U.S. Secret Service rejects suggestion it vetted Trump son's meeting

U.S. Secret Service rejects suggestion it vetted Trump son's meeting
U.S. Secret Service rejects suggestion it vetted Trump son's meeting

"Donald Trump, Jr. was not a protectee of the USSS in June, 2016. Thus we would not have screened anyone he was meeting with at that time," the statement said.

Christ, the Trump team can't dig this hole fast enough or deep enough.

His lawyer may have just implicated Trump Sr himself being at that meeting.

However, if big trump was at the meeting, they would have.

The Secret Service would keep out of this - unless say Trump dragged their name into it. Oh he did .... gloves off time.

Not if he didn't tell them. He was in the building, he could have just walked over.

So far Trump has managed to shit on the CIA, FBI, and now the Secret Service. That seems like a very bad idea.

Trump hired a lawyer who may possibly be able to lie more than he can. Incredible. I had no idea any such creature was alive.

Was there a microwave in the room?

Also, a fair number of our allied intelligence agencies.

Or been listening in. ;)

So... CIA, FBI, foreign spooks, foreign governments, the press, and now the Secret Service. Is there anyone except Putin that Trump isn't pissing off at this point?!

He represents Mr. Burns also. 


He represents Mr. Burns also.

The right wing trump supporters think its time to turn on the press, the CIA, the NSA and the Secret Service. Then again they think it is everybody else's fault they didn't train for new careers or change with the world.

Trump because he has swindled 100's of thousands of people out of money in his time, and doubtless has required protection since kindergarten; Ben Carson, just to keep him from trying to murder someone again.

Trump and Ben Carson did at that time, because they had requested it explicitly.

All perhaps a ploy to prove or suggest that Sr. wasn't at that meeting, as no one screened the attendees.

Trump was kind of stupid putting the Secret Service in a position to have to point out it had not vetted Trump's son's meeting. It just highlights that the Trump campaign and family were operating on their own.

It's also a reminder that Trump is willing to accuse others of failing when it's his own family & campaign that screwed up.

Trump should be grateful to have Secret Service professionals willing to risk their lives to protect him and his family. Instead he's alienating them. Trump is an ingrate.

Secret Service makes it plain their job isn't to back Trump team lies.

Really. I mean when had the SS even had to issue a pushback because of a presidential statement?

It's Obama, Hillary, the media, democrats, IC, SS...it's everyone else's fault?

So was Sekulow talking out if his ass or accidentally admitting Trump was there?

They said they wouldn't vet people jr met with, not that they didn't vet anyone. That would leave only one possibility if they did vet people in that meeting: Donny T Sr was there.

No, that character is based on Roy Cohn, Trump's mentor.

On MSNBC Howard Dean just said candidates dont get SS during the campaign.

or accidentally admitting Trump was there?

Tomorrow's headline: Trump says secret service lied; says he knows because he was there.

The courts too.

As far as I can tell, they are not saying they didn't vet the people in the meeting, they are saying they didn't vet anyone because JR was meeting them...

That seems like a small difference, but it's a small difference that matters. The USSS does not comment on who a protectee meets with, or really anything they do, but they can comment on people they aren't protecting.

So, saying "we would not vet anyone just because JR was meeting them" is not the same as "we didn't vet them". In fact, it may just be EXACTLY what they would say if they did vet the person, but because a protectee other than JR was meeting the them.

I feel like some people would be angered by that, but the amount of hate she gets is scary enough it feels warranted

How so if the SS is denying vetting the meeting based on grounds that Jr. wasn't under protection at the time?

Even his lawyers are #MAGAmorons. Too funny

Putin doesn't have his sanctions lifted or his compounds back yet, and he's been looking less patient with Donny this week too.

And let's not forget the press. As Watergate taught us, bad shit happens when you piss off the people who buy ink by the barrel.

The President probably thinks the Secret Service duties include legal protection. It's insulting and ridiculous to blame the people that protect you with their lives for your own mistakes.

It was fantastic watching all the hosts check him this morning and tell to shut up about Clinton and Ukraine and focus on Trump and Russia.

I have the impression that Obama ordered that to protect his own kids, for good reason too, but back dated it to make it look a lot better.

“Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.”

— Thomas Jefferson, U.S. Founding Fathe

Nope, just Paul Manafort "on the phone the whole meeting" according to Trump Jr

Former employee of the USSS (during Bush 2nd term/Obama 1st term)... I would argue that to some degree, I'm still in the "know". At least in terms of how the agency responds. Their response reads to me that the spokesman merely verified that Jr was not a protectee and was not stating for definitive whether or not the individuals were actually screened. Just that since Jr was not a protectee, the USSS would not automatically screen any of Jr's meetings/guests. I can say with a high degree of certainty that if a protectee was in the building, then there would have been a basic weapons screening on everyone who went into the building. In addition, even if the person at a meeting with the protectee was some sort of "nefarious" individual, the USSS would NOT prevent the meeting on that basis alone. It is not their place to make political judgements - as long as they can guarantee the physical safety of the protectee, the meeting would be "allowed" to happen.

Ben Carson, just to keep him from trying to murder someone again.

I thought that's what belt buckles were for.

Once again trump throws Americans under the bus to protect himself and some Russians. America first ROFL

And don't forget the child slave labor on mars.

In their reality, every NATO, US intelligence agencies are conspiring together to frame Putin and Trump.

That's not true. I don't remember the exact date that Obama got SS protection in his first presidential election but it is fact that Hillary had it all along because of being First Lady and then a high profile senator.

So far as I know, Chelsea still has a low key SS detail. I remember Obama quietly signing that into law.

Yep a ploy to change the direction of the narrative and create some doubt since people have openly questioned Trump the big being an attendee of the meeting.

My only issue like that is it feels like one of the sneaky little niggles that conspiracy theorists like to use to "prove" their case.

This statement doesn't say that the attendees weren't vetted, no. But it does clearly give the impression that the meeting's attendees weren't vetted.

For an intelligent person to make that statement, he either a) means to say that the attendees weren't vetted, or b) is trying to sneak in some wiggle room in his statement that would be picked up by people "in the know."

I just don't think a professional organization would issue a statement like that, trying to "tip off" the people that don't like Trump. If it comes out that the attendees were vetted, the SS is going to be (rightly, imo) accused of playing partisan games, which really isn't their MO.

There's enough shady, improper shit that's come out with this meeting already. No sense casting even a small shadow by indulging in speculation.

It's Trump Towers, for God's sake, and he's an old man. Probably an intercom system, or at least an intra-office conference call that wouldn't show on any phone logs. Gotta think like an 80 year old paranoid geriatric.

First he pissed off the CIA then the FBI does he want to go for the cycle with the secret service

And let's not forget the majority of the country, who didn't vote for him and he refuses to represent.

Shit Donnie, get it together - unless you want the tape all over Redtube and sketchy torrent sites.

Trump (and Ben Carson) had SS protection granted Nov 2015

Trump's legal team is now attempting to set up a fight Secret Service. They seem hell bent on pissing off every agency with power and influence in government. Not a winning strategy.

When she was 13:

"Everyone knows the Clintons have a cat," said Limbaugh. "Socks is the White House cat. But did you know there is also a White House dog?" And he held up a picture of Chelsea.

Crazy people make strange decisions, especially when delusions about power or celebrity are involved.

Of course they are and according to Trumps strongest supporter Alex Jones there are a few more conspiracies afoot like we never landed on the moon and Clinton is a lizard person.

Omg how did I not think of that? Fuck, all they had to do was FaceTime with him, not to say anything else about bugs, audio recordings, security footage, etc.

My question too. Doesn't eliminate being conferenced in over the phone though I don't believe

Is there something like an EGOT for all the different main groups you can piss off while in office?

if they weren't, do you think they'd even consider taking on Trump as a client?

Can you imagine being expected to dive in front of a bullet for this chump?

They never said they didn't. At least, none of the articles I've seen (despite what the headlines said) had quotes of them saying they didn't vet this meeting. Just that they wouldn't have vetted Jr's meetings.

Or in the building with knowledge of the meeting.

From the looks of it, just one of those things puts around 25,000 coal miners out of work.

He'll just lock all the federal computers to Wikileaks. No chance it shows up there.

I remember Obama quietly signing that into law.

It had been the law for ages that the President and their family retained Secret Service protection after leaving office, but Republicans revoked that when Clinton was president. They reinstituted it under Obama, partly because of post-9/11 concerns about terrorist attacks targeting former presidents and their families.

Pretty sure the Secret Serivce prefers the acronym USSS.

He wasn't the president, just a candidate. Not quite sure what level of security he would have had at that point but my guess would be that it's relatively lenient especially at his own properties.

Hey, woah. Bucket excavators are fucking awesome. Don't compare them to the Trumps.

How many federal agencies has Trump tried to throw under the bus now?

Sure sounds like it.

I hope they bring down Pence too because while Trump is an imbecile at least he's ineffective at getting any legislation through. Pence, if he's clean will be a far WORSE president policy wise with his anti-gay, anti-union, anti-anything that does anything for anyone not a wealthy white "God fearing" Christian attitude.

Yeah, but doesn't an agent have to be within a certain distance from him at all times? And they're just not going to let him walk into a room with strangers present unless they have been at least security screened and so on.

"I have a great idea! Let's piss off the people whose job it is to protect me and my family! There's no possible way that could ever backfire!"

Anne frankly, I can see why.