U.S. judge presiding over Michael Flynn criminal case is recused: court

U.S. judge presiding over Michael Flynn criminal case is recused: court

Probably something pretty standard going on.

Judges are ramdomly assigned cases. He resided over a plea, which is a hearing that a judge has 0 power during anyway, and won't be deciding on the sentencing. I'd bet money the judge recused himself after the plea hearing, which is quite typical.

To people unfamiliar with what this means, the answer is probably absolutely nothing. Judge's are randomly assigned and recuse themselves all the time for many reasons. The judge COULD have recused himself because he did something unethical but it's the least likely possibility and there is no reason to believe it is the case. I struggle to think of what the judge could have even done that is unethical in the context of just accepting a plea that the judge had nothing to do with.

edit: also note, Mueller has nothing to do with judge assignments. The court does that.

Mueller doesn't get to pick the presiding judge. At that courthouse, they literally use a big wheel to determine the judges for each case. Its 100% random.

Naw it happens more than you think. The judge might have to take some time off due to health reasons or family reasons.

Obama-appointed judge replaced with Clinton-appointed judge, if that matters.

Now, Flynn’s sentencing will be overseen by U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan.


Good choice. This guy is the judge who threw out Ted Stevens' corruption charges, but it looks like he made the correct yet unpopular choice in doing so.


I think it will be hard to attack his credibility in this case.

Or just a scheduling conflict. Judges are fucking busy.

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