US Army destroys Nazi symbols at Nuremberg Stadium, 25 April, 1945.

US Army destroys Nazi symbols at Nuremberg Stadium, 25 April, 1945.

I hate that the Nazi's took the Roman Eagle... its such a cool symbol and now it can never be used again

My grandpa was there. Still have the letter from general haislip that has his speech on it

Also the Swastika, runes, the Black Sun, assorted Norse and Germanic symbols, and a bunch of other stuff including the toothbrush mustache.

According to many redditors, by destroying the Nazi symbol, US troops became the real fascists.

Edit** Already downvotes from Nazis. Amazing how fast they are

Edit*** looks like actual Americans showed up. Makes me happy there are so many.

And their uniforms were fucking dope, but you can't have uniforms like they now because... You'd look like a nazi.
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Dare I say...they are pretty Boss

Well, I mean Nazis killed people, the Allies killed people, so there was violence on both sides /s

was Hitler the first meme ever?

Looks like a do-over is needed in Virginia.

Daily reminder: Real American patriots didn't pretend to be Nazis, they fucking shot Nazis.

On many sides, on many sides.

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That's really insensitive to their heritage. It's a symbol of state's rights! /s


The whole Nuremburg rally ground are very interesting, you must visit if you ever get a chance.

Lay off Hitler. He was a good guy. He killed Hitler.

Mandatory edit: NAZI GOLD! Not sure why or how. Just donate to ACLU or ASPCA people.

To remind the nazis on reddit what happened last time they started shit.

they were made by hugo boss

Yeah and you cant wear hugo boss now because.. oh wait

getting your enemy to star in a Pizza Hut commercial

Nothing says total victory like

that's cool as fuck dude

Wonder why this hit front page today.

That first explosion was so fucking satisfying.

so much for the tolerant left /s

I've been called a racist for calling white supremacists racists.

That's just american capitalism saying "Fuck you" even decades after the war

It's not only Virginia regrettably. Europe is full of these scumbag skinhead Nazis. Ukraine and Poland and so on. This is such a fucked up world.

BLM are the REAL terrorists /s

Fun fact: The Nazi uniforms were inspired by Hugo Boss. Source

Fun fact: The Nazi uniforms were inspired by Hugo Boss.

"You don't tolerate my intolerance which only PROVES you are the intolerant one."

This is the actual logic used.

Which I find completely incomprehensible given the fact that the Nazis ravaged those countries and killed their people.

Thanks. Also got a Nazi flag and all sorts of souvenirs he got from the war

Technically they weren't destroying historical artifacts since it was all happening in that present time.

Nazis say we should kill all Jews, non-Nazis say we shouldn't kill Jews. Clearly the solution is somewhere in the middle, and we should only kill half the Jews. /s

And the technical building needed for the electrical devices of the stadium has been turned into a burger king.

Unfortunately he passed a few months back. He didn't talk about the war much, but I don't think he would approve of Nazi stuff happening. Especially since he was at Dachau. He definitely had old fashioned ideas on race, but it was a product of his time. I don't think he ever had a mean bone in his body. His funeral was surprising, as he had chosen passages that seemed to advocate accepting refugees and immigrants and such, which I never knew he had strong views about. So taking that into account, I think he'd be upset over modern day nazis

"you know with Hitler. the more i learn about that guy, the less i care for him!"

-Norm Macdonald

Exactly! That's why I erected a statue of Benedict Arnold in my front yard to show everyone how proud I am of all he did. He was a hero and it's history or something!

/fucking S

This is history, not current politics (although OP is of course trying to say something with it...)

That guy was a real jerk

warhammer 40k would like to have a word with you. though, to be fair, it depicts mankind as a fascists wettest dream pumped up on sci fi steroids.

I think there's a time and place for it, as another person has said here in the comments already. Museums and textbooks? Absolutely. City halls, flag poles, and the centers of public spaces? No thanks.

Holy shits thats actually real

I could watch nazi shit get blown up all day, honestly.

Although 10 years later a lot probably beat up black guys.

"One People, One Empire, One Leader"

doesn't quite have the same ring to it as

"i can haz cheezburger?"

god people who say this unironically are so insufferable

[Insert IASIP reference here]

I think because it's such a low frame rate that when the explosion happens it jumps from being intact to blown up in a single frame.


No. They don't get to have those. And any white nationalists who have a problem with me being anti-racist and having runic tattoos can stand in line to take turns licking my chode.

You didn't read the source.

I got this cool dog painting from him, too

My grandfather fought in the Pacific Theater. He liked to say, "They told me to fight for the land of the free and the home of the brave. No one said anything about the smart or the kind."

Hitler is a hipster in this comic and Hugo Boss was a 'mainstream' brand making it 'un-hip'. The nazi was about to point that out but he was stopped because the other one didn't want to walk around shopping all day.

I blame this weird-ass, unfounded idea people seem to have that truth "is somewhere in the middle" - as if that's anything more than an empty platitude.

Also the whole thing with people thinking they're some sort of genius for being a "Centrist".

ADHD? We should send you to some sort of camp to help you concentrate.

I live in the south and hear people complaining that "you can't change history" about taking down confederate monuments. Yet they don't think tearing down Nazi monuments changed history.

I sense some fucking heresy.

In 1940 Hitler visited clairvoyant, she told him that in 80 years time there would be more Nazi flags flying in America than Germany. He left buoyantly.

Find out on Ancient Memes, only on the History Channel.

Half way between commercial.. half way between propaganda. Christ, that hit a really creepy note.

are you implying that breaking a window and murdering someone arent the same thing?


Pretty sure that's a direct Trump quote

Very good and similiar to the Confederate statues situation today. Any symbol of hate and racism needs to be destroyed permanently forever.

EDIT: Sorry, I made my statement a bit too explicit for those who are just wondering. I never meant it like erasing them from the history books, just not it the public view within the governmental institutions or the general public.

Rather be cringey that way than being one of those tiki torch holding dudes.

Seriously. It has the comic insanity of a villain in a cartoon getting an anvil dropped on them but combined with the massive significance of toppling an awful regime.

"Can I haz lebensraum?"

But... their protests inconvenienced me! I had to sit in traffic!

It's no coincidence we have fewer and fewer veterans from WWII and a rising sense of nationalism and racism. We repeat history when our historical reminders are gone and forgotten.

can stand in line to take turns licking my chode

will they do that? asking for a friend.

Swastika is a holy symbol for almost all religion that originated in the Indian subcontinent. Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism etc. It is still used in temples and in front of some houses to bring luck.

how was posting the car ramming taken down for being political but this isnt?

Actually, there are two statues of Arnold. One at Saratoga and another at West Point. Neither names him. Both leave his identity as a bit of a question. They do honor things he did for the American revolution before he turned traitor. Both are respectful of the fact that he did some good, but acknowledge he willingly became a traitor and so his name itself is not honored.

We will welcome to our numbers the loyal, true and brave,

Shouting the battle cry of freedom!

And although he may be poor, he shall never be a slave,

Shouting the battle cry of freedom!

The Union forever, hurrah boys, hurrah!

Down with the traitor, and up with the star!

While we rally round the flag, boys, we rally once again,

Shouting the battle cry of freedom!

There are a lot of killers. You think our country's so innocent?

That's dumb and not obvious at all.

Seriously, the swastika was a symbol for Buddhism that had been used for years; now the first thing people think about is fuckin Nazis

Well. You can if you are in a sci-fi series. You can even call your army 'stormtroopers'.

Please report to your regimental commissar guardsmen.

Fear and self loathing

I partially blame South Park for smug centrists.

There's the Soviet Whataboutism propaganda I've come to expect from Reddit.

You leave the Bureau of Land Management out of this.

you can't change it, but you sure as hell shouldn't support it. As Mark Twain said, "loyalty to petrified opinion never broke a chain or freed a human soul."

This poor member of the alt-right was bullied to the point of suicide by his "enlightened" and "accepting" peers.

This poor was bullied to the point of suicide by his "enlightened" and "accepting" peers.

Surely they knew the future historical significance of the symbol. But I don't blame them; after the atrocities they committed, catharsis is necessary

Or "conscripted" because you fit the mould.

My grandfathers brother was taken to the SS when he was 16 because he was 6'7" with blond hair and blue eyes, he died in Russia near the end of the war a couple years later.

The Fallshirmjager's were especially fantastic for Combat. The SS Dress Uniforms were very slick as well, just.... a whole lot of messed up people in the SS.

The 's were especially fantastic for Combat. The SS Dress Uniforms were very slick as well, just.... a whole lot of messed up people in the SS.

What about us, you think we're so innocent?

Are we the baddies?
It's so satisfying seeing that symbol explode into a bunch of pieces. Also, FUCK NAZIS, AND NEO-NAZIS!

Edit: Looks like some butthurt neo-Nazis are downvoting me.

It's so satisfying seeing that symbol explode into a bunch of pieces. Also, FUCK NAZIS, AND NEO-NAZIS!


There's a soccer club somewhere near me that uses a similar eagle symbol, wings spread wide straight out holding a soccer ball instead of a wreath...

I do a double take every damn time I see one on the back of an SUV on the road.

If you're genuinely angered by this post as an American, even ever so slightly, then you should kindly get the flying motherfuck out of the U.S.

Even the most racist assholes in America back in the 40's would unite and celebrate the nazi scum being destroyed. But you people downvoting this...are something else.

It actually is.

Neo nazi rally in Charlottesville.

I had to google what you were talking about. It seems to be DC United

Boy... the red black and white alongside a roman eagle is ... let's just say it's 'evocative' of a certain ideology.

I had to google what you were talking about. It seems to be

Boy... the red black and white alongside a roman eagle is ... let's just say it's 'evocative' of a certain ideology.

Wow, that’s cool. Also, that logo reminds me so much of the agents of shield logo

The censorship is complete BS

An original Hitler?

To be fair stormtroopers are troopers who storm things. We still use the phrase occasionally

It's not the white nationalists' opinions most people are concerned about. I just don't want people to think I'm a vile, hate-filled human being because of some symbols I thought looked cool rather than because they heard my opinions on people who put pineapple on pizza.