US seizes domains of KickassTorrents, site's owner arrested

US seizes domains of KickassTorrents, site's owner arrested
US seizes domains of KickassTorrents, site's owner arrested
Not trying to start anything but you know our criminal system is fucked when they pay more attention to piraters than politicians who leave confidential information unencrypted on their private email servers.

Not trying to start anything but you know our criminal system is fucked when they pay more attention to piraters than politicians who leave confidential information unencrypted on their private email servers.

Why can't the police use all their energy in arresting dirty cops and politicians instead? Those are the ones that cause real damage to lives of many ppl.

These movie/music/whatever companies are still raking in millions/billions every year even with piracy!

Funny thing is, Kickass Torrents isn't even doing anything illegal. They just link to the torrents, they don't actually host them. Oh well, there's still Piratebay... for now at least.

They don't host them, hell, they even take down infringing torrents upon request.

I know, so true. I hate how Hillary was just let go. She said that video games are evil, but she cost people's lives and put the entire nation at risk. Even better is the person who was going to testify against you mysteriously died the day before "because he tripped over a dumbbell." I am not saying that she had him killed, but that is really suspicious. Hillary is going to get a huge salary and control of the nation even though she should be arrested and in jail. Amazing how those with money receive no punishment and those with little money are treated like shit.

$1 billion... Damn, with that you could buy like 5 copies of Adobe Premiere

rip in pepperonis, next site will be up in a week. It's the same every time.

Torrent sites are hydras. Kill one, two more appear. Unless if you want endless reproduction, you must find more indirect ways of combating piracy like oh I don't know, making your games worth the price tag.

Hail Hydra.

Glad to see the police are more concerned about the latest marvel movie or GoT episode being downloaded than stopping terrorist attacks or catching rapists/murderers

Yes! Of course that is more the FBI than the police. And the FBI is paid in part by those very people. You see the trend here?

rip ajacstern232 khm

It's simple, by making a profit of whatever it is they're doing, they open a can of worms.

Instead, the next torrent site MUST NOT:

Accept donations Show ads Associate in partnerships Whatever makes money

Just don't make money off of it!

4 hours for a mirror to become available, this is hilarious.


Remember the guy who crossed her and was shot three times in the back of the head but it was ruled suicide?

Yeah I'm not gonna say they're murderers but the clintons are shady.

Claire Underwood was modeled after Hillary too just an FYI

Because murder victims don't pay the police millions of dollars to pursue the killer.

Avoid Headaches

Then how should they run servers? Last time I checked that still costs money.

To be honest, I'd love to see a nonprofit organization of some sort running a torrent site, maybe controlled through Ethereum to evade authorities, and exposing its financial info through the Bitcoin blockchain. But NPOs still make money, it just doesn't go into the shareholders' pockets.

Or make an elite team of superpowers individuals.

stop trying to give people a virus

more indirect ways of combating piracy

Like Netflix or Spotify. Though quite honestly Netflix isn't even enough

Remember the guy who crossed her and was shot three times in the back of the head but it was ruled suicide?

Wait, what?! Do you have any sources on this?

KAT lives matter

Just shut the fuck up already, corporate sheep.

Utterly illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional surveillance of the world: a-o-fucking kay.

Going to war on bullshit premises and killing civilians like Terminators on steroids, AND covering the whole shit up: absolutely what Jesus would have done.

Threaten, hunt down, and imprison people for civil suites on behalf of your corporations, aka being the mafia enforcer for these companies: it's what Gandhi would have wanted.


Some guy that points to stuff that is already out there and says, hey, there is some stuff over there by the way: fucking piece of shit scum, murderers and rapists will spit on your grave, burn in everlasting hell... I mean the US private prison system.

Please don't kill yourself via the tried and true method of two bullets to the back of the head. I love you ajacstern232.

Just pennies

oh and don't forget

In addition to whatever Hilldog is taking under the table


piracy is a real issue that does cost a LOT of money.

Piracy is not a real issue unless you are talking somali pirates. It does cost a lot of money because companies are fucking stupid. The majority of piracy is actually the companies faults. 1. They offer a shit service to acquire the product 2. They overcharge

Its not a lost sale if people wont buy your product if they can't get it for free.

Gotta go for the easy target, especially when the people lining your pockets are guiding you

Exactly. I used to pirate all of my music, then I found Spotify. I haven't pirated one song since. Spotify is just convenient, user friendly and the price isn't too high. I've even found a lot of new bands thanks to Spotify.

Exactly, I would prefer to have video game pirates off the streets than to have our future leader be someone who put the nation in danger and committed a crime!

yep. im sure someone has a backup of the kickasstorrent database somewhere. wont take long for a carbon copy to come around.

[*] For like a week until its up in a few days

Yo Ho Ho..

/sub/datahoarder many of us have huge backups of tons of site. 100% sure there are at least 2 or 3 backups of kickasstorents housed on one of their domains

Vaulin was also charged with money laundering. The file-sharing site generated up to $22.3 million in annual advertising revenue, the U.S. alleged.  

they probably in for the ad money ,these numbers make them work really fast.

man i was really getting used to It was such a short and sweet domain name. Oh well

Well I mean its apparent some politicians are clearly above the law.

not even five hours

That's bullshit.

If he got 23+millions, he wouldn't be in Poland!

Because it's clearly handled by the same department.

less than five hours

edit: can't search/do much other than click through

It is tough to survey pirates, but on average pirates buy around 2x as much as regular consumers. Many say they pirate so they know if they like something or just to see a little more than the trailer or demo before they give money to it. Another good bit of pirates do it because they do not have the money to buy the game in the first place. So in majority of piracy there is a lot more going for the fact that they gain money from it rather than lose money.

I would happily be a Netflix subscriber if I was given full access. Geolocks make Netflix worthless here, I would need to subscribe to about 5 different online providers just to see everything.

Hey, did you order flowers to my address?

Except that servers capable of dealing with thousands of page requests arent cheap.

Well, piss. While I don't pirate games. I'm sure everyone and their dog has pirated Sony Vegas Pro 12. A $899 AU program for video editing. Lets hope I don't have data loss again :|

Holy fuck, 22.3 million is crazy.

You mean Vince Foster, the man whose death was ruled a suicide by the police, the FBI, the justice department, the US Congress, and two independent counsels?

The same government institutions that also did not bring charges against Hillary whilst also admitting in the press conference that any other person would be sentence and jailed?

Well at least they had the decency to wait until after GoT finished Season 6 to do it.

While piracy certainly is a problem, it's extremely difficult (if not impossible) to prove how much money had been lost due to lost sales. I sure as hell won't give my hard earned money to see the latest Transformers, but if I've got a few hours, I'll pirate it. Trackers aren't criminal organizations, but market competitors. Piracy will never be eliminated, but can be mitigated by a better alternative.

Vaulin was also charged with money laundering. The file-sharing site generated up to $22.3 million in annual advertising revenue, the U.S. alleged.

Please enlighten me if I'm wrong, but how is getting money from people voluntarily visiting your site and looking(/clicking) on ads the same as money laundering?

-Didn't mean to call the bot, please no pitchforks

Knowing what some pirates will go through just for the fame and not necessarily fortune (denuvo drm and just cause 3) there will probably be a site like that popping up if goes down.

however piracy is a real issue

No it is not. Its a nonissue. Its a legal dispute between copyright monopolists (and they are, as defined by law, mnonopolists of copyright) and users that dont want to pay for a cat in a bag. If we look at it from a purely morality perspective piracy is no more immortal as showing a movie to your friend.

does cost a LOT of money

No it does not. There is no proof whatsoever that any significant fraction of pirates would pay for things they pirated if piracy wasnt available. futhermore studies on movie piracy has consistently shown that people that pirate tend to go to movie theaters and buy dvds more often that people that dont pirate.

most people can't wrap their head around that fact that them downloading a movie for free adds up and probably costs somebody a job.

Thats because this is a lie.

Also due to the vast amount of viruses on many of these websites it's just a terrible idea.

This is hollywood propaganda. Viruses on sites like KAT is nonexistant and any attempts to upload such quickly gets removed by the community.

House of Cards is the story of the Clintons. I've only seen through Season 2 so far, but with controlling the media, killing off those who can ruin you, and money laundering from foreign nations (China->casino->Underwoods and Saudis->Clinton Foundation->Clinton), using rich allies to fund everything (Tusk in HoC and Soros irl), etc. everything lines up perfectly.

Also heavily exaggerated by the feds in order to make it seem like a bigger bust. I'd be surprised if the site made even 1/20th of that.

Scamadviser itself has a crappy reputation. I wouldn't trust em.

As posted elsewhere in this thread, it was back up in hours, lol.

hail hydra

Well, over to one of the many other sites I use. Seriously, wtf does this even achieve?

making your games worth the price tag

The companies: Noooooooooo, we dont want that. :-( The companies: We want people to preorder the online version, then have them buy a day 1 DLC and also have them buy a season pass after like 1 month or something with content that should have been free.

Its kinda weird how we accept them to do this meanwhile there's a lot of $20 games (without any DLC except for soundtracks) which have much more content and can (most of the time) be enjoyed for much longer.

You would almost think that how higher the price how worse the game becomes...

Absolutely nothing.

Everyone else just torrents it..

They just want to prevent spoilers leaking, that's all.


Bad automoderator

The funny part that this is supposed to be a joke yet is true.

Well there goes my porn

That's right. You get the guy who created a site where people upload non-illegal items! The guy who made a Google of sorts for certain people.

He's a real danger to the world! Must sue! Must jail!

Wha- what? Corrupted folks who cause death and poverty in our own system? Pfft. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

/sub/pcmasterrace, where the supposedly intellectual individuals of the gaming industry are more stupid than the people they make fun of.

Cut the head of one, two more shall take it's place.

What makes you think that because they arrested someone they arnt concerned with stopping attacks. It's not like we got into a 4 trillion dollor war because of terrorism or anything

Rest In peace, sweet prince.

they could make different tiers of the software ...a dumbed down free version for simple every day YouTube and homevideo users. (i really just need something to convert and cut my shadowplay footage, maybe tweak the sound a bit, i was happy with Windows Movie Maker until YouTube went 60FPS so i needed something that could render video in 60FPS)

A bit better version for 50 or 100 bucks for the more professional Youtuber who needs things like overlays and effects etc. and then the high end stuff is for companies + training courses etc.

well... that would be the sensible thing if you don't want people to pirate your shit.