: Clearing up some things about budget reconciliation and what "topics" means.

From this article:

Under Senate interpretations of the Congressional Budget Act, the Senate can consider the three basic subjects of reconciliation — spending, revenues, and debt limit — in a single bill or multiple bills, but it can consider each of these three in only one bill per year (unless Congress passes a second budget resolution). Consequently, in the Senate there can be a maximum of three reconciliation bills in a year, one for each of the basic subjects of reconciliation.

This rule is most significant if the first reconciliation bill that the Senate takes up affects both spending and revenues. Even if that bill is overwhelmingly devoted to only one of those subjects, no subsequent reconciliation bill can affect either revenues or spending because the first bill already addressed them.

Emphasis mine. Budget reconciliation wasn't actually meant to be used for healthcare bills, it's meant to be used for, well, budgetary concerns. They're forcing a square peg in a round hole by arguing that the funding and tax portions of the ACA fall under "budget legislation", so that makes things a bit weird. The ACA repeal bill would, I believe, affect the "spending" and "revenues" subjects; so they've now basically blown their chance at passing anything else through reconciliation this fiscal year.


(someone please correct me if any of this is wrong/inaccurate)


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You can still admire someone and disagree with them.

He's done things I've vehemently been against and things I've supported.

The truth is I respect the man because of how he holds himself and how he acts with dignity.

Edit: thank you kind stranger :)

John McCain finally pulled through for literally his last vote ever. This is truly amazing. People railed on him for not standing up to Trump, but at the very least the came through for the end.

Lindsey Graham will be a snake oil salesman till he fucking dies.

He did it with climate change, he did it here.

He also spent the entirety of Obama's second term refusing to do anything whenever he could. McConnell calling the Democrats obstructionists and refusing to cooperate or help is hypocritical on so many levels.

I read this article from The Atlantic earlier today:

According to The New York Times, Murkowski even stood up directly to Trump during a meeting of Republican senators at the White House earlier this month. “With all due respect, Mr. President,” she reportedly told him, “I didn’t come here to represent the Republican Party. I am representing my constituents and the state of Alaska.”

Yep, she's cool in my books.

voted no.

The moment that John McCain

Watch it. The entire room holds its breath. Wow.


Edit: For people wondering why Schumer was waving his arms after McCain voted no, he was doing it to get his caucus to be quiet. It's bad form to make noise like that during the vote and it could be seen as celebratory/gloating....he also didn't want the 3 no votes to get upset about it and change their vote.


Edit 2: If you called your Senators to ask them to vote no, then make sure you call them again to thank them...especially if their names are Murkowski, Collins, or McCain. Hell, even if you didn't call your Senators before the vote, a thank you call can be very impactful.

I just want to give a shout out to my Senator Susan Collins. I have really appreciated her being one of few consistent Republicans to stand up to Trump and actually put her vote behind it. Although I have never voted for her, or any republican ever and probably never will, I am proud to say she is my Senator.

TFW everyone in this thread has successfully passed as much legislation as the Republican party in 2017.

I think this will be the shortest 180 flip for Trump. Eating his words in only 2.5 days.

Murkowski was at one point before her vote surrounded by 5, 5, old white men trying to change her vote.

Never mind the threatening phonecall received a couple days earlier.

Overies of steel.

Voting No would open him up to a right wing primary if it failed (which it did). Voting Yes would hurt him in a General Election, but probably only if the bill passed (otherwise it will mostly just put off people who were voting Democratic anyway).

Graham is a republican incumbent representing South Carolina. Let's not pretend he cares about general elections. Only primary challenges from the rightwing endanger him.

But voting "yea" would have genuinely hurt the people of South Carolina, especially the poorest among them. He decided that kind of senseless suffering was worth taking a big public stand against in a speech. But, not, you know, risking his job to vote against.

Lisa Murkowski was apparently threatened by the White House-'According to that report, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke called Alaska Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan and informed them that Murkowski's opposition to the vote Tuesday to start debate "put Alaska's future with the administration in jeopardy."'

His greatest mistake was choosing Palin as his running mate in 2008.

How about a law like "Every bill must be publicly readable for at least X amount of time?" or "Every bill must be readable period?"

McConnell doesn't have a shred of integrity or honor in his body. He knows that they never ONCE contacted a Democrat for debate or discussion, and in fact used "bipartisanship" as a threat to Republicans if they couldn't pass this bill.

And then once they can't even pass the most modest of OCare repeals he blames the Democrats. It's appalling dishonesty, but his base won't care, Fox and Friends will be repeating the same lie tomorrow and it will become the truth in their bubble.

McConnell obstructed so bad he fucking stole a Supreme Court Justice :/

He's so deep in the closet his closet has a closet.

Lisa Murkowski was apparently threatened by the White House

Trump's picking a fight he can't win. Murkowski was reelected by write-in in Alaska. The 2nd write-in Senator since 1954. And Congress controls the money, it can hurt Trump whenever they want, and the more he threatens members, the more likely it hurts him.

Let's be honest with ourselves. The Republicans love to quote Nancy Pelosi when she said something along the lines of 'we have to pass the bill to see what's inside it'.

In my opinion, the fact that ACA works at all is surprising considering how much of it was written by insurance lobbyists and hospital lobbyists. It's really a shame that the Republicans spent so much time in repeal when they could have effected real change by fixing legislation that allows insane medical costs by blocking free market activity. How about enforcing transparent pricing and preventing price gouging? Naa that night piss off the lobbyists bankrolling the Republican party.

It's a sad day for the Republicans when a free market guy like me realises that the Democratic platform is actually more consistent with my values

He has done it between sentences..

I'm pretty sure this bill was hastly thrown together in the last day. Democrats demanded to see a final version of the bill yesterday. They were given one mere hours before voting.

Trump topped it with "Let Obamacare implode. Then deal. Watch!" (of course in a tweet)

To me, that is just another clear sign that he views the health care of millions of Americans as just a disembodied gaming point to play with. Just a "win/lose" rather than a thing to handle with dignity, care, and compassion. It boils down to ego rather than lives. Selfishness than patriotism.

I cannot tell you how saddened, worried, and angry I am to see our executive and much of the GOP side of the legislative branch turning into predators with no qualms killing us off for the sake of helping 1%ers.

I hadn't thought of it in that context, yeah. So besides Collins with a firm "no" from the start, the only two Republicans to vote against this were personally insulted by Trump and treated very poorly by Senate Republicans afterward.

I've never hated him; I've had varying levels of disagreements with some of his views or decisions, but I've always had some tiny amount of respect for the man, far more respect than I've had for most modern republican politicians.

I'll get you next time! Gadgeeeeet!

Still too close for comfort -- glad McCain didn't buckle.

He's done it between rallies.

You know what? Thank you, John McCain. Even though your past voting record is fucking abysmal, thank you (and Murkowski and Collins, my bad) for putting a stop to this bullshit bill.

OH how they tried. Pence finally stormed out of the chamber after like 20 minutes of trying to convince McCain. McCain went and had a laugh with the Dems right after.

Let's go live to Mitch McConnell's office!

Let's go live to Mitch McConnell's office!

Poor guy. He just wants to kill poor people but nobody will let him :(

Also, if the word 'freedom' is in the bill name add 6 months to the review time.

Call her Capitol Hill office and make this comment to her staff. She's going to be under a lot of party pressure for this decision.

He's done it mid-sentence. Mind you, since his average sentence is over 400 words and covers 13 topics, switching between them seemingly at random, that's hardly surprising.

After refusing to even hear about Obama's nominee for a year! Merrick Garland never had so much as a single hearing! McConnell even got the Senate Judiciary Committee to sign a letter saying that they'd all refuse to hear any candidates from Obama!

McCain of all people blocked this.

McCain came forward to vote for bringing the bill to the floor, which as an old-school senator, would be appropriate. Then he voted against the horrible bill because he actually has a soul. Neither is actually surprising from McCain. He's a very conservative senator who mostly sticks to his guns. Here's a nice article analyzing his record:

Following the vote live on CSPAN & Twitter was incredible. The McCain vote was something straight out of a movie. Literal gasps in the Senate chambers. What a moment!

You can watch it here:

I think he'd agree with you.

The Republicans are not pro free market, they're pro corporation pretending that that's free market.

Make it based on word count, longer bill, longer time for public review. Maybe use a exponential curve of some sort to encourage small concise bills.

When Trump tweets insults Friday morning against a former POW and GOP Senator with terminal brain cancer, we will see how it works out for him. Nothing like McCain's brain cancer to focus his mind on taking away health insurance from millions of people.

I wonder how many angry tweets directed at McCain we can expect from Trump tomorrow.

I bet Sessions is pleased he'll be left alone for the weekend.

He said it right after all the votes were counted when he went on a long rant blaming the dems for the failure and how they condemned Americans to the horrible future of having health insurance.

Which is worst. It just confuses me how they can rally people and complain about how a bill is destroying lives with nothing better to replace it with.

Why buff so much on something so important?

Amusingly, Murkowski specifically has quite a bit of control over the Dept of the Interior's money:

And it was almost certainly a calculated move; he voted to allow the bill to come to the floor. Had McCain allowed it to die in committee, McConnell could have come back with yet another repeal bill; but he let it come to a vote, and now they can't consider another budget reconciliation bill for the rest of the fiscal year.

Considering McCain's condition, voting to allow the bill to come to the Senate floor may have also been calculated to ensure that he got to have his vote - and it was no.

Let's not forget to show thanks to Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins for showing such strong leadership tonight.

Because all they have are complaints and no plans. For 7 years they've been bitching about Obamacare, and still they can't show anyone on paper something better...while at the same time refusing to fix the things that DO need to be fixed in Obamacare.

It's maddening. Hopefully this will be a death to that strategy so we can actually get progress.

Thank you for that explanation. That helps me reconcile McCain's vote to bring the bill to debate with his impassioned speech. It makes sense now. This really was riding on McCain, and he really pulled through. He potentially saved thousands of lives.

McCain was bitterly defeated by Obama for the job he wanted most, President. Now, he is almost single-handedly responsible for saving Obama's signature achievement. The writers definitely deserve an Emmy for this one.

Oh no, I still have health insurance! What have the evil democrats done?! /s

Why not? The ACA is an old-school republican idea, and McCain is an old-school republican.

The word "Patriot" adds 4 years and punts it to the next administration.

EDIT: Also, make sure we add in a way to fuck over clever acronym that could be used to get around this...

Edit 2: Wrong word.

You know what's crazy... No one is thanking any of the Democrats that voted no. Because that's what they're supposed to do. Like no, "Thank you for being the rational people we always assumed you were". It's so crazy to me that things like this are so partisan that when a few cross over, they're hailed as heroes/defectors.

It's not obstructionism if you're stopping a black person.

I'm not even American but I fuckin love this

I thought his sentences were limited to 140 characters.

McConnell has been more harmful to our democracy than anyone else in recent memory. He is an American villain.

The thing that many people don't realise is that Murkowski may be untouchable.

She, an incumbent, lost the 2010 Republican primary to a tea party republican(which was extremely popular then). The libertarians wouldn't let her run on their ticket, so she ran a write-in campaign.

Murkowski ran a state wide election on a write-in campaign, and beat the republican by 4 points. She remains the only senator since Strom Thurmond, in 1954, to win on write-in.

I've been glued to C-SPAN all night, watched Pence arrive. Good god, McConnell's speech afterwards was so disjointed from reality -- and is Schumer crying right now?

McCain is also likely not to seek reelection now as well, so he doesn't need the GOP support.

So McCain was actually the fucking hero all along?

Did that man just dramatically hold out his arm then do a thumbs down? I sure as hell hope so.

I've never hated McCain. I have been repeatedly disappointed in him. I was expecting to be disappointed in him tonight, especially after he voted yes on the motion to proceed after his speech about working together. Tonight, I was pleasantly surprised. His vote finally matched his words.

Edit: "but he always intended to vote no." After voting for the motion to proceed, he also voted for the "repeal and replace" bill. He then voted no on "partial repeal," which was always going to fail because it needed 60 votes, not 50. So going into this third and final vote for "skinny repeal," I was putting more stock into his first vote, which was for the bill that ran antithetical to everything in his speech.

Looks like Team McConnell's blasting off agaaaaaaainn

Less because he has a soul and more because he is an old-school senator. He's not very fond of the procedural bullshit tricks and wants bipartisan driven legislation. Also, AZ residents really hated the repeal plan in place based on polling

McCain just pulled a Snape

They ruined your death.

Although I was disappointed that McCain voted for the debate, he really gained my respect by following through with voting against any repeal to Obamacare. And to think only 9 years ago he was running against Obama. Glad there's still an ounce of integrity in the GOP..

It takes more bravery for them to go against the grain.

But yes, thank you to all the Democrats too. And thank you to all the activists.

That moment when McConnell's voice broke was truly precious. Hoping some of the more moderate fixes can get approved now (e.g. public negotiations to rein in drug prices, or a Medicaid expansion to those not poor but that cannot afford insurance, as initially intended).

Thank you to Senators Mccain, Collins and Murkowski for putting country over party and doing your duty to the people 🇺🇸🇺🇸 !

And they say the first six months of a new administration/Congress are supposed to be the most productive...

And they have the nerve to compare this process to the Ocare process, even though the Democrats took a year, had multiple committee hearings, hours and hours of debate, and actually tried to bring the Republicans into the process, Obama brought them all into the Blair House and made a pitch to them and let them have it out over the bill.

They take votes via alphabetical roll call. His name is M and they were already on the Ps, which means they had skipped him as he was undecided up until that moment. Everyone else's vote had been accounted for unofficially, and it was down to one vote, so people knew his vote would be the deciding factor. He voted no and the bill failed as a result.

Yup. Schumer got misty for a moment. He was talking about McCain. He's known McCain for a long time. I suspect he'd call him a friend. McCain's death is going to hit the whole senate really hard.

His "The Democrats refused to help" bit was rich af. Like, dude, you holed up in a backroom with a dozen GOP senators, and patched together a bunch of freedom-loving talking points designed to destroy the actual marketplace you said you're fixing. Cut out the Democrats, and rushed this shit to the floor before even your own caucus had read it. Today, a good number of GOPsenators explicitly said they'd only vote for this thing if they were guaranteed the conference committee would gut it and make it something completely different. Said they only wanted to get the win, but were mortified by the bill they were voting yes on. How could anyone engage with that in good faith?

This is the best redemption arc I've ever seen!

And now we've got it on fucking record, and the words right out of his fucking mouth. Even if he can't be dislodged the Dems are going to have so much fucking fun battering him around like a Pinata with that.

John McCain delivering the best "No" since Revenge of the Sith

Watching him deflate that flimsy, turtle-shaped bag of hot gas that is Mitch McConnell may have aroused me. And I'm a Canadian. Who doesn't even like McCain that much.

Watch Mitch McConnell as he tries to guilt-trip Democrats

"Now I imagine many of our colleagues on the other side are celebrating. They are probably pretty happy about all this, but the American people are hurting, and they need relief. Our friends on the other side decided early on they didn't want to engage with us in a serious way to help those suffering under ObamaCare."

Only 36% of voters support the repeal that would leave 16 million Americans without insurance. Mitch, are you confused as to who the American people are?

That's a good idea. I'll definitely make sure to do that.

Minus the whole "I've never voted for you and I never will."

That part makes the call ineffective